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Steve Meets Chelsea – NUWEST FD-074

20 Nov

f/m; year: 1992; time: 28 minutes

An unusual marketing ploy from NUWEST, a male model gets an anal work over from a female. Brunette ‘Chelsea’ summons ‘Steve,’ who falls on his knees before her in the faux sitting room set on the NW sound stage.

Steve is ordered to strip, which he does while still on his knees, pausing hopefully at his jockey shorts. “Those too.” Chelsea sits and has Steve kiss her knees and thighs. OTK, he is now naked, for a short. loud handspanking. Hands on the chair, Chelsea circles him with a strap. He must kiss her feet and put on some frilly ladies’ panties. No dialogue from him, other than just “yes” and “no, ma’am.” Chelsea has him suck on a strap-on dildo she will be using later. “You look pretty in those panties.”

“Take your cock out. Can you get it hard?” “I’ll try, ma’am.” She straps what she can reach while he masturbates. She wants him to dance while he masturbates. He has achieved somewhat of an erection, after some hard work. It would surely help if Chelsea assisted.

More dildo lubricating, then, “Take your panties off, faggot!” We think we heard that line correctly. She sets a dildo on the floor and Steve is to sit and impale himself, but it doesn’t go well, so he lies on his back and tries to insert it with his hand.

“Get on the floor. Amuse me.” She means a hand-job. She strokes his thighs and does massage his balls briefly while he wanks furiously, which creates a different kind of gasp.

FADE to a bedroom set. Chelsea is wearing a thin strap-on, its destination clear. First, she spanks him again, then has him suck the dildo while she grabs his hair. While Chelsea sits on the bed, Steve impales himself on the strap-on, slowly, still with some difficulty. She fucks him doggy style, also with mechanical complications. He rides her again on the bed, and now they have got it working. One last thrusting from her, more or less missionary style.

Haughty Ballerina – FIRMHAND

17 Nov

A series in 2006 or 2008 where Amelia plays an arrogant prima donna ballerina in a dance company. Some of these segments are available as ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford Collection.’ Amelia discussed the making of this series and her career to date in a FIRMHAND interview, which we have reviewed elsewhere.

Two different actors play her director. In this dance company, the men will regularly spank her for any number of transgressions.

(A)(M/f; 12 minutes) Amelia is called to see the director of her dance company. He is very upset with her; she has been acting like an prima donna and disturbing everyone in the operation. Despite her protestations that she is in fact the best dancer and star, the director is going to take some action.

The set is a two level modern room, with a spiral staircase ideal for long-legged models. We see this set in a number of series.

“I am going to spank you.” Despite her attempt to appear pompous, she doesn’t protest much. She lets herself be taken OTK on a large sectional couch. He pulls her black sweat pants down, and there seem to be no panties in this instance, unusual for Ms. Rutherford, who acts much like a knickers model in most of her films.

A playful spanking, which becomes harder. Noisy shouting echoing in this high ceiling’d room.
A facial ‘reaction CAM’ repeats much of the action, and we pick up some dialogue that was muffled. “It hurts. I won’t be able to dance….I can’t hear you, the spanking is too loud.”

When the director is finished–after all, this bottom is expensive property, Ameliua bounds off, teen-age style, “Can I go now? Didn’t hurt anyway!”

(B) (M/f; 10 minutes) Amelia is summoned by the director again, and she shows up in a do-rag, two piece bare midriff warmup suit, and backpack. Zoom-cute facials. The director is unhappy with her dress, not up the standard of the prestigious dance company.

Again, her protestations that her star power entitles her notwithstanding, “I’m going to deal with you the same way I did last time.” She kneels up on the couch, and he pulls down her sweats. Again, no panties. Could it be she knows what is going to happen when she is summoned?
Closeup of the handspanking. Shouting. Some bruising down her right flank–we’ve seen too many CP films of Amelia, this bruise will be aggravated and hang around a while.

REACTION CAM repeats. “Stop hitting in the same fucking place.” Pants up, she stomps away, always fun.

(C)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia is perched on a small stool. “Hello, Mr. Wellington.” The aptly named dance company director. She wears a tiny skirt and T-shirt top. She has been having an affair with a company choreographer, which she calls “dating.”

This is upsetting the company again. “We’ll deal with you in another way.” Hands-on-table; “Does it always have to be spanking?” White panties down–the bruise is still there, otherwise a clear bottom.

Wellington uses a strap, low angle closeups, facials, her usual entertaining squawks. Panties up, promises made, off she goes, up the spiral staircase, the camera scrambling to follow upskirt.

(D)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Dance director Mr. Wellington catches Amelia stuffing her face at the kitchen counter, binge eating. Spanking is the norm now (will Wellington be rewarded by the finale?).

She is easily urged over the kitchen island counter; Wellington tosses up her skirt and pulls her panties down. He starts in very hard with a large tawse. She screams. “It hurts like a knife!”

Wellington steps back so that he can take full swings. The tawse is big enough to hurt like hell. Amelia surges and struggles to hold her position. Begging, apologizing. “Please don’t. Please don’t.” She storms off again, teeny.

(E)(M/f; time:9 minutes) Amelia blows into a photo studio late, having completely missed a shoot for the dance company. She wears a flashy turquoise dress. Because she is the principal dancer, they should have held the shoot for her.

Hands-on-stool, dress thrown up, pink thong, bottom fully bare. Wellington begins spanking with a yardstick. Snaps. “I don’t like it. I want the strap again. That’s better.” Low shots up-leg.

