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Rosaleen Young Collection – FIRMHAND

11 Dec

A series of early spanking segments made at FIRMHAND with a very young ‘Earl Grey,’ who is still on the scene 13 years later, with quite a collection of bottoms in his files. And a correspondingly  young Rosaleen Young. Grey has vestiges of a Beatles haircut.

(A)(year: 2003; time: 4 minutes) Neighbor ‘Earl Grey’ catches Rosaleen Young trespassing on his property, peering into his well. The guy just wants a shot at her pants. He has brought his paddle with him.

After threatening to tell her father, he gets Rosaleen to bend over. “You sadistic bastard.” The anticipated great bottom. “This is sexual harassment…looks like you have been practicing with that…you like spanking young girls’ bottoms.” Rosaleen retains her jeans so far.

(B)(time: 5 minutes) This time Grey comes from his house next door to interrupt Rosaleen practicing a dance routine, her music blaring through the neighborhood. Grounds for another spanking.

Rosaleen wears her usual two ponytails and here a pink top and short shorts. Grey has her bend over. Above  the classic British hearth is her father’s fraternity paddle. She gets the usual loud paddling. Shorts down, an almost invisible thong, the great bottom. “Pervert!”

(C)(time: 4 minutes) Rosaleen narrates for us: “Welcome to the Rosaleen Young Collection, where you can see the world’s most spankable bottom get what it truly deserves.”

In this segment, Earl Grey plays a headmaster, in the same hearth room. “I’ve been sent to be caned, sir.” She bends over in from of the hearth, spreads her legs wide, displaying full green panties. “We’ll have those knickers down now…and off.” “Please, sir.”

“Support yourself,” Grey directs, having Rosaleen grasp the hearth. Moderate caning, but fun.

(D) (year:2004; time:4 minutes) Here Grey plays Rosaleen’s father, an intimate relationship infrequent and marginally questionable in CP films. It’s usually the distant uncle, guardian, or occasionally a frustrated stepfather.

Grey has caught Rosaleen rifling his wallet in his bedroom, grounds for a spanking on the spot. OTK quickly, kilt up, white panties. Normal spanking.

“You are forbidden to enter my room…and I might ground you.” “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

(E) (year: 2004; M/f; time: 4 minutes) Little Rosaleen is doing exercises in a sky blue and white leotard, when she is interrupted by her male coach, Earl Grey. It seems that she is a world-class athlete, they have come all the way to Italy, and she has failed to do her best. She has been nipping at the bottle, he can smell it, and she doesn’t deny. She has let her team down.

He has brought his paddle; she must bend at the mantel for a spanking, then stretch on the floor. Into the athletic diaper position, legs straight up, hands support hips, plenty of thigh and bottom available to the paddle.

Hands on brass bed, leotard bunched, for more paddle, a rather mild little exercise from early in the actress’s career we think.

(F)(M/f; time: 4 minutes) Rosaleen narrates an opening; she hands a very large fraternity paddle to off-screen hands. “How would you like to give me 10 swats with this?”

The storyline: an older guy wakes Rosaleen up–she is wearing peasant clothing, of the CP fetish variety. She should be working, but she is exhausted. “Please, papa, don’t beat me again.” Her father is always tired himself, but the work must be done.

He handspanks her as she rolls around on the bed. If she is wearing panties, we didn’t see them. Loud squawks. “I can’t stand these constant beatings.” She squirms; he holds her down.

This short film contains out-takes, where the actors dissolve into laughter over mistakes.

(G)(year:2005; time: 3 minutes) Brief; Rosaleen lounges in silk pajamas. Pigtails. Grey plays her father here, takes her cell phone out of her hand and tells the caller, “She is going to have to hang up now. She is getting a spanking.”

Grey begins with the hairbrush. “I can’t believe you are still doing this. I am 18 years old.” Sharp smacks, pajama bottoms down. Grey fetches the big leather embossed paddle off the top of the armoire. He will cancel her cell phone.

Rosaleen wets her bottom at the sink to cool it off.

(H)(year: 2005; time:4 minutes) Rosaleen is taking piano lessons. She wears a blue checked gingham dress and pigtails with ribbons. Earl Grey is the teacher, and as it must be in CP films, Rosaleen is terrible at the keyboard.

Grey bends her over the piano for a spanking, skirt up, white panties, the strap.

There have been some entertaining piano lessons in CP films, starting for us with an early ROUE, ‘The Piano Lesson.’ We prefer bad students to have to practice in the nude, which is often the case. Rosaleen does return to scales, bent over the piano, while Grey continues spanking, but the camera didn’t get around in back.

(J)(year: 2005;time:6 minutes) Is FIRMHAND pulling these films out of the archives? More headmaster-play from Earl Grey. Rosaleen gets the strap from him bent over a table in the redecorated very British hearth room.

