Caning Hour – NUWEST

20 Nov

2F/m; time: 57 minutes

An odd collection of short segments, producer ‘Ed Lee’ will be caned by a succession of girls in various settings. Some of the ladies are recognized as NW staffers, others we don’t know. Maybe Lee put out a call, anyone in disagreement with NUWEST stop by and have a crack at him. But, send your prettiest girl.

The first five canings come from girls we can’t identify. Lee wears foundation undies in each, and here and often in other films, blood spots develop from his usual weak places. ‘Katie’ observes in one of these, but she doesn’t join in.

A five-minute segment with ‘Vanna Cantrell’ and another girl. The girls switch around and Lee changes his shorts several times.

A five minute segment at the wind-swept trailer on what we refer to as ‘Table Mountain.’ Another male, a muscular guy, quite naked, is tied spread-eagle to the trailer railing, where Lee has whipped a few squealing females himself. Two women whip–there are marks all over his back, butt, and thighs. One girl tweaks his cock–don’t know what she found. Was there some coloring on the canes? Onee cane actually frays and has to be replaced. The girls loved that.

Jodi Cline takes off her top and whips Lee. This is hard work.

As sexy redhead (we wish we knew who) canes Lee hard and with excellent theater.

The last 25 minutes of the film features Vanna in the big studio, whipping and caning Lee over a chair. He is dressed in women’s clothes. He scuttles back and forth for corner time, the only way tp reserve his butt, which takes a fierce beating.

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