An oblique face-CAM repeats, using the left side, to avoid that bruise? A closeup rub–we can surmise now that these spanking filmings are not that far apart.

(F)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia is upset with Director Wellington, who has assigned her a dance with a black costume. “I want to be Odette.” (Swan Lake) She wears little denim cutoff shorts and a bare midriff sweatshirt. “It’s not fair. I am the principal.”

Wellington has a look he gets on his face which she can now recognize. “Can we not discuss this verbally like adults? Don’t tell me you have found something else to hit me with.”

In fact he has. “What is that?” “This, Amelia, is a board.” A good British description for what is called a fraternity paddle in the genre. Amelia bends over the railing on the walkway which looks down on the first floor of this set, a pose we’re familiar with from its many uses at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL.

He paddles her on the shorts; doesn’t have to hit hard. Momentum does the work. She collapses on the floor after 10. Reaction CAM from below, nice.

“All right. All right! I just wanted a nice tu-tu.”

(G)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia is practicing at the mirror in the studio, wearing a tu-tu! Wellington enters, that look on his face. “Oh, no, now what?”

She does some toe positions for him–she can actually do it–and is quick to remind him HE can’t do it. Well, he’s going to spank her again, for something. He wants her to lean against the mirror, in what we call the ‘frisk’ position. “Bend. Spread your legs.”

He raises her tu-tu, bunches her panties, and begins spanking with a heavy long-handled bath brush. “A bath brush? That’s humiliating!” The crinkly stiff tu-tu is a problem and won’t stay up. As he cracks her bottom, loud and hard, he has to hold her skirt up with his other hand. The bath brush is a nasty thing.

(H)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia is stretching in her ballet gear in front of a mirror. “I’m warming up,” she tells Wellington. He is not satisfied with her exercises or preparation and wants to see some moves.

Amelia lifts her tu-tu to display form-fitting white satin panties. Wellington teases her with a cane. He wants her up on toe, “en pointe,” and he is going to cane her, 13 snaps, some land on her panties and some put stripes on her upper thighs. She seems to loom in the room–we wonder how tall she is en pointe. Maybe 6’6″?

(I) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Another confrontation in the main room, on the couch. Amelia appears in gray sweat pants and an athletic halter. She is in trouble again. This time, she has not tolerance to argue with Wellington, she just plops down and presents her bottom to him. “This OK?”

“This time, Amelia, take your pants down.” She doesn’t hesitate. He begins with a heavy tawse. “Hitch up your panties.” “You love this, it has nothing to do with my behavior.” Amelia bunches her white lace panties to present much more buttock.

She rolls over onto her back and seems quite willing to pull herself into the diaper position, plenty of thigh available for the tawse, and lots of red bottom and accrued bruises. She doesn’t like to see the tawse coming. “I don’t want to watch it happening.”

(J)(M/f; time:4 minutes) Wellington leads Amelia back into the living room again, by hand. He is carrying a paddle. Amelia has had an argument with a male cast member and disrupted the company. Wellington doesn’t care what happened, he is going right for her bottom.

Amelia wears black hot pants, knee boots, a white blouse, and rally cap. She is directed to grab her ankles. After a few rousing cracks from the paddle, “Take your shorts down…drop your panties.” She grabs her ankles again and he completes the spanking. He is good at doing it and Amelia has become quite erotic about taking it. She is allowed to put up her shorts and leave. She wants Wellington to paddle the guy she fought with.

(K)(M/f; year:2007; time: 8 minutes) Amelia sashays down the spiral steps, in a pink slip, pink heels, and pink rally cap. “Did you want to see me Mr. Wellington…about the new production?” A paddle lies on the couch in the foreground.

It transpires Amelia has been having new problems in the dance company, and she knows by now that Wellington is into spanking. She bends over, blue knickers, and he goes to work with a huge wood paddle. She almost doubles over from the shock and is soon blubbering. “I didn’t mean to scare them.”

“Amelia, I want you to take your panties down.” The paddle causes her to collapse on the floor. Afterward, she must stand at the wall, skirt up.

(L)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) This time Amelia goes UP the spiral staircase, wearing a nifty cheerleader’s outfit, the camera trailing behind where it should be. In her quarters, she strips naked, checks the condition of her bottom, and takes a shower.

The shower scene is truncated; as she is toweling off, Wellington barges in, eliciting a scream from her. He accuses her of moonlighting, and now that he sees it, he is also appalled by the condition of her quarters.

“Let go of that towel.” “But I’m not wearing any clothes…please, not the cane.” She touches toes, a full nudity scene coming in this series. He canes quite hard. “At last, I am getting through to you.” She collapses naked on the floor, then proceeds to tidy, which should only be done naked.

(M)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Despite the title, this seems to be a continuation of the ‘Diva
Discipline’ series, with actor ‘Sandy Cameron.’ Plot confusion is irrelevant, we are here for Ms. Rutherford. We might guess that the plot ideas for ‘Diva Discipline’ were so abundant FIRMHAND tacked them on here.

Amelia does her usual grand entrance down the spiral steps, bringing a large martinet given to her by the film company Prop Manager. “I don’t know why.” She has objected to a nude scene written into the film, exploiting her. No way Cameron will change the plan, but he will close the set for her.

But since he can’t be there: “You will be naked. Take your clothes off.” Amelia pops off her flashy yellow dress, and as typical, is only wearing a little thong. “I’m not taking off my G-string.” “Take it off!” Bend over the couch, she flashes her Mohawk.

