English School – FIRMHAND

21 Nov

A long series, probably made in Great Britain by a company like NORTHERNSPANKING and distributed by FIRMHAND. American models Samantha Woodley and Niki Flynn, with popular disciplinarian Miss Hastings Gore. No frontal nudity at all, the girls keep their clothes on for the most part, except for those knickers, which go up and down for all 25 episodes.

(A)(F/2f; year: 2005; time:9 minutes) American girls ‘Niki Flynn’ and ‘Samantha Woodley’ meet headmistress ‘Miss Hastings Gore’ in the familiar classroom. The girls are of a disrespectful demeanor, so far not impressed with the British system. They slouch, chat it up, and generally don’t acknowledge the pickle they are in.

After the prototype scolding, Hastings Gore gives them neat stacks of schoolgirls’ uniforms and leaves them in the classroom to change. There isn’t time, and it is not the pattern of this producer, to have a nude scene, which many other producers would have inserted here.

The girls put on blouses, skirts, ties, white panties, and knee socks. Hastings Gore returns and demands a few adjustments, ties tight, etc. She has Niki position a stool, which puzzles her. She drags Samantha OTK and she tries to look surprised about it.

Hastings Gore performs a fierce and fast OTK spanking on Samantha. “OK, OK,” screams Samantha. “It will be OK when I say it’s OK.” Niki has been made to move to stand where she can see the strike on Samantha’s bottom.

The film ends as she anxiously moves into position to be taken OTK herself. Harmless stuff by any standard, but three CP warriors of the future.

(B)(F/f; year: 2005; time:7 minutes) The series continues; early Niki Flynn; this film must have been made in Great Britain, on a set familiar from many other films, and distributed by FIRMHAND.

Ms. Flynn and Samantha Woodley are fully decked out as schoolgirls, white blouses, ties, pleated skirts, white knee socks. ‘Miss Hastings Gore’ is on duty as the headmistress. Ms. Flynn’s hair is longer here. Is this before her cropping in the LUPUS film, or long after?

The girls are in new in England and getting a sort of ‘welcome’ from the headmistress. Samantha was spanked in the first episode. Now it is Niki’s turn. She tells Hastings Gore she has never been spanked before. She goes OTK, full white panties; Hastings Gore always spanks hard, here practically full force, and sometimes with both hands. In these opening segments, the girls will keep their panties in place.

To conclude, the girls display their bottoms for the headmistress, bunching their panties.

(C)(F/2f; time:7 minutes) Niki and Sam are alone in the classroom, taking a look at the spanking implements there, a strap and a paddle. When Sam flourishes the paddle and whacks a desk with it, the thin wood splits and the paddle flies in two. Included in an out-take we see the girls collapse and double over in laughter when this happens.

Hastings Gore hears the commotion from next door and enters the classroom. The girls get the customary scolding, then both receive moderate doses of the palm slap with the large tawse. Both girls depict having a hard time with this. Surely it does hurt, their palms are not toughened like CP actress’ bottoms must become, and the posture of this punishment facilitates easy acting.

(D)(F/f; year: 2006; time: 8 minutes) Hastings Gore keeps scolding Woodley and Flynn. Samantha is punished here–over the desk, panties punched, the tawse.

Routine stuff, Hastings Gore t0uches the girls at any opportunity. FIRMHAND lists this film as featuring ‘Samantha Woodley.’ Niki Flynn is spectating.

(E)(F/2f; time: 7 minutes) The girls recover from their palm slaps; in this episode Niki is bent over a school desk, and the headmistress bunches her panties and uses the large tawse.

A reaction CAM repeat catches her face.

(F) (F/f; time: 2006) Hastings Gore continues to pace on the platform, teaching history. Lots of talk, lots of “Yes, Miss.” The American girls are learning obedience and both are sitting on bottoms which have developed war glows.

Samantha is spanked here, hands on head, skirt tucked up. Hastings Gore does the knickers, and uses a ruler. Samantha faces Niki, who tries to look shocked. 22 strokes of the ruler. Reaction CAM for facials. “We’re not sniggering any more, are we?”

(G)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Niki’s turn for the ruler. Hastings Gore fixes her skirt out of the way and pulls down her knickers. Hands-on-head, 20 strokes, the usual entertaining ruckus from Flynn.

Reaction CAM repeats; Niki sits tentatively, when she returns to her desk.

