20 Nov

‘Cheerleader Enema’ (M/f; time: 32 minutes) Andre Chance teases ‘Missy,’ dressed as a cheerleader in a little blue and white outfit. He pulls her top up and plays with her nipples, attaching clamps with bells or weighted chain.

Handspanking, her wrists bound behind her. Her arms will be bound for the entire film. Andre has some trouble getting her knee-length boots off. A girl likes to do that herself. Onto her stomach, handspanking, strap, hairbrush; she is slightly reluctant about this, which adds to the fun. Some blue bulb enemas from Andre, Missy struggles here also.

Andre positions the enema trolley and fills the red bag as Missy eyes the proceedings. Andre will use one of those arrowhead nozzles, which he offers to Missy to suck to lubricate. She is not too keen on doing this either.

Another gentle wrestling match on the bed to get her into position. In the OTK posture Andre inserts the nozzle and spanks her at the same time. He allows her to sit on his lap facing him and try to expel into a plastic tray, but once again there are probably too many crew in the room, so Andre takes her to the toilet.

‘Doctored Doctor’ (M/2f; time: 65 minutes) Wizard Andre Chance is a little off his feed here. With ‘Leona’ and ‘Krystal,’ this is a long and clinical gyno film, lacking in the humor and naughtiness he can generate.

Krystal is an Asian girl who reports to his office, complaining of stomach pains. Krystal plays a nurse in scanty uniform, who will assist in a long examination process we won’t bore you with. Both girls are naked by the conclusion, but this is tepid stuff compared the mayhem the Wizard has created in other films.

‘Enema Spa For Vicki Part 2’ (M/f; time: 58 minutes) Brunette ‘Vicki’ walks back onto the set, completely naked, full pubic fuzz on display. She has been to the bathroom. Andre rubs her bare belly and asks how she is feeling. Quite subdued, we’re sure.

‘Now we’re going to do your second enema.” Second time around with Andre is always a trip, because he has gauged the girl’s capabilities. Vicki lies on her stomach on a towel on the set bed. Andre shows Vicki the inflatable retention nozzle he will use, which looks like fun for him, but not for her. There is an inflatable plastic balloon to be inserted just inside her anus, and another just outside–double-cushions against any indiscretion.

Vicki looks a little sedated to us; Andre suggests she might want to masturbate herself to distract from the discomfort coming from the nozzle. Andre lubes her anus, then carefully inserts the nozzle and the collapsed balloon, full screen. He inflates the balloons and Vicki stiffens a bit at the sensation. Vicki has a small dildo she seems to be benefiting from. The bed is slanted so her bottom is highest, facilitating the fluid flow.

While she pumps away with a dildo (and keeps the hair off her face as she turns her head from side to side), Andre inserts an oral thermometer in her pussy.

When the enema is complete, he deflates the balloons and pulls the nozzle out, oh so carefully. He inserts and expands a plastic anal speculum, then positions her to expel through its opening into a clear plastic tray, but she can’t produce.

Andre inserts another, thinner nozzle through the speculum gap. Maybe a little more fluid would help. He prepares another full bag on the trolley in case he needs it.

Vicki does expel a little; onto her back, into the diaper position, Vicki keeps masturbating. Andre inserts a carved stick of butter in her anus, she gets another enema in this posture, and then is taken OTK for a naked spanking. No scampering to the loo in this video.

‘French Maid’s Milk Enema’ (M/f; time:54 minutes) Model ‘Alyssa,’ apparently accustomed to the little humiliations dished out by Wizard ‘Andre Chance’ in his films, plays a French maid, cavorting around the studio, wearing a Halloween style maid’s outfit, but she better not go trick-or-treating, because the outfit comes with no pants.

Latin jazz on the loud speaker as she mops. She flashes glances to the camera. She takes her thong off and somehow has the compulsion to pee on the floor. Andre arrives and begins to torment her, using her mop handle where it will do the most good.

Enema time; Andre has Alyssa lubricate a large, lovely-looking nozzle of a blue enema squeeze bottle with her mouth. This first enema will be water–Alyssa gasps appropriately as he inserts it, slowly, full-screen. She gets two more bulbs, in various revealing postures. She is allowed to scamper off to the toilet for the usual scene.

Andre shows her the Sybian machine, which delights her. She climbs on and does her thing while Andre oils her body, rubbing her boobs as she bounces to her own orgasms. She collapses after this first session.

Alyssa climbs back on and Andre strings her cuffed wrists over her head to a ceiling chain. She rides the bronco without hands. Naughty.

Now for the milk enema. Andre pours a half gallon into a clear plastic enema bag hanging on its trolley. Alyssa starts taking the release standing, then over Andre’s lap. The bag empties in the foreground. Looks real enough for the fantasy, and Alyssa has been here before. We watch the last fluid bubble down the tube, homeward bound. Alyssa releases into a clear plastic tray and they she runs off to the john.

