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Russian Slaves #59 -In the Hands of OMON Pt 2 – NETTLES

5 Nov

M/2f; time: 35 minutes

The prostitutes snared by OMON will now be punished, as only OMON can do it. It seems that their transgression was not that they were distributing their favors, but that they were doing it with foreigners.

Blond prostitute ‘Olga’ is as naked as the day she was born. She is brought to Captain ‘Vladimir’ for an “exam,’ which means actually a pussy flogging. She lies on her back on the couch, spreads her legs, and takes 15 with the tawse where it hurts most. She then stands and is flogged on her boobs.

Blond ‘Zanna’ is brought in next, and she looks like she is going to break down before things even get started. She gets a long handspanking while she kneels erect, maybe 15 minutes of it. He bottom turns a rosy pleasing red, and it begins to hurt, but she is quite lucky compared to her friends. She doesn’t quite escape a short pussy flogging, though.

Love Honor Obey – SHADOWLANE

5 Nov

year: 2000; time: 35 minutes

‘Dallas’ makes a guest appearance here, and may just have shown at least some of the SHADOWLANE management that you can actually spank a bit harder than you intended and get away with it. ‘Alexandra Panos’ is his submissive partner here.

Dallas complains about their phone bills. We’re back in the 1-900 phone sex era here. ‘Lydia’ has been steadily dialing a ‘psychic hotline.’ Dallas asks her if a hot spanking was predicted in her immediate future.

OTK she goes, Lydia is quite used to this. Skirt up, pantyhose down, white lace panties the center of attention. A long conventional spanking, in keeping with SHADOWLANE’s avowed romantic theme.

FADE. Now Lydia has done with the credit cards and gets another spanking.

FADE. ‘One Month Later’ more credit card trouble. This time the cane and the strap.

Discipline in Russia #36 pt 2-Kidnapping in Moscow – NETTLES

5 Nov

M/2f; time: 31 minutes

A fast start from Part 1, which we will add shortly. Brunette ‘Ika’ is totally naked, being caned over the arm of a couch by ‘Andruska’ (Gerry Geroshvilli), while ‘George’ watches. The scene appears to be the darkened empty nigh club we have seen before.

60 strokes are counted in the subtitles. Stripes and welts develop, looking authentic enough in the various angles and profiles which develop from this long 15-minute caning. The actress flails and waves her arms in angry reflexive pain gestures we have seen enough times to recognize authenticity. She is required to keep eye contact with George, who is admiring Andruska’s caning technique.

Ika’s bottom ends up marked and swollen Czech-style. She is made to kneel erect.

The second errant prostitute is ushered in, ‘Anya,’ and is alarmed to see the condition of Ika’s buttocks. This brunette is also naked. She is bent over the same couch and told to fix on George (who is keeping his hands where we can see them).

Andruska will use the strap on Anya, a razor like strop type with a handle like a big paint brush. 60 strokes are shown, and she is howling from the beginning.

At the conclusion, the two whipped girls kneel side by side, their marked bottoms quite different, reflecting the cane and the strap. Zoom in. The two girls are made to crawl away on all fours.

Runaway Discovers Watersports – WIZARDOFASS

5 Nov

M/f; time: 1.5 hours (2 parts)

We are reviewing many of these WIZARD OF ASS films into collections; this selection is one of the longest and is more easily discussed separately. The website reports that the actress ‘Katia,’ a curly-haired brunette, is eighteen years old.

The film opens with Katia taped inside a large cardboard shipping box, peeking out through a small hole at Wizard ‘Andre Chance,’ who has picked her up on the street and brought her home to begin training her as a sex slave.

She is begging to get out. Andre gets a chocolate covered banana, shaped like a penis, and lets her suck it and eat it through the hole. After she sucks properly, he gives her his cock to suck through the hole. We see just her bright eyes and eager mouth. Very pornographic.

Andre cuts the tape and lets Katia out of the box. She is totally naked, a trim little pristine body for a teenage runaway. The cardboard is wet–she has pee’d in the box. He gives her a clear plastic tray to pee in on-screen, but she is not prolific. He begins to manipulate her as she stands in the box–bend over for a handspanking first. He squirts oil (cold!) on her and rubs in all the good places. He inserts a wine cork in her anus, then her pussy. “Ever been fucked with a wine cork?” One finger, then two in her anus. Squeals.

He is ready for a more formal blowjob, filmed gonzo style. He threatens to dump her out on the street again if she doesn’t work hard at trying to become a sex slave. There is a long blowjob scene, which may result in a money shot to her face. She is not great at it and neither is Andre, but it looked like fun.

Andre takes her to a Sybian device and has her crawl around it totally naked, on hands and knees, to give her some exercise after being balled up in the box for a night, but more to give a good look at her perfect body from every angle.

