Spanking Shame – Collection #7

21 Nov

A collection of naughty films from this now-defunct website; when we bought them, all that we could find, we omitted to record the titles.

1. (Brunette, black socks) (M/f; time: 58 minutes) Full monte for this young lady. ‘Doctor Tom’ meets a small mulatto girl in his medical office. He wears his white lab coat, which usually means trouble for the patient reporting to him.

After some conversation (in French), she quite willingly removes her blouse and bra. Tom helps himself to her small nifty boobs. Shoes off, skirt off, down to full white panties. The usual fondling, handling, squeezing, twirling.

The girl drops her panties and steps on a scale. Bend-over, legs wide, the doctor pries and gropes, smacking her bottom as often as possible.

Time for gyno table; she lies flat, naked except for black socks, and Tom begins to work between her legs–we see the first sign that she might not be enjoying this as much as we thought. But that will change. A long frig, then feet in the stirrups. Out comes shaving cream, a long pubic shave. Some bastinado while her soles are available.

Bend over the table for some light spanking. He hands her a dildo and a condom, which she puts on with skill. Over the table again, Tom fucks her thoroughly with the dildo, which she immediately reacts to.

Tom opens his pants and displays an erection literally pointing to the rafters. How does he do it? Condom on, he fucks her doggy style, she pumps in response as the film concludes.

2. (Brunette in red kilt)(M/f; time: 52 minutes) A long and slow humiliation of a delightful young brunette who does a nice job of acquiescing to Doctor Tom’s wandering hands.

In the usual manner, the girl enters the medical lab and curiously examines the equipment. She wears a black top, kilt, and white socks. Her long dark hair is well down her back. Tom enters and likes what he sees.

He checks her out as he always does, and must have convinced her (in French, because she unbuttons and pulls open her blouse). She doesn’t need to wear a bra. Tom massages her boobs, without resistance. He takes off her socks and plays with her toes, a little fetish we don’t remember from Doctor Tom.

After conversation, she removes her kilt, which takes a minute. She is now just in white cotton bikini panties. For some reason, she covers herself, sort of hopeless, she must know. He bunches her pants to massage her buttocks, and she straighten then out again.

The sporatic spanking begins, and he is picking at the panties. OTK, this little girl has nice wide feminine hips. While she is OTK, he works the panties down, to display a perfect clear magnificent bottom.

He takes her temperature rectally, full screen. Afterward, she stands facing us, full frontal, rather relaxed. Tom takes her vital measurements and has her parade naked. Nice.

Bend over the gyno table for some mild bastinado. He gives her a hospital gown to put on, but then for some reason takes it off from her again. Onto the table for a pussy exam, and some attention to her clitoris.

3. (Girl in blue dress w/medical file)(M/f; time: 50 minutes) An average-looking dark blonde, a plausible patient, arrives in ‘Doctor Tom’s’ office and hands him her medical file. We assume she has been referred here by someone and probably has butterflies in her stomach. She should.

Tom begins handling her, turning her around, pulling her dress up, and using his stethoscope. She is mostly willing; no bra, adolescent body, blue bikini panties, she pulls back reflexively.

The camera pulls back, the full medical setup is revealed. She pulls her dress over her head and takes off her shoes, down to just panties. She lies back on the gyno table and Tom is right at it massaging her breasts. On her back, he works her panties down, a little Mohawk. Onto her stomach, a full feminine bottom and the reason she got hired

Tom tries to take her temperature rectally, perfectionist that he is, but she successfully resists and gets her panties back up. Ruler spanking, pants down again, long squirming spanking. On hands and knees, she decides to take the rectal thermometer rather than this incessant ruler.

Cut to an exercise pad, little gym shorts only. Jump rope, shorts down, hands on head. She tries a hula hoop, naked, but can’t do it. (They didn’t practice?) Too bad, one of the greatest of naked exercises if you are a pygophilist. Leg lifts from the floor, she really can do them. Handstands, Tom holds her erect, and pulls her panties UP. He has what can certainly be called a face-full. Spanking, frigging, handling, this girl will escape his big enchilada.