(H)(F/f; time:7 minutes)Hastings Gore catches the girls trying to break out of the place, taking their civilian clothes with them. She locks the doors and takes the girls back to the classroom.

Niki will be punished first, touch toes. Hastings Gore starts the cane on her white panties. They come down for a standard caning, albeit Niki didn’t like it very much.

(I)(F/f; time: 8 minutes) Hastings Gore calls Samantha out from behind her desk. “Is this necessary? We won’t try it again.” (escape) One sure way to be certain.

Hastings Gore packs up her skirt. Samantha touches toes. The caning begins on her white panties, before Hastings Gore sees to them. Here we have a charming look at why Ms. Woodley’s career as a CP model flourished–firm, round, ample buttocks, and powerful, athletic thighs. Niki hangs her head in fear as she watches.

Reaction CAM; someone pinned back Samantha’s hair along the way, a continuity gaff worthy of the Russians but it doesn’t dampen our enjoyment.

(J)(F/2f; time: 7 minutes) In a gym room, the girls are exercising, wearing sports bra and black shorts. Hasting Gore supervises. She shows the girls the vaulting horse, a piece of equipment with a lot of uses in these British CP films.

Hastings Gore is going to use it to spank the girls. Samantha Woodley goes first; she climbs up and slings herself over. She is suspended so that in fact she can’t move very much. Hastings Gore will use a long-handled paddle, first on her shorts. Six loud cracks, shorts down, for another six, but Hastings Gore ups it to 12 for arguing. A cute “Please, not on the bare,” as her shorts are peeled down. Reaction CAM–this camera is well positioned to catch beautiful faces.

(K)(F/2f; time:8 minutes) Niki Flynn’s turn to drape herself over the vaulting horse. She gets her paddling, 6 on shorts, and 13 more on the bare. Another great facial portrait from the Reaction CAM.

(L)(F/2f; time: 6 Minutes) Niki and Samantha are making Samantha’s bed, in a cold-looking, barren brick room. They are trying to dress, Niki can’t find her tie. Hastings Gore surprises them, holding a slipper behind her back.

Samantha gives Hastings Gore some lip, but it is Niki who will be spanked here. She retrieves a straight chair and bends right over, slipper on her white panties. Reaction CAM. She finds her tie, but the slippering is completed, even after she has put on her tie. Panties stayed in place in this segment.

(M)(F/f; time: 10 minutes) In the same cold brick bedroom, Samantha now gets the slipper, her white panties pulled down immediately. This actress really does have an extraordinary bottom, about which we have said too little.

Hastings Gore slippers very hard, so much so that Samantha collapses after some strokes. Reaction CAM. After Hastings Gore leaves, the girls console and do the lotion treatment. Gales of laughter when Samantha begins in Niki’s bottom: “It will take a lot of lotion!”

(N)(F/f; time: 7 minutes) The girls are in their pajamas, swigging booze from a little bottle. Niki wears traditional two-piece blue pj’s the kind that just have to come down. Samantha, the better endowed, wears a bare-shouldered, low-cut two piece ensemble.

The girls are caught, at least suspected, Hastings Gore hasn’t found the bottle yet. Niki is sent to get the hairbrush. Samantha is spanked first, OTK, handspanking, then the bristle side of the brush, then the flat side. Hastings Gore spanks very hard and fast, setting Samantha to squealing and struggling. [a bell tolls on the soundtrack]

(O)(F/f; time:6 minutes) It is Niki’s return for the hairbrush. As to why she is hanging around in Samantha’s room (other than the booze), “I’ts cold and lonely. It’s like a jail cell in here.” {It’s the British studio, where many films were made.)

Niki drops her pj bottoms and Hastings Gore notes her unauthorized pale blue bikini knickers, which turn out to offer no protection from the hand, hairbrush bristles, and flat side. The antique straight chair squeaks as Hastings Gore whales away.

(P)(F/f; time: 7 minutes) Hastings Gore finds the little liquor bottle the girls emptied; Samantha Woodley admits she got it from Hastings Gore’s desk. That will just add to the zing on her bottom. HG checks both girls’ breaths. [that bell tolls on the soundtrack]

Niki will be spanked in this episode. She bends over the bed for the slipper and pulls her PJ bottoms down herself. “We’ll have the pants down.” A very hard slippering, the usual entertaining Niki-squawks. “Don’t wake everyone up.”