He flogs her with the large martinet, not a “fake whip” from the prop room, he assures her, which she quickly confirms. the Prop Manager has sent it along to be used to encourage some attitude adjustment from her.

Back up the stairs she goes, naked. “Take it back to the Prop Manager.”

(N)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Film producer ‘Cameron’ again, Amelia is working out in a gym. Consistent with her ‘diva’ mentality, she has pissed off her personal trainer.

Cameron is going to spank her with a plastic ruler. “You are impossible to deal with, come here, girl.” She is made to bend over the upstairs railing we have seen for the ruler on her sweat pants and then on the bare.

(O)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) In a mirrored studio, Amelia is posing in sexy underwear, taking illicit photos for her “fans,” with a martinet for a prop. These must be ‘selfie’s’ before the term existed.

Cameron interrupts. What is she doing in his studio? This stuff she is doing demeans the Company. Since she was using the big martinet as a prop, why not? he’ll use it. She’ll take a whipping from him or be fired. “Please, can I take a whipping?”

She kneels on a soft hasso0ck and bends forward. “How many?” A girl has a right to know. “Fifty.” “I’ll die!” The flogger/martinet does nice things. Its huge lashes cover her whole bottom, producing a complete, rosy glow.

(P)(M/f’; time: 8 minutes) Cameron catches Amelia sleeping on the couch. “I can’t lie on my back because my bottom hurts.” She isn’t permitted to be here. Cameron is going to paddle her. Amelia is wearing  jeans and a white halter top with a bare midriff.

Cameron gets a huge paddle, what FIRMHAND calls a ‘board.’ “What is that?It looks like a cricket bat.” She has to touch toes, and they know enough about this paddle that she widens her stance for balance. Cameron lays 10 strokes on her jeans, and Amelia jumps and hollers appropriately. At the conclusion she pulls down her jeans and white panties for a view of the damage–not much but red, but we thank her for the look.

(Q)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia has gotten into an argument with another actress and disrupted the dance company once again. Director Cameron has learned can Amelia be instructed quickly with spanking, not to mention she might actually be enjoying it.

Amelia is bouncing about in an army cap, blouse, and skirt. Zooms on lovely, exuberant facials. Cameron handles his cane. To reinforce our suggestion that Amelia might now be addicted to the spankings, “After the paddle, do you think I am scared of that?”

She kneels on the open end of the sectional couch, leans over and puts her palms on the floor, elevating the Rutherford bottom. Cameron disposes of her white panties in one whisk. She gets 12 hard strokes, and fights through the first six trying not to show any emotion, but gives in. OK, she’ll apologize to the actress.

(R)(M/f; time:7 minutes) Amelia, in a dashing white flared dress, and her curly blond hair in this series, appears before Cameron at his computer desk in the balcony space. He is aware that Amelia has been having sex with one of the cast members with the usual disruptions.

He shows her his paddle. Not that. White dress thrown up, nifty blue striped panties down, he gives her a very thorough paddling bent over–it is a big fraternity paddle. She collapses after many of the strokes, and the low angle of the camera produces some rare pussy shots in this series.

(S)(M/f; time:9 minutes) The finale of the series. Amelia parades in a glamorous off the shoulder black evening gown, ready to go out for her movie Premier.

Her face falls when Cameron tells her he’d like to take this one last chance to give her caning. “I won’t be able to walk, please, Mr. Cameron.” “Well then, one more time,” says Cameron, almost rubbing his hands together.

Amelia wiggles into the diaper position on the couch for about a dozen from the cane. Her legs,straight up in the air, look 4 feet long. “If we ever meet again you will know how to behave.”

A tearful facial closeup apology. Cameron says he will work with her again. He’d be crazy not to. Closeup bottom rub as she walks off-set.

Just What She Deserves – STRICTLYENGLISH

16 Nov

2M/f; year: 2006; time: 45 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford plays a student teacher, in a story serialized in STRICTLYENGLISH’s ‘Spanking Channel’ films, 1-4. Ms. Rutherford is always just one transgression short of getting spanked herself.

Amelia and Headmaster ‘Mr. Cameron’ (Sandy Cameron) enter a room. The actress ‘Emma Brown,’ as ‘Vanessa,’ stands in the corner with her panties down, hands on head. Amelia is taking some satisfaction that, for once (and for now), she is a maturing spectator, watching another student being punished.

Vanessa has returned to her old school to obtain a reference for her first teaching job. In this early film Ms. Brown still wears dark, frosted blond hair, but she has already gotten that buttocks tattoo. Her shiny blond makeover comes later. Cameron and Amelia decide that this is an excellent time to exact some revenge on Vanessa for some affronts she skated off on before she graduated. She is to endure the humiliation of putting on a school uniform and reported for punishment in the traditional style. She agrees, otherwise no reference.

Cameron has spanked her on put her in a corner. He will now will continue Vanessa’s punishment, takes her OTK for a small pin pong paddle, which she remembers. “Oh, no!” . Sweet Vanessa counts out 24 strokes Amelia had recommended. Cameron leaves her to Amelia. Teacher Mr. Richard Pringle enters, fascinated to see her bare bottom in the corner, and remembering what a lazy student Vanessa was, decides to continue her spanking. She is being spanked for cheating. 24 with a ruler, kicking and squealing, then she is sent back to the corner.