4. (Girl in Pink top, big shoes)(M/f; time: 55 minutes) Doctor Tom sits in civilian clothes interviewing a plain-looking thin brunette. The scene is the green couch set.

The girl stands and allows Tom to begin to pick at her kilt and stroke her legs and thighs. Red panties peek out. Back onto the couch, more conversation. Is he trying to convince her of something? OTK on the couch, panties down, he pries her buttocks apart.

A bit of a struggle on the couch as the girl rolls around on his lap, giving him full access to whatever he wants, legs spread, frigging, vagina investigation. More talk.

Back on her feet, her clothes gradually come off. More OTK, more prying examination. Various spanking positions, more frigging.

While the girl kneels on the couch, head low, Tom opens and drops his pants. He is hugely erect, as always. He proceeds to fuck the girl doggy-style, she very willing. The film concludes with a post-coital chat on the couch.

5.(Girl in Purple dress, boots) (M/f; time: 54 minutes) A very pretty dark blonde reports to Doctor Tom and he begins his usual inspection immediately. Dress up, pantyhose, stethoscope, bra off, Tom goes right for the boobs to massage them. The girl looks puzzled, as if she doesn’t know where this is going.

Dress over her head, boots off, he twirls her and rolls her pantyhose down himself. Hands on head, he squeezes her buttocks, anybody would. Panties down, she has a full growth of untouched pubic bush.

Panties off, a long OTK spanking. He is fascinated with her pubic hair and keeps playing with it, even as he measures her height.

Now he will shave her, and he uses an electric razor, having her stand in a plastic tray to catch the falling tufts of fuzz. We’ve seen a few erotic shavings. This is our first electric razor. Finally, she lies on a table, legs spread, and Tom finishes the details in her secret places, still with the electric razor. Might as well do a rectal temperature while things are so available in this posture. Can’t be too careful.

6. (Brunette in gym with Dr Tom)  M/f; time:31 minutes;  Dr. Tom at large in the gym setup with a pretty brunette in black top and capri pants under his spell. She is doing jumping exercises on a mat, encouraged by a well-placed crop, when Tom can reach the places he wants with it.

The girl does other bending and stretching, with Tom’s hand free to roam. She lies on a slanted exercise device, designed for leg lifts. She bends over the back of it, sort of half-standing sit-ups, and a great posture for the CP-minded observer. Surprised we haven’t seen this machine exploited before. Capri pants down, little sky-blue panties. Top off, black bra soon gone.

The machine is stowed, Tom turns his attention to the waistband of her panties. She resists. Nice. OTK again, the brunette loses the little faux struggle to keep her panties in place.

A the wall, out comes Tom’s estimable cock. He rubs, she rubs. Kneeling position for a screwing.

7.(Brunette, nude exercises)(M/f; time: 21 minutes) Tom meets a tall brunette in the sparse gym setup. She is wearing, at least for the moment, jeans, a black sweater, and white blouse. Tom is ready for action in sweats and a sleeveless top.

After a little discussion, the girl strips to red bra and black panties. Bra and socks off. She chuckles a few times as Tom prattles. He takes her OTK on a tall stool, panties down, her struggling is like swimming.

She is naked; Tom poses her as she stands. He rolls out an exercise pad and covers it with a towel. She lies on her back and raises her legs into the diaper position. Tom brushes off her dirty feet, a rare acknowledgement of the porno studio problem. Spanking, giggling, some gentle martinet. A good crack with that would have evaporated the humor. Tom admires her bottom, and he has good taste.

8. (Brunette dancing, furnished sitting room)(M/f; time:30 minutes) A different set for Spanking&Shame, two furnished rooms. A girl is dancing to music on a CD/stereo while ‘Tom’ works at a computer in an adjoining room. She is an average-looking brunette, looking quite at home and domestic in casual clothes and eyeglasses. Her pants have begun to split at the seam.

