Steve Meets Chelsea – NUWEST FD-074

20 Nov

f/m; year: 1992; time: 28 minutes

An unusual marketing ploy from NUWEST, a male model gets an anal work over from a female. Brunette ‘Chelsea’ summons ‘Steve,’ who falls on his knees before her in the faux sitting room set on the NW sound stage.

Steve is ordered to strip, which he does while still on his knees, pausing hopefully at his jockey shorts. “Those too.” Chelsea sits and has Steve kiss her knees and thighs. OTK, he is now naked, for a short. loud handspanking. Hands on the chair, Chelsea circles him with a strap. He must kiss her feet and put on some frilly ladies’ panties. No dialogue from him, other than just “yes” and “no, ma’am.” Chelsea has him suck on a strap-on dildo she will be using later. “You look pretty in those panties.”

“Take your cock out. Can you get it hard?” “I’ll try, ma’am.” She straps what she can reach while he masturbates. She wants him to dance while he masturbates. He has achieved somewhat of an erection, after some hard work. It would surely help if Chelsea assisted.

More dildo lubricating, then, “Take your panties off, faggot!” We think we heard that line correctly. She sets a dildo on the floor and Steve is to sit and impale himself, but it doesn’t go well, so he lies on his back and tries to insert it with his hand.

“Get on the floor. Amuse me.” She means a hand-job. She strokes his thighs and does massage his balls briefly while he wanks furiously, which creates a different kind of gasp.

FADE to a bedroom set. Chelsea is wearing a thin strap-on, its destination clear. First, she spanks him again, then has him suck the dildo while she grabs his hair. While Chelsea sits on the bed, Steve impales himself on the strap-on, slowly, still with some difficulty. She fucks him doggy style, also with mechanical complications. He rides her again on the bed, and now they have got it working. One last thrusting from her, more or less missionary style.

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