Cameron returns and takes a small strap from his desk. “Twenty-four strokes!” “Twenty-four?” Her panties are at her shoe tops by now. Pringle will spank Vanessa for a variety of things. Amelia is having the time of her life watching somebody else’s bottom the center of attention for once. She does not think Vanessa is contrite enough and will not write a reference for her until she has had a caning.

“Twelve strokes from each of us.” Cameron does the “first dozen,” “I want you to count them, Vanessa.” “Splendid marks, ” observes Amelia, nearly wetting herself in excitement. Pringle does his 12. “Don’t touch your bottom.” Mission accomplished; Vanessa has been trained; back to the corner; reference will be written. “Are you satisfied, Ms. Rutherford?” Wouldn’t you think another little Homecoming might be arranged for Vanessa at the next holiday?

Xerotics 8 Catherine Corbett – Shorts

13 Nov

Many short and entertaining films from this courageous little bottom, attached to an actress who knows what we like. Check back for additions.

‘Corbett with Peters’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) A sort of spanking demonstration without a storyline. Ms. Corbett addresses the camera is just white lace bra and panties. Lovely for us, we have always admired her acting under duress. Peters addresses  her from off camera. To begin, she bends over a table. A guy we don’t recognize steps out and gives her a moderate handspanking. She verbalizes only when the facial shots are shown.

Peters directs her to lie back on the table. “Lie on my back, sir?” Ms. Corbett feigns being coaxed into the diaper position. After one stroke of the strap, she howls and jumps up. This in essence is what we like about her. It happens again. After all, this diaper position flattens out the buttocks crease and exposes new territory.

Next comes a cane, again almost completely on the thighs. The cane sounds loud, but the marks are slow to come. Catherine jumps again, and we earn some tears here.

‘Dirty Schoolgirl Knickers’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Catherine’ is caught masturbating by a teacher. When she has to remove and hand over her knickers, there are telltale signs.

She will be spanked; standard stuff, except the next moment when she has to perch on all fours on the floor for scolding and spanking on bare bottom while she rattles off some ‘Hail, Mary’s.’

She kneels on the couch for the cane on the bare, 12 strokes plus one, and she knows, the last one is special. They hug.

‘I Am A Slut’ (Xerotics; 2M/f; time: 18 minutes) ‘Catherine’ introduces herself by name to the camera. She is wearing a white lab coat. She raises that coat, drops panties, and is paddled by the Xerotics disciplinarian, in a standing position.

A long frontal, zoom, and hold, full untouched thatch, quite historical and refreshing. She laughs, quite out of character, quite enjoying her naughty display and our unusual fortune. The guy wants her to admit she is “not” a good girl; he will spank her until she admits it. They talk casually as the action proceeds.

The second guy on the shoot, behind the camera, would like to join, and switches with the first spanker. This short film seems to have been largely an ad lib affair.

‘Religious Nutters’ (FM/2f; time: 24 minutes) Three British CP warriors, ‘Catherine Corbett,’ ‘Pandora Blake,’ and ‘Thomas Cameron,’ in one of the most entertaining films we have seen for any of these three. Pandora is slim and young here. The girls chat, they are part of a fundamental religious order. Pandora bemoans that she is not receiving enough attention from their pastor. Catherine agrees to step in and give Pandora the spanking she craves. “We don’t need  him every time.” But a caveat from Ms. Corbett: “I can’t promise you I won’t get turned on.”

OTK quickly, two obviously horny girls. Pandora’s panties down. “You have such a lovely bottom.” The spanking pauses and the girls strip naked from the waist down. This is more than ‘attention.’ When the spanking continues, unusual close ups between Catherine’s legs. “I can imagine how wet you’re getting down there. I’m feeling a bit gooey myself.”

An aside: Blake and Cameron have gone on to partner and make many films,  currently    at DREAMSOFSPANKING. Catherine Corbett long  since disappeared, after 2000, and so we are delighted to have discovered and add another example of her acting and saucy little squirming bottom to our files. We’ve always imagined all these folks congregating (surely standing) at a CP bar in Glasgow, comparing their workdays.

The girls hear pastor Cameron entering and scramble to get their pants back on. Too late. Their feeble excuses for standing there partially dressed don’t fly. The pastor will proceed with a full scale spanking. Note there is plenty of time left on this tape.

The girls will bend over and their clothes will gradually come off. He won’t “spare the rod,” and claims Divine authority.  He begins with a strap, alternating between the girls. Pandora has already lost her panties, he soon takes Catherine’s. Clothes strewn about, an erotic touch. After alternating strapping, he has the girls drop bras.

He begins with the  cane, 12 strokes each, counted aloud by the other girl, some repeats to catch facial anguish. Pandora, who has been the most disrespectful, gets an extra dozen, and then yet another six. Cameron does seem to cane her harder.

Both bottoms are delightfully red, and on the lower half, because of the bend-over positions. The pastor hugs his two naked parishioners and must have had to remind himself to control his hands.





‘SG in Distress’ (Xerotics. M/f; time: 8 minutes) Ms. Corbett waits in a dank cellar room, a perfect setting for a nasty, maybe unofficial punishment. One of those places where you call holler all you want. CP producers have done some neat things with musty cellars, storerooms, and power rooms. She is dressed as a schoolgirl–gray sweater, skirt, and we’ll see the white regulation panties.

A dour woman, familiar in the Xerotics collection, enters with a cane. The woman pulls her panties down–the scolding must have been done upstairs, before she was sent to this punishment room.

Catherine drops her panties herself and grabs her ankles -12 fast strokes, angles, repeats.

