Caned for Cash- Budapest Girls – KOOBOOENTERTAINMENT

27 Nov

3F/4f; year: 2006; time: 45 minutes

A film with the feel of MOOD Pictures. The ‘Caned For Cash’ series features girls willing to take canings for payment. The rules: increasing payment for complete sets of 10 cane strokes. Here, unlike some caning ‘competitions,’ where the girls vie against each other, there is no contest here other than the individual ability to accept pain. They get paid in lump sums for full sets of 10.

Four girls will submit to three dommes. The girls appear here in ‘Caned For Cash’ T-shirts and just panties. In the first round, each of the girls, two brunettes and two blondes, strip naked and are strapped down on a padded bench to take 10 strokes from each domme.

For the second round, the girls lie flat on a gurney-like table, a European posture. the cane being used is a thin whippy affair, which has been wrapping around the far flanks of the girls and playing some havoc there. This supine posture allows the caner to focus the cane tip on more limited areas.

Continuing; now the dommes call for volunteers to step forward. the girls come out hesitatingly, in no particular order. Some lie on the table, or kneel on all fours on it, or stand at the end and lean on it. Some girls take just 10 strokes, some 20 or 30 more.

Somewhere along the way, salve appears to have been applied to the girls’ bottoms. This film will appeal to those who like straight, hard caning, without any storyline.

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