10 Nov

M/f; year: 2012; time: 76 minutes

A film in several parts; the CP actress ‘Samantha Woodley’ has paid a visit to ‘Dallas,’ in either California or Florida, where he filmed. When you visit, you don’t need much luggage.

The film opens with a long chat between Samantha and Dallas. She was driving drunk last night and she knows she is going to be spanked for it. This actress does a charming job here, camera full face much of the time. She is sweet and demure, all the while naughty and quite deserving of what is coming. Dallas did not need to devote 12 minutes to conversation, but Samantha can pull it off and does.

After the long talk, she is ready. He takes her OTK and pulls down her red shorts and panties at once, to display that glorious feminine bottom which will be now the feature for the following hour. She struggles under Dallas’ typical hard spanking. Facial inserts. She has kicked off her shorts and panties. She is left lying on the exercise bench.

Samantha wakes up in bed, totally naked, her wrists handcuffed loosely in front of her. She is all giggles and smiles, flashing her shiny face, white teeth, framed by black pageboy hair. Cute as a button, and we haven’t seen what we came for yet. In the year 2012, Ms. Woodley is not exactly the teenie-bopper from her earliest films, but she is handful, and if it is possible, even more spankable.

Dallas is going to begin the morning with one of his patented spankings. Samantha wants a “warm up,” but Dallas will not let her wrest “control” and procedure from him.

After some morning toilet, Samantha enters the adjoining room, where the spanking bench awaits. She is still all smiles and giggles, looking forward to the experience. Dallas unfastens the handcuffs, Samantha lies face down on the bench and inserts her wrists under a restraining strap designed for the purpose. Dallas points to the facial camera and urges her to focus. She wiggles down so that her bottom hangs over the end of the bench.

Dallas proceeds to wrap her lower back to the bench with a roll of shrink wrap, and pulls and wraps her thighs together and anchors them to the bench with wrap. There is nothing of purpose here other than to watch the sexy operation of it and enjoy Samantha’s struggles and squeals. Velcro straps would have sufficed, but this is theater.

The whipping begins. Samantha seems shocked at the first strap stroke, the giggles are gone; she is soon begging for Dallas to stop, and she kicks up her bare feet for protection. After the crop, a leather strap. This scene can be added to the collection of great moments on screen for Samantha’s tush. [a dog barks off-screen, and a graphic is added, “Where is the dog whisperer when you need him?”]

The next part is all whipping, handspanking, begging, kicking tears.

In a concluding segment, Dallas cuts the shrink wrap and readjusts Samantha to be centered on the bench. More shrink wrap. By now her soaring bottom is truly the color of a Red Delicious apple, and she has been crying off and on. In this posture, she gets another long handspanking. Dallas lifts her chin from time to time to allow the camera to see her tears. At the conclusion, DSH style, she is cut loose and scuttles to the corner naked.

We think this is our favorite performance by Ms. Woodley to date, and we have seen a bunch.

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