“Halfway through, take your knickers and skirt off.” Almost 20 more strokes are shown. After six of them, “May I rub my cheeks?” Zoom hold on her bottom, puss peeking through. Before she is allowed to dress and return to class, she must hold this touch toes posture.

Xerotics (M/f; time: 13 minutes) This video opens with Catherine peeing on a toilet, in prim schoolgirl kit of cardigan, tie, blouse, pleated skirt, and knee socks. She must have been nervous, because she is going to be spanked.

She goes into a multi-stall shower room in an institutional bathroom, where she awaits her appointment. An erotic location for punishment, LUPUS-like.

A male pony-tailed Xerotic regular enters with a cane. There is no debate. “Knickers off!” “Not on my bare bottom, please.” Catherine removes her panties, puts them on a shower water knob, and assumes the position. Skirt up. 36 snappy cane strokes, counted with “thank you, sir’s”.

“Stay here, on display.” Must be the ladies’ room, or, given the open shower stall, and even more exciting, is it the boys’ room?

‘Wet Knickers’ (F/f; time:10 minutes) Catherine and her smirky little attitude. She is wearing the little sundress or housedress, yellow here, sexy as it can get, as if it could be ripped off when the time comes.

She is given a brief OTK on her black knickers and then sent to the bathroom to wet them in the sink. Back on wet, the great little grimace. Dress off, white bra and panties only now. Spanking continues.

Xerotics (2M/f; 6 minutes) An Xerotics regular is spanking and whipping Ms. Corbett in this snippet, with a paddle, martinet, and kitchen spoon. She wears only a bra–her panties are already down. She is usually quite diligent about it–not much pubic hair; here, she has a full growth.

A second guy spanks her standing; they chatter and break, she turns and speaks to the cameraman. These are out-takes, illustrating her self-confidence, getting spanked with no pants on and making conversation with the crew.

SpankingonLine (M/f; time: 12 minutes) This company has distributed several wonderful films made by the redoubtable Ms. Corbett. This short film is almost completely a caning roasting for her, with few frills.

Her back is to us; she kicks off her jeans and panties and bends over, moves around, fidgets, waiting, waiting. Here we have a zoom frontal which holds still for one of the longest and collectible, nice unshaven herringbone fuzz design. Facials–Catherine looks waif-like and unkempt, very sexy, someone who should be spanked.

The scene is lit with a sort of theatrical stage glow. Cut: the male disciplinarian has arrived. Her pants are back up–he takes down the jeans and panties. Catherine kneels on a hassock and the caning begins. Grab ankles. Almost 30 strokes are shown–from the rear, oblique, facials, low shots, permitting repeats. Her pubic hair pokes through–this is an older film. Patented cries and gasps, sniffles. Give the girl the benefit–she is a hard worker.

As the caning progresses, Ms. Corbett occasionally can’t hold position. The “final six” are announced, seven of course. Zoom on stripes and wheals–really, one of the most brave and resilient ladies in the CP trade. We don’t need to see her scorched.


13 Nov

Random interceptions from this prolific site, where the spankings are impressive and the girls more so. Around the genre, many of the actresses who paid a visit to Dallas in California have said he spanked the hardest.

‘Abi Whittaker and Audrey Knight'(M/f; year: 2008; time: 7 minutes) An OTK spanking is underway; little Abi’s bottom is red and white compared to her suntan. Audrey is a spectator in this episode, and she looks a little nervous, liked she might be next. Abi struggles, Dallas  spanks so hard. She is watching an hour glass timer. “How’s the sugar?” When she is finished Dallas gets the aloe and goes directly to a bruise he created.

The handspanking continues yet harder. Abi squirms, she is one of the very best. When the spanking concludes and Dallas stands up, Ab I checks her bottom for marks.

’Abi Whittaker-Whipped to Perfection’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) One of our celebrities,  for sure. Abi sits talking with Dallas on a couch, and she looks a bit frightened. She is good at that. Dallas gets a strap and his bottle of aloe. Abii’s pants are already down. He makes her bottom shiny with the aloe and requires her to kneel erect, holding an egg timer. She struggles through an excellent strapping, the camera catching the action and the misery on her face.

‘Abigail’s Rigid Strapping’ (M/f; year: 2008; time: 8 minutes) Another spanking, same session as above. Abi brought a change of clothes, and Audrey is not spectating here.

Abi is lying pants-down on a bearskin rug on the flat table Dallas uses. He is strapping her. She counts out two sets of 15 “thank you, sir” style. Aloe applied in between the two huge straps. Zoom on that cute little bruised bottom. Bottom full-screen, he asks her to pull her panties and tight jeans up slowly.

‘Bailey’s Traffic Mistakes’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Little blonde ‘Bailey’ arrives at Dallas’ door, where girls come for spankings. She wears a red T-shirt and jeans. She is getting traffic violations and has been sent here for adjustment.

Dallas begins the pre-spanking ritual. She must stand hands-on-head, and finds some humor in his scolding. Against the door, she is ordered to strip, which she does, back to us. This erotic scene is found throughout the DSH file.

OTK on the couch, Bailey still seems amused, with no embarrassment about moving around the set naked. A long, wriggling handspanking, then back to the door, hands-on-head, red bottom.

‘Bound and Spanked’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Dallas marches model ‘Dazey’ into a garage. She is stark naked, and she has been very recently spanked.

