Just What She Deserves – STRICTLYENGLISH

16 Nov

2M/f; year: 2006; time: 45 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford plays a student teacher, in a story serialized in STRICTLYENGLISH’s ‘Spanking Channel’ films, 1-4. Ms. Rutherford is always just one transgression short of getting spanked herself.

Amelia and Headmaster ‘Mr. Cameron’ (Sandy Cameron) enter a room. The actress ‘Emma Brown,’ as ‘Vanessa,’ stands in the corner with her panties down, hands on head. Amelia is taking some satisfaction that, for once (and for now), she is a maturing spectator, watching another student being punished.

Vanessa has returned to her old school to obtain a reference for her first teaching job. In this early film Ms. Brown still wears dark, frosted blond hair, but she has already gotten that buttocks tattoo. Her shiny blond makeover comes later. Cameron and Amelia decide that this is an excellent time to exact some revenge on Vanessa for some affronts she skated off on before she graduated. She is to endure the humiliation of putting on a school uniform and reported for punishment in the traditional style. She agrees, otherwise no reference.

Cameron has spanked her on put her in a corner. He will now will continue Vanessa’s punishment, takes her OTK for a small pin pong paddle, which she remembers. “Oh, no!” . Sweet Vanessa counts out 24 strokes Amelia had recommended. Cameron leaves her to Amelia. Teacher Mr. Richard Pringle enters, fascinated to see her bare bottom in the corner, and remembering what a lazy student Vanessa was, decides to continue her spanking. She is being spanked for cheating. 24 with a ruler, kicking and squealing, then she is sent back to the corner.

Cameron returns and takes a small strap from his desk. “Twenty-four strokes!” “Twenty-four?” Her panties are at her shoe tops by now. Pringle will spank Vanessa for a variety of things. Amelia is having the time of her life watching somebody else’s bottom the center of attention for once. She does not think Vanessa is contrite enough and will not write a reference for her until she has had a caning.

“Twelve strokes from each of us.” Cameron does the “first dozen,” “I want you to count them, Vanessa.” “Splendid marks, ” observes Amelia, nearly wetting herself in excitement. Pringle does his 12. “Don’t touch your bottom.” Mission accomplished; Vanessa has been trained; back to the corner; reference will be written. “Are you satisfied, Ms. Rutherford?” Wouldn’t you think another little Homecoming might be arranged for Vanessa at the next holiday?

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