‘Hogtie Double Enema and Spanking for Jessie and Schoolgirl Melanie’ (M/2f; time: 58 minutes) Wizard Andre Chance gets it all done here, with two willing girls.

‘Jessie,’ a pretty blonde, enters the wizard set and greets Andre. He shows her a Sybian setup waiting for her, with its controls and dildos in place. Jessie strips naked, stripper/showgirl style. She has a stunning body, with a few too many tattoos for our taste, enough that she appears to be still wearing some clothes. But, no.

She climbs onto the Sybian dildo and more or less performs for us as Andre operates the controls–vibration and rotation. Andre tries and is largely unsuccessful in inserting the anal portion of the double dildo. It is just not stiff enough. He torments her with a crop. After a thorough session-it is difficult to determine if or how many orgasms she might have had, but why count?

Jessie collapses for a rest, then climbs on for another ride. Andre handcuffs her. He massages her perfect boobs, which looks like fun.

FADE. ‘Melanie’ appears, in schoolgirl kit. She is blindfolded and handcuffed to the studio bed. Jessie wrestles with Melanie and gets her clothes off. Silly spanking, frigging with moistened fingers. Andre joins and holds Melanie still so Jessie can have her way.

With complicated chains and cuffs, Melanie is hogtied on her back, legs in the air. Jessie gives some oral. The girls writhe, the screen filled with pink skin. Andre circles and snaps with a crop.

Andre chains a willing Jessie on her stomach to the other end of the bed, attaches dog collars to both girls, hooks them together, slaps them with a cane and a crop, plays with both with a dildo. The girls, faces close together, lick and kiss each other.

Andre prepares two enema bags on a trolley. Both bottoms are easily available. Suppositories first, slowly in closeup, then the nozzles. Both girls turn docile immediately.

After bit of squirming, shots of the bags emptying, and the appropriate sexy moaning, the girls are released (which takes some work with the chains). Andre strokes their bellies before the girls run for the toilet. A long scene of them relieving themselves, tasteful enough.

‘Ivy-Advanced Enemas’ (M/f; time: 1:11) Brunette Ivy wanders into the studio and inspects the weird equipment. Andre Chance, the ‘Wizard,’ joins her, and after some fondling and encouragement, Ivy begins a blowjob. Now, we’d have to say, this isn’t Andre’s strong suit, but it is his production, and his demonic imagination generates some wild stuff.

Ivy lies on the pallet, and the Wizard sets his fucking machine, a mechanical dildo covered with a condom, to work immediately. She continues the bj while the machine pumps. Good overhead shots–Ivy has a lot of pubic hair, when was this film made? No one seems to be able to orgasm.

Wizard gets her clothes off while the machine whirs and fucks her boobs and feet all the while. Ivy is getting the what-for, to be sure, one of his most willing models.

Now for the enema, first she waits in a rotating chair, then into the frisk position at the wall, the Wizard gets a finger in her anus, then literally screws in the blue nozzle, not so gently. She sits on his lap while the water flows, aroused, as he rubs her pussy.

Ivy runs naked to the toilet and the Wizard follows. Back to the chair for another enema, into the diaper position, Wizard lubes her with a stick of butter. Rectal temperature, speculum, she is allowed to evacuate into a bucket. Ivy is doing it all.

Body oil, then a wonderful retention enema, with the double bulbs pumped up. More evacuation, then another blowjob, and it looks like he made it this time.

‘Kinky Sex Therapy For Uptight Girl With Schoolgirl Sex Toy’ (M/2f; time: 59 minutes) In this story, Wizard Andre Chance is able to roll out a major portion of his arsenal. ‘Ariana,’ a lovely thin brunette, and quite innocent at the start, arrives for an appointment with Andre. She wants to break down some inhibitions to spice up her sex life. We guess the Wizard’s reformatory takes on some outside business off-hours.

Ariana wears simple teenage dress. Andre suggests that tonight she must challenge her shyness and begin by doing a strip tease, and slowly. Vest off, top off (Andre slows her down). bra built in , skirt off, down to a little thong–bikini tan, juvenile figure. Again, Andre orchestrates the theatrical removal of her thong. Slowly.

He has her lie on her back, now naked. Ariana covers with a knee. He blindfolds her, and asks her to pick a favorite fantasy while he begins a careful full-body fondling. When he probes her between her legs, she is far along enough to instinctively open up, permitting him to finger-fuck and get a digit in her anus.

Oral temperature reading, then anal. He lubes her vagina and anus from a little bottle. Is that a ginger root he partially inserts? First Andre, then Ariana massage her whole body with baby oil. Fondling, frigging. OTK spanking. Ariana leaves the room naked, somewhat transformed . More to come.

FADE to the second part of the film. ‘Raven,’ dressed as a naughty schoolgirl–top, bare midriff, kilt, wrists handcuffed strung up to a ceiling chain. As she struggles a bit, pulled tight, an armpit show, condom-covered penises on a fucking machine can be seen to the side.