Dallas fastens her wrists high over her head against the closed overhead door, and spends the rest of the film mildly whipping her bottom. At one point he positions a separate camera on a tripod in a position where he can edit in facial shots. Glamorous and sexy.

‘Cowgirl and Dallas’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) A cute brunette, whose identity we will ascertain, is dressed all in white–cowboy hat, top, skirt, and knee boots. She kneels on a couch. Dallas pulls her skirt down to expose another of those California white bottoms against a tan–these films must be earlier than the thong era.

Dallas removes his heavy leather belt, which he will now use. “A family tradition,” he calls it. He belts her very hard and fast, concentrating on the lower buttocks. There would be no way to fake this stirring whipping. The cowgirl gasps from the first stroke and struggles to get through it.

‘Cowgirl OTK with Dallas’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) The same comely girl over Dallas’ lap now, getting a vigorous beating with a hairbrush. Her bottom is clear here, so that this session was not connected with the belting above. Fast, loud, hard.

‘Gia’ (M/f; time:29 minutes) A longer film from DSH, unexceptional except for (1) Gia’s bottom, and (2) the hard spanking from Dallas. The little blonde sits on a leather couch, looking vulnerable, being interviewed from behind the camera by Dallas. She has been sent to DSH by her school for hacking into the computer to change grades.

“I’m going to give you a very severe spanking tonight.” When she drops her jeans and panties, a graphic appears, “That’s a real J-Lo ass.” He begins an OTK spanking–“This is just the beginning.” And it is an extraordinary bottom. She laughs. “Are you going to tell me, ‘This hurts me more than it hurts you?'” “A little smart ass, huh?” Dallas wants to spank the names of her confederates out of her.

Hands-on-knees for the strap. “This is going to be a long evening.” Kneel on the floor for more strap, the J-Lo butt is getting blotched.

She lies flat on the couch, her bare bottom soars. Some furniture manufacturers have used a pose like this for advertising. Leather strap, more blotching. Gia begins to scream apologies.

Pants down, Gia grasps the door is a spread position for the Spencer paddle, one of DSH’s signature shots. For just an instant, Gia flashes a little smile back at us. She must then kneel erect for an hour.

‘Honey’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Hooters girl ‘Honey’ has been sent to Dallas for some discipline. She needs to learn to be on time and reliable. From the looks of this cute and compact little brunette, she is worth keeping on the payroll.

Honey arrives at the door, wearing Company dress (without the logo) of a white sleeveless top and pink shorts. She is cornered, shorts come down, no panties. The spanking begins quickly. “Oh, my God!” Straightforward stuff, just bare bottom OTK spanking.

‘Jerzi’ (M/f; time:19 minutes) Blond ‘Jerzi’ stands nude at the wall, awaiting her spanking. She has called Dallas and volunteered for this for some attitude adjustment. She is always late and procrastinating. Therefore, Dallas promises to be even more stern with her. “When I come back, your spanking is going to begin.” Dallas likes to insert this mode of erotic anticipation.

She is taken into the spanking room and she kneels erect on the little red stool, hands on head. The naked OTK spanking begins. Lots of facials here, tears, an entertaining miserable face. Dallas insists she look into the camera. He leaves her over a stool for the spanking to “burn in.”

A floppy paddle, very loud squawking, we had to reduce the volume, rare but not unprecedented. She kneels on the red stool to conclude, and in the post-interview claims she is cured.

‘Joelle Barros’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Joelle, pants already down, reports to Dallas and kneels in front of him. “It’s going to be a long, hard handspanking.” OTK in the usual setting. Dallas helps to keep Joelle’s hair off her face. When he spanks in flurries, Joelle loses some control. “I think I should give you one hundred more in a row.” And he does. He has her lie over a stool to “feel the burn.”

‘Katherine’ (M/f; time:20 minutes) A varied format for Dallas. Spunky brunette Katherine has done something to aggravate Dallas, a mood we like to see him in. Specifically, she has been shoplifting from his store. He will spank her in a series of postures. OTK first, of course, and Dallas begins with the aloe early, because it will be needed.

Next is the hairbrush OTK, very hard; she must hand him a paddle next–she is begging by this time. Then standing, he whacks with a long wood paddle, a thin cricket bat size. “Almost lifts you off the floor, doesn’t it?”

OTK again, more aloe is needed. Now the bath brush. Dallas is short of breath from the exertion. Hard and erotic. Tears.

Hands on knees for the lexan paddle. Katherine is screaming by now. And last, Katherine lies over a white couch for a floppy hose-like whip, which she likes the least of all.

‘Leah-She Gets It Good’ (M/f; time:17 minutes) Strawberry blond Leah is getting a spanking. “This is about forgetfulness.” Dallas gets her OTK, jeans down, to expose little decorative strawberry-design panties. Dallas doesn’t usually tolerate panties for long.

He uses his signature hard little red strap–his blackjack for bottoms, a bath brush, and a lollypop-shaped paddle he calls a “broad blade.” These implements are laid out on a table at Leah’s head. Dallas makes her reach and hand each one in turn to him. To conclude, he puts her in the humiliation position, kneeling on a little prayer stool, naked, hands on head.

‘Luccia-Brazilian Spanked Memories’ (M/f) Luccia, a dark-skinned South American, strips naked for Dallas and must show herself to him. “I’m going to burn your little Brazilian bunda.”

He begins spanking her–she makes too much noise. Handspanking, then black paddle. ‘Sabrina’ is handling the admin chores for the shoot–she brings his hot little red strap. Nude at the fireplace for contemplation. Nude interview to conclude. Everybody says Dallas spanks the hardest.