Tom is annoyed and takes her OTK, pointing out her pants. Down they come, blue panties. Down with the panties. Tom pries between her buttocks as he likes to do. A long and slow handspanking–he spreads her legs as far as he can.

She stands, top off. Tom takes handfuls of boobs, again his style. She is naked, but it is still erotic to watch her peel off her little white socks. She endures more spanking, strapping, and probing, in various positions.

9.’The Little Thief’ (M/f; time:27 minutes) A titled episode filmed on a new set. An attractive girl arrives for a housekeeping appointment, and late. One of the S&S discipline crew plays the part and has hired her. As she bops around the house with the vacuum cleaner, ‘Hoovering,’ as CALSTAR liked to call it, she pockets some cash she finds.

The guy notices the cash missing and probably set her up. He opens her blouse and finds the bills stuffed in her bra. He begins taking her clothes off. The dialogue is in French–we imagine he threatened to call her agency, so she caved. That’s the way it goes with housecleaners in CP films. Bra off, she struggles, trying to protect her kilt.

OTK, a long spanking. She stands and is made to kick away her panties and drop her kilt. Naked now, OTK, prying at those buttocks. They move to a bedroom; on all fours on the bed, more spanking, probing. Zoom. To conclude the punishment, she kneels erect on a hard little stool, face in a mirror. The guy lies on his bed, enjoying her discomfort. We can’t see his hands. Too bad he doesn’t have a ‘Fifty Shades’ rumpus room.

10.( Brunette in gym with Tom) (M/f; time: 27 minutes) Doctor Tom, here sporting a goatee and wearing glasses and a rally cap, confronts a small and thin brunette, one of the youngest girls we have seen in this huge series. She positions an exercise mat and gets on hands and knees. She doesn’t like Tom smacking her and flicking at her skirt. He gets her into a standing OTK position over one knee. She struggles the whole film, very entertaining. Skirt up, grey panties. She is a thin little thing, even with small hips, certainly not the CP model. She is back on the floor, doing leg lifts. To. Unveils one his huge erections, pulls off her striped stockings, and gets her to clench his cock with her bare feet. She gets it immediately.

Skirt off, top off, he takes off her bra, she resists all the way. OTK now in just panties, which come down,  she KICKS. She is so small Tom can control her like a rag doll. On his lap, he  rolls her over and gets her legs apart, spanking and frigging her pussy. And a finger in her anus—she seems to have calmed down.

11. (2 brunettes gum chewers searched)(M/2f; time: 31 minutes) One of the frequent SPANKINGSHAME regulars, working here in Doctor Tom’s studio. Two ordinary brunettes (by CP film standards) report. For us, the non-model characteristics of the girls in this series increase the eroticism of the torments they are forced to endure.

The guy begins to pick at the clothes first at a pencil-thin girl. Her friend seems amused, as if she isn’t next. The girl puts up quite a struggle as she is bent over a desk. Skirt up, normal white panties. OTK on a stool, the girl makes a significant effort to cover, but her panties come down. She then seems to submit (dialogue in French), takes her top off (no need for a bra), and allows her friend to remove her skirt. The guy does the white lace panties himself.

The guy twirls her naked, her friend still amused more than she should be. The girl takes off her stockings and bends over. The cavity search begins. Her friend brings over a goose neck lamp to shine in her labia, which the guy pries open. The friend actually helps.

The guy turns on the second brunette. For some reason, she willingly takes off her clothes but fights for a moment to retain her panties, in a losing effort. She is spanked over a stool, two naked girls in the shot now. Her vagina is also searched.

The guy finds two soft rubber dildos in one handbag. The girls laugh with embarrassment. Both girls kneel on an exercise mat, where the two bottoms will be spanked side by side. And the male actor pries, his particular specialty. It is only Dr. Tom who can get the 8 inch boner.  


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