Skirt up, invisible thong. Wonderful facials. Rosaleen is almost leaning into it. “I want you to count every one.” “Yes, Mr. Grey.” When he finishes, she is breathless. “Please, don’t stop.”

(K)(time: 5 minutes) Rosaleen returns home at 2:30 AM; her ‘father’ demands she take off her trench coat. She is wearing a silly little stripper’s costume. No locker rooms at the club, apparently. She shows off some of her stripper moves, silly but cute. “I need the money, Daddy.”

Bend-over, handspanking. She doth protest. “I’m not a little girl any more.” After a brief spanking, she is sent to bed.

More Company Discipline – NUWEST NWV-268

11 Dec

F/2f; time:29 minutes

The scene is the barren blue sound stage, set up for what appears to be “company punishment” of two girls. The film resolution is poor enough that we are not sure of the identity of the models we mention here.

Two girls sit on a bench at the wall, ‘Katie’ and ‘Celia,’ we guess. ‘Vanna,’ dressed conservatively in business clothes, holds a martinet, and the tilted padded box has been placed center-stage. After a lecture and scolding, Katie will be whipped first. Celia fastens her over the box, at the waist, knees, and hands. She then flips up Katie’s skirt and pulls her panties down before returning to the bench.

Vanna whips with a martinet and tawse. The sound is poor, the camera angles are not close enough, and facials are brief and not satisfying. Katie hardly makes a sound.

Celia releases Katie and then is fastened down herself for the same whipping. Here, Vanna shifts to a riding crop to conclude, which clearly hurts more.

Born With It -Abi Whittaker – FIRMHAND

11 Dec

(A)(M/f; year: 2008;time: 8 minutes) Abi is sitting with a laptop, watching a spanking film. She is caught by “Uncle Sandy” (actor Sandy Cameron). She claims she found the free film and is curious.

No fool, Sandy will exploit the opportunity. He is going to show her what that spanking on the film can be really like. The scene is the main sitting room and couch with the spiral staircase in the background.

He takes her OTK and begins spanking on her tidy little jeans. Ms. Whittaker is not one of those wide-hipped, round bottomed actresses so frequently seen, but more waif-like, with just enough insouciant attitude to suggest a sharp little spanking now and then might be salutary. Even though she doesn’t seem to mind the spanking very much, she claims the film doesn’t interest her.

His criticisms of her don’t compute for her. “If it’s porn, look at what you are doing to me!” She is allowed up and hurries away, drops her pants, to see what the damage is.

(B)(M/f; time:8 minutes) Abi has been sent to Scotland to stay with her ‘Uncle Sandy’ (Sandy Cameron). She is proud to say she is 21 years old and her own girl. Sandy has found a credit card bill where she has subscribed to a spanking website. Sandy thinks she has an “unhealthy interest in this sort of thing.” Abi protests. “I don’t want to get spanked for it.”

“Take you pants down.” Little pink bikini panties. She is always wearing the tiniest undies on her narrow hips. OTK spanking, Sandy bunches her panties. Wonderful rear and overhead views. Abi thinks the kicks from the website are better than this real spanking.

(C) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Uncle Sandy Cameron summons Abi again. She is still looking at spanking websites, so he figures he can keep exercising her little bottom all he wants. She thought she had successfully erased her search history, but not completely. Here she wears a spaghetti strap top and brown skirt.

Sandy will convince her, persuade her in his way, not to look at the website. She gets a kitchen stool and bends over it. He has an implement. “What’s that?” “A brush.” Panties bunched, a hard spanking, developing the typical bulls-eye bruises. “All right. All right. I get the point!”

But does she? Closeups. Rub, panties up, walk off.

(D)(M/f; time:9 minutes) The housekeepers has found spanking implements under Abi’s bed. Uncle Sandy questions her. “Yes, I have more than a usual interest.” She is not happy about her personal space being invaded.

Sandy will take action–Abi just keeps giving him chances. “All those spankings and paddlings didn’t work.” This time he will use some of these same implements. Bend over (the kitchen stool again), jeans down–those are very suitable panties for this.” (Just a blue thong). “You are too adept at this,” says Ms. Whittaker.

Two straps, a paddle, overheads. “I can already tell I don’t like these,” she says of the implements she bought. That is not something you should say while you are being spanked. Cute rubbing, closeups.

(E) (M/f; time:7 minutes) Abi has been at Sandy’s computer work station on the walkway above the main room of the spiral stair set. She left her paddle there while looking at websites–the spanking version of a death wish.

He wants to know what she is doing with the paddle. Somewhat incredulous, to use her word–“It’s a paddle, for spanking.” She wears tight white slacks, not a sign of panties, and a red spaghetti top.