‘Naughty Naked Nicole’ (M/f; year: 2011; time:10 minutes) Another knock at the door, this time in a hotel room. A pretty brunette has been caught cheating and is sent to meet Dallas, a sort of spanking consultant, in a hotel. Long scolding, hands-on-head in the corner.

She is told to undress, which takes just seconds, the last item the skimpiest thong. Before she is taken OTK, she is led by the elbow, stumbling along naked, to get in position. A hard, reddening handspanking.

‘Naughty Naked Nicole-Paddles’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) The hotel session continues; Nicole lies naked on a low table and takes several paddles on her red bottom, pillows under her hips.

Dallas can only smack two or three times before she twists out of position. When she recomposes herself, the paddlings continue. Paddle bruises. Back to the corner, a long hold on a very sore bottom.

‘Savanna James’ (M/f; time: 32 minutes) Another longer film, in contrast to the common 7- or 8 minute segment. This is a continuation of an earlier sequence. Savanna is a solid, athletic brunette, with an almost complete body tan. She walks on-set in a white bikini, the bottoms pulled almost down.

They chat and remember earlier conversations (on film?). She had agreed to return to DSH for a harder spanking, and now is going to be the time. “Oh, my God, people are going to see me cry.”

Savanna kneels in front of the fireplace, that bikini bottom almost down. Hands-on-head. When she finally takes off the bikini bottom, in fact her crotch is the only pale white skin on her body.

A long and hard OTK spanking follows. In fact she does cry and looks quite distressed, and for good reason when Dallas does his work. Blistering. After this long spanking, she is sobbing and somewhat convulsed. Dallas spreads body lotion at the fireplace.

‘Scarlet’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Braided blonde ‘Scarlet’ returns at 2:30 AM after a night out, claiming to have forgotten Dallas had a date (with her bottom?) at 8 PM. She wears a very natty and festive red lace dress.

Dallas grabs her OTK immediately, pulls up her dress, and goes to work. Facials, big blue eyes, this actress attracts the camera at both ends. She bends over the back of a chair for the Spencer paddle. Very hard, she is desperately apologizing immediately. Dallas counts out legitimate strokes, and alternates sides of her bottom.

She is sent to bed, her thong stayed on. “Lie across the bed and wait for me.”

‘Scarlet spanked for Tickets’ (M/f; year: 2012; time: 24 minutes) Blond Scarlet is getting whacked with a paddle for some ticket mess up. Bottom to the wall, then OTK, leopard thong. Implements laid out. There is a woman on the set, probably Sierra Salem. Scarlet must hand back the implements–paddles, spoon. Routine very hard stuff from Dallas. Never disappoints. Pillow on the bed for straps, a nice pale  bottom getting red.

‘Sierra Salem Sunday Night Multiple Implements’ (M/f);Sierra waits for her Sunday night spanking appointment, presenting herself bare bottom on her bed. Dallas starts her OTK.
One of Dallas’ favorite models and maybe a girlfriend, Sierra is next strapped down on his padded bench, bottom bare and waiting. He uncovers a tabletop of spanking implements, like a dentist rotating his tools into view. “Let’s get started.”

First 5, with a paddle. Sierra: “I’m so mad at you. You’re not a good boyfriend.” She is not convincing. Five more each, with a stiff strap, cane, bath brush, spoon, and another strap.

The second part of the film continues with 2 leather paddles, a thin strap, a Spencer paddle, and a strop. Sierra wriggles and kicks delightfully under her restraints. Much talk, and Dallas; hands wander.

Sobbing,laughing; the last strop brings tears. She is left strapped down. “Let it burn in.” She gives Dallas the finger.

‘Sinn’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) A pretty brunette enters Dallas’ house, stands at the door, back to us, and strips off her little red dress and tiny thong. Hands-on-head, naked, ready for her spanking.

Dallas takes her OTK in the conventional way on his couch for a reddening spanking, then back to the door. Now a bend-0ver, hands on knees for a paddle and the telltale red circle bruises.

‘Rawhide 2-Switch’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) This little discovery turns out to rank as one of our favorite CP episodes in our library. We have read in several places that ‘Dallas’ is a hard and threatening spanker, and that famous CP models answer his invitation with some trepidation. Niki Flynn and Amelia Jane Rutherford are two such witnesses.

Here ‘Stevie Rose’ plays a country and western singer who has been sent to Dallas by her employer for some attitude adjustment. This cute little actress may actually have dallied on the C and W scene, but she probably found out, like Playboy’s ‘Barbi Benton,’ with her appearances in Nashville and on ‘Hee Haw,’ that most of us were more interested in her without pants.

Stevie wears a cute outfit–flannel shirt with bare midriff, cut-off jeans, and cowboy boots. Dallas is suitably prepared, in his snakeskin boots and straw cowboy hat. She tries to be arrogant, but is a touch nervous, not having a lot of leverage in this situation. She admits she has heard about his “good old fashioned lickin’s.”

Dallas explains and tells her a Texas cowgirl needs a spanking now and then. He hands her a switch stick and knife for her to peel it. He’ll be back in a few minutes to use it.

He returns. “Undo your pants.” Then, a touch we are absolutely sure we have never seen before-he takes off his thick leather belt and has her sling it under her buttocks and pull it tight with both hands, sling-like, plumping up a bottom even more that already would stop traffic. She must hold that pose. “Concentrate. That’s your world.” She must stare at a spot–the camera, more or less.