(Q)(time:5 minutes) Samantha’s turn for the slipper for the liquor heist. A long hard slippering. Reaction CAM. The two girls then drop their pants and stand hands-on-head at the wall for more punishment.

(R)(time:8 minutes) The girls, now in prototype white blouses and red kilts, a different school uniform from the start of the series, get into a tussle about something and throw each other around the set.

Hastings Gore, carrying her cane, interrupts. The usual scolding. Samantha will be caned first, bends over, panties down, a model to admire for sure. Caning by Hastings Gore.

Outtakes here, longer than usual, of the fight. The girls break down in laughter. The fantasy mood of these films might be damaged by these outtakes, but we are OK with them.

(S)(time:8 minutes) Niki has been cheating and bullying at school; Samantha does not like being exploited by her. After the usual scolding by Hastings Gore, Nike bends over for a solid caning. Low shots highlight firm athletic legs and the theatrical bottom which we have seen so many times.

(T) (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Miss Hastings Gore paces the platform, teaching and scolding her two captive American bottoms. Niki has bee caught cheating. This time it won’t be spanking or paddling, but “straight to caning.”

Niki steps out from behind her desk, bends over, and HG pulls the white panties down. Samantha secures her by holding her wrists. Standard caning for this series. Nothing new by the time we reach this 20th episode.

HG tears up her exam and gives her a “mark of zero,” which will probably cost her her pants on some other occasion.

(U)(F/f; time:5 minutes) Here, Niki will cane Samantha herself because she gave it up and took a whipping herself for Samantha’s cheating. “How many am I getting,” Samantha wants to know, now that a friend is doing the caning. “It has to be twelve.” Samantha bends over the vaulting horse, legs spread. There are hugs at the conclusion.

(W)(F/f; time: 6 minutes) Now Samantha is in more trouble, caught shoplifting. Hastings Gore confronts her. “I need to show you that you are not likely to do it again…I’m going to give you 12 good ones.”

Samantha stands on the step of what they call the “punishment chair,” a sort of dunce seat, and she leans forward on it, so, you know, there is her bottom. Part of the humiliation, Samantha has to pull her own knickers down. She gets the strap and has to count out loud.

We get through the series with no boobs or frontal flashes.

(V)(F/f; time: 5 minutes) Samantha Woodley sits on the vaulting horse, waiting. Niki herself is going to cane Samantha. She has been taking the rap for Samantha too often. “It is my bottom on the line.”

Samantha grudgingly acknowledges she deserves some punishment. “How many?” “It has to be twelve.” Niki cites her rigorous training as a prefect. 12 moderate strokes, then hugs.

(W)(F/f; time: 6 minutes) For the shoplifting Hastings Gore will continue with the punishment, now Samantha Woodley. “12 good ones,” HG takes some pleasure in announcing.

There is a tall chair in the room with a step, referred to as the “punishment chair.” Samantha stands on the step and leans over the chair. HG asks Niki to pull down her panties, which fall all the way to her shoes. A standard strapping, with warnings that the next implement will be worse.

(X)(F/f; time: 10 minutes) The girls are arguing about money. Niki has found a way to blackmail Samantha once a week. Hastings Gore interrupts the tiff and Samantha tells her what has been going on. The dialogue and subsequent scolding take up fully half of this segment.

Samantha is sent to retrieve the punishment chair again, and this time Niki’s bottom will adorn it. She steps up on the step and bends over. Hastings Gore-panties down. The caning begins, Samantha takes some delight in watching Niki struggle and she deliberately messes up the count. HG swings very hard, as always.

(XA)(time: 9 minutes) A throwback to the beginning of the series. The two American girls Niki and Samantha stand in front of Hastings Gore in the classroom, wearing inappropriate jeans and black tops, acting very salty ‘American,’ and not yet inculcated into the British schoolgirl way.

Hastings Gore explains some of the methods of corporal punishment, including the use of a ‘cane.’ “You mean a walking stick?’ says Niki. HG shows them a big thick fraternity paddle and announces that each girl will receive a taste of it. “10 each.” HG has to keep checking her notes on the school records to get the names right.

Woodley first, “Bend right over with your legs apart.” HG begins cracking with the paddle, and Samantha does a nice job of appearing surprised at the sting.

(Z)(time: 8 minutes) Niki’s turn for the introductory paddle. She struggles, having difficulty holding position. She is very good at this. After HG has left the girls alone, they pull their pants down to check the results, gentle reddening so far.

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