Ariana creeps in, wrapped only in a towel, fascinated. She is going to have this sex toy. Andre shows her briefly how to tease, grope, and frig under Raven’s kilt. Raven is looking a little nervous, “Why are you here? Scared of girls?” “Maybe a little, you just validated my fears. Please, no using the word ‘validated’ when you’re naked in a porn movie. The dialogue has fascinating amateur teenage rhythms.

Andre show her how to spank, using a strap with “SLUT” embossed on it. “You have to hit her hard enough to make an imprint.” There is some nipple clamping instruction. Teasing and whipping. Andre hands Ariana a battery charged dildo and she drops to the floor and inserts it slowly, as if she isn’t sure how it works.

Raven’s panties have disappeared, her blouse is opened and pinned back to expose her chest. Andre whips her front and back, up and down, while Ariana works the dildo. He shows Ariana how to use the strap, on both bottom and boobs.

The he shows her the “ultimate spanking device,” the cane. Andre zings Raven and makes her struggle at the end of the chain, but Ariana is not so good with the cane and this might not be the place to learn.

‘Melanie – banana , hogtie, and enemas’ (M/f; time:50 minutes)Melanie meanders in the studio–Andre confronts her with her file–she breaking a lot of school rules.

He has her kneel on a bed and lie forward onto a wedge pillow. “Spanking is only the beginning…a warmup.” She wears the naughty school uniform, a little plaid skirt, top with bare midriff, and white panties. Andre starts with a flapper paddle and mild caning. The word ‘slut’ has been imprinted on her skirt with another paddle. Top, skirt, and panties come off.

He uses the double cuff to pin her wrists behind her back then whips her with a leather belt. He works in a butt plug–good closeups and facials. She is struggling as she is being prepared for the enema. Ankles are handcuffed together.

Andre works in the Jennings mouth gag and spreads it. Wide-eyed Melanie knows not to struggle now. Enema trolley in place, Melanie is helpless, bent forward, gagged, wrists pinned, ankles cuffed, bottom elevated.

Andre holds the nozzle to her face then inserts it. She squirms delightfully. Out comes the nozzle; he inserts a short plastic pipe for her to evacuate.

Andre releases Melanie just enough to allow her to reverse on the wedge so he can hoist her ankles with a chain into the diaper position. The Jennings gag is gone–he stuffs a banana in her mouth, then into a pussy and anus. Her wrists are hooked to her ankles so that now she is in a reversed hogtie stance.

Another enema in this position, with a bigger nozzle. It is worked in slowly, in and out, in a perfect closeup, until her sphincter muscle closes around it. She gasps through this–one of the best presentations we can recall. she takes another bag of water and evacuates into a tub. Some mild caning to conclude.

Moxxie’ (M/f; time: 52 minutes) Brunette, pigtailed Moxxie portrays a reluctant player here. Nevertheless, she is going to give it all up with Andre and be taken to his usual extremes. She is wearing a strange little outfit, a sort of French Maid, or waitress or cocktail stripper’s dress. Andre promises her some “good old-fashioned corporal punishment.”

Andre begins with a long spanking session; Moxxie has to crawl across the floor doggy style to retrieve spanking implements for him. In the frisk position at a wall, he flogs her and attaches weights to her nipples as she leans.

Next comes a suppository, followed by a butt plug. Mild caning, and Andre spanks her pussy. He flogs her front and back and gags her with her thong. She takes the rest of her clothes off, is flogged some more. As she lies on a bed he fastens her with a thumb lock and a spreader bar at her ankles.

She is moaning and crying as Andre sets up the enema equipment. He releases her thumbs and works her into a straight jacket, time consuming, just for the fun of it. She is completely helpless. The enema begins.

He helps her to the toilet and when the straight jacket is removed, she runs off. The graphic tells us that this is the last the Wizard Production ever saw or heard from her. The message says she didn’t like the enema, but she did pretty well.

‘Taylor and Katie'(2F; time: 55 minutes) A simple exercise this time–the water bills must be too high at the Wizard studios. Little frosted-haired ‘Taylor’ is escorted onto the set by ‘Katie.’ “Where are we?” “This is where I work,” answers Katie. It is the “punishment room for girls gone bad.”

Taylor is mystified by the visible gear and a little skittish about the prominent bed, as Katie begins to caress and seduce her. “What’s going on here…I’m nervous.” She is lucky the Wizard is not on the scene–she’d have real cause for concern. “I’m not supposed to be here…reform school…what do you do here?”

To start matters, Katie gets her OTK. Little sexy tussle; Katie give her a lollypop from the supply cabinet–we thought it might contain a sedative. Katie begins with buttons and hooks. “You’re taking off my clothes!”

Lesbian wrestling; Katie finally gets her bra off and panties down. All this is filmed from above.

Some whipping, spanking, cropping, all rather mild. Both girls now naked. Yardstick, crop, cane, spoon, doubled belt. Ice cubes for hot asses. Shower scene for the two girls. Taylor is lucky the Wizard is off tonight.

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