He begins rapid, brief, snappy sets with the switch on her bare bottom, setting her to squeal and struggle to hold still. The groups cause a rising, burning sting, which must be like having to hold a hot plate and not dropping it. Hang in, it subsides. Tears, desperate face, very erotic on our scale. Pauses, deep breaths, recovery.

“You’re shaking,” he says and we see. The switch bunches are increasing in pain. Dallas observes at the conclusion. “We’re hoping for a different Stevie Rose.” We’re looking for more Ms. Rose.

‘Rawhide 3-Wanted. The Whipping Post’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Stevie Rose again, naked and lying on Dallas’ padded platform. Dallas straps her soaring bottom as she struggles to control herself. He gives her a cowgirl hat and outfit to put on.

‘Rawhide-Wanted. Naughty Note’ (year:2012; time: 13 minutes) Stevie Rose again. She must write an apology note, while bent over a school desk being spanked. Plaid panties down. Straps and paddles. She sits at the desk, bare bottom, hanging out as it should be shown. No onedid it better than Roue.

‘Rawhide 3-Spanked Hard and Put Away Wet’ (M/f; year: 2012; time: 17 minutes) The country-and-western theme continues. This episode has the graphic ‘Hand and Bath Brush.’ Stevie Rose arrives at Dallas’ place with her guitar and wearing a stage outfit. “Aw, rock star!” declares Dallas. She has been stealing from her uncle as she travels. “I will jack it up this time,” says Dallas.

Into the corner. “You know the drill.” Dallas bares her bottom for the display time. The soundtrack contains corny revisions of the “Rawhide” TV series theme–Dallas is trying to have fun and parody himself at this point in his career. His scrapbook has a lot of bottoms.

OTK for the hairbrush, very good facials, and split-screen. The very effective bath brush and then back to the corner.

‘Smack Wrap’ featuring Samantha Woodley, reviewed separately.

‘Trail of Tears 2-Autumn Sky’ (M/f; time:16 minutes) Autumn Sky wears her Indian squaw outfit of buckskin dress and braided pigtails. She lies on her stomach, being spanked on Dallas’ bench, here covered with bearskin. The spanking has been underway, and she is using that 2-minute hourglass other girls in this predicament are punished with.

Tears, very red bottom, bare at the wall to conclude.

‘Wanted’ (M/f; year: 2007; Time:17 minutes). The naughty cowgirl theme, the actress ‘Stevie Rose’ in ‘Rawhide 3 Spanked Hard, Put Away Wet.’ Blonde Stevie stops traffic in the manner of Amelia Jane Rutherford. She lies stark naked on an extended spanking bench, pillows under her hips.

Dallas sits in position and works on her elevated bottom with a strap. Soon there are tears. He teases and scolds as he continues throughout the short film. Tears.

In a cute erotic conclusion, he puts a cowboy hat on her head and lays her cowgirl duds on her naked body to put on.

‘Yoga and Leather’ (M/f; year: 2008; time: 10 minutes) Model Aimee Addison lies naked on a towel on a low bench. She is a statuesque and well-endowed blonde, perfect for this work. Dallas is going to punish her for being late to yoga classes she teaches.

She kneels on her haunches, bottom facing us. It is one of our favorite positions, because it does marvelous things to the hindquarters. He begins paddling her in this posture, and she is soon in tears. It is brief but sexy.

She lies on her stomach on the towel and they chat as she calms down. It must be her birthday, because Dallas delivers a cupcake with a candle for her to blow out. At least she is properly dressed for her party.

Sunday-Over The Box Strapping – NUWEST FD-394

11 Nov


A three-part film according to NUWEST’s website. We have found these two parts and will amend as necessary.

‘Julia Jameson’ and ‘Vanna Cantrell’ have Ed Lee, in his grey fox period, and another male, both naked, strapped over tilted padded boxes. In this first segment the girls strap the men.

Julia and Vanna, both still lean and svelte at this point in their careers, continue to pace the studio, wearing foundation undies of sturdy bra, girdle, garters, stockings, heels.

The girls torment the men with canes, straddle their heads between their legs as best they can. They begin caning, each on a guy, together on one guy at a time, back and forth, rock and roll. Julia breaks a cane and steps off screen for another.

The men are released and allowed to scuttle to corners. It is not always true that corporal punishment will cause an erection.

After a FADE, the naked men are OTK for the hairbrush. Julia and Vanna have always been very good spankers.

Discipline Center: Nurse’s Assistant – PUNISHEDBRATS

10 Nov

F/f; year: 2914; time: 12 minutes.

Actresses ‘Mandy’ and ‘Audrey’ with webmaster David Pierson himself, who was kind enough to publish many of our amateurish reviews before we got into this thing or knew much about the CP film genre.

One of the girls, a thin blonde, has been arrested for drunkenness and brought to the “discipline center” for alternative punishment. She will be punished for three days, a concept done a lot more cleverly by producers with a larger budget. Holding cells, punishment rooms, equipment, attendants, etc.

A nurse will do a physical. “Take your clothes off.” (This may be tied with the worst acting we have in our files.) When she is naked she covers herself. Hands-on-head takes care of that.

Stethoscope; over an antique stepladder; rubber gloves, anal lube, rectal thermometer–they mess up the closeup. When the naked girl calls the nurse a “fucking pervert,” the strapping begins.[Is it our imagination, but does the an HVAC unit energize during this scene?] Hospital scrubs issued for her 3-day stay.