Katia climbs onto the mechanical dildo, which has a fitting for the vagina AND the anus. After quite a struggle, Andre manages to get the anal dildo penetrated. When Andre switches on the ‘vibration’ selection, Katia becomes a different young lady. Nipples harden. He adds the ‘rotation’ choice.

He drips hot wax on her, and when he turns off the machine, she collapses in exhaustion, an emotion too similar to other such scenes we have seen not to be authentic.

Now Andre wants her ‘squeaky clean,’ and we know what that means. Nude of course, into a bathtub, a long bathing scene on her back with a rubber ducky, getting into some good places.

The second part of the film: the little rubber ducky continues its muff diving. Andre empties a tray of ice cubes on her, making her squeal. Silly, there will be so much more of real concern to squeal about.

Andre has her lubricate a thermometer in her mouth–a good omen. On her back in the water, he teases her pussy with the thermometer, then the real action begins. She rises onto her knees, Andre lubes her anus with KY, and inserts the thermometer.

After this science, he spanks and torments her as she thrashes in the water. The camera holds on her bottom, The enema nozzle appears, more KY, he inserts it, and she groans appropriately. The enema takes a while, as they should, then we follow her to an adjacent toilet.

The second enema will be standing in the tub, but first Andre oils her and works in a strand of ben-waa balls about the size of ping pong balls. This makes the second enema quite easy.

Special Treatment – MOOD

3 Nov

F/4f; year: 2005; time: 50 minutes

Four showgirl-type models in a cell, wearing heavy denim prison uniforms. As usual with MOOD, the guards and the prisoners look about the same. A blond guard confronts them. Cigarettes have been found. No one owns up. The guard admires their “solidarity,” and as always happens at MOOD, everyone will be whipped.

The first girl is selected–she strips off her denim uniform, down to a naughty thong. “Assume the punishment position,” which is against a bunk bed, elbows on the top bunk, legs spread. The guard drops her thong. She receives 25 strokes with a doubled belt, counted aloud. Immediate marks, but not the carving-up often seen at MOOD.

The second girl selected chickens out and points to the culprit. “So much for solidarity,” says the guard.

CUT to another group scene, are these the same prisoners? No matter, MOOD will cram in as many whippings as possible into this hour. A prisoner, we assume it is the cigarette girl, strips naked and kneels up on a platform. Other prisoners tie her in place, manacle her wrists. 50 strokes of the strap are counted aloud, again, effective but not vicious.

FADE. We seem to be present at the arrival of two new prisoners. After a brief lecture, they strip to just thongs, putting their clothes into a garbage bag, a nice bit of submissive finality. Corporal punishment is explained to them–this is a special place, their rights are different here. They sign punishment waivers. The girls put on their denim. There are now six prisoners in the cell.

The new girls will receive what appears to be the welcoming punishment at noon. We thought we read that in the subtitles, but the punishment seems to be at midnight.

We lose the thread of the plot. Prisoner #112 to stripped by the guard, tied arms wide to the bunk bed, and whipped with a leather belt.

FADE. The two new girls discuss their impending punishments. The girls are told the guards are sadists, otherwise they would not have been assigned here. The girls are advised, “Scream as loud as you can,” it makes the guards back off a bit.

The two girl are whipped on the same box frame. 50 strokes each of the cane, a number of wild stripes appear. The girls are led nude by ropes outside and forced to roll in the snow, to “cool off.”

Mildred’s Playroom – NUWEST

3 Nov

F/f; time: year: 1984; time: 27 minutes

Ancient graphics from NUWEST; ‘Mildred,’ who looks as much like a man as a dominatrix, promises to be a resilient disciplinarian. She narrates for us–she has the ability to spot girls who secretly want to be disciplined. She has little tests which never fail her in detecting them.

She will show us with ‘Camille,’ a blonde who sits waiting for her in the empty cavernous studio. Mildred has donned a sort of BDSM outfit; she peels down Camille’s dress to a puddle on the floor. Camille wears the usual NUWEST foundation garments–conservative white bra, full white panties. Wrists cuffed, she is strung up to a rope from the ceiling.

And a touch here not all that common at NUWEST, a large ball gag is stuffed into her mouth. A strapping begins on her white panties. She twists and spins, putting all of her weight on her wrists at times. Mildred waits until her bottom rotates into range or takes a step or two for a better angle. A studio speaker blares music, muffling Camille’s cries. Panties down, pantyhose remain. Pantyhose down, an absolutely full, untouched pubic bush. which the camera zooms to on several occasions.

FADE. Camille is now tied over a padded spanking horse, still gagged, her face turned to us. She now wears a garter belt and stockings, no panties. Handspanking.

FADE. Camille is totally naked now, tied erect to an ‘A’ frame, legs spread and ankles tied, bent forward a bit. We don’t recall seeing these last two pieces of equipment before or since. Hair loose. Still gagged, bottom red from previous scenes. More strapping.