Sandy will use the paddle; she bends over the railing.10 solid crack are shown, including some facial Reaction CAM shots from below.

(F)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Abi bounces into the sitting room set. She is wearing just a black bra, black panties (not covering much), and leather cowboy chaps. Uncle Sandy is appalled by her appearance. She thinks she is going to a western-theme spanking party. If she appears like that, she won’t be sitting down any time at the party. Naughty.

He will use the paddle she was taking with her, a paddle ball paddle, plenty of surface. At this point in this series, Abi is quite willing to take any kind of spanking with only a superficial objection.

She kneels quickly on the couch and Sandy rapidly turns her small cheeks red. 10 with the paddle. She is allowed to go upstairs and change.

(G)(time:8 minutes) Scottish uncle Sandy Cameron sits at his computer and intercepts Abi as she is preparing to leave with a traveling bag to meet ‘friends.’ He has seen her car at a “car park” and wants to know where she has been going.

Abi admits she has been going to a hotel to meet a man, actually “men.” She has been making dates from Internet chat rooms and is quite certain of herself. Despite the fact Uncle Sandy now realizes his corporal punishment sessions with her haven’t been working, he will spank her again.

OTK, skirt up, black tights underneath. Tights down, red print bikini panties, which he bunches. There are faint pink patches from these repeated segments. As the routine spanking proceeds, Abi carefully ensures her chestnut hair is off her face, and she is one of those models who can keep up a steady stream of dialogue while being spanked.

(H)(time:5 minutes) Abi had a male visitor at the house, something arranged on the Internet. In this large room, the set used by FIRMHAND for many series, Abi looks very small and compact.

Uncle Sandy feels compelled to spank Abi again, and this time he will use a yardstick. She bends and puts her palms on a low table. He begins on her slacks, loud cracks. “Take your pants down…and your panties.” “Why does it have to be on the bare?” Slow-motion repeats.

(I)(time:5 minutes) Abi keeps advancing her spanking fetish. This time she has been caught going to a spanking party. Sandy drags her to task. “GET your pants down.” “I’ve been spanked, all night, I don’t need any more.”

The OTK spanking is viewed from overhead, always flattering for Ms. Whittaker. A longer and crisp spanking. He notices her red bottom, and she reminds him she has been at the spanking party. “I don’t know what there is to learn. I’m never going to lose my interest in this.” Sweet spanking on her tight little bottom. She carefully keeps her front covered as she gets up and leaves, up the spiral stairs, the route of the stars.

(J)(time: 8 minutes) Abi narrates for us–she is making spanking films while staying with her uncle in Scotland. Sandy discovers the video–what is he doing searching for such things, and how many places  did he go before he found Abi’s performance?

  1. Abi discusses the safe environments of working at FIRMHAND   and going to SHADOWLANE parties. “Nothing else seems to work with you. I’m going to the ultimate deterrent.”

Bend-over, hands on table, of course the cane, and he starts on her tight little jeans. 12 strokes, little yelps, but Abi seems to be almost enjoying this. “Take your jeans down.” Polka dot bikini pants down, 6 more on the bare.

Abi suggests he come to a filming with her, because she is not going to stop doing it. They make a deal–she can keep doing what she was born with if she keeps him informed as to her whereabouts.

Boarding School Discipline 2 – CONNOISSEUR

10 Dec

2MF/3f; time: 58 minutes

This multi-film series continues. Two students who were caught bribing the school nurse to get sick permission slips were already spanked. Now the men have the distinct pleasure of turning to the matter of the school nurse herself.

She is called in-it is the actress ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ a/k/a ‘Natasha’ in some films, one of those models who can simply not be spanked enough. She is wearing a rather naughty uniform, a short skirt with stockings showing at the thighs. When she sees the two spanked students standing to the side, she puts on one of her patented smirky looks, the kind which should be followed by fingers in the waistband of her panties. She sees what is coming.

She laughs when see hears that she is going to punished like the girls were. She is taken OTK, skirt up-not hard to do, pink panties. Panties down–we notice tattoos on her back, new to us. Both men spank her. Dublin is always argumentative or naughtily angry.

As she is spanked bent over a chair, one of the men reads the label on her panties–from an expensive line. That is what she does with the student bribes. As the men spank and strap, those panties puddle at her shoes. They shift to a leather sole and open a bottle of wine, enjoying her bottom as a plaything. And why not, it is Dublin!

When they show her the cane, she insists she has already had enough. Such a silly girl. For the first guy she bends over a tall stool and takes about 25 moderate snaps. The two students are listening outside the door, giggling. Various angles, she is counting. We did not detect repeats. This caner understands that whippy canes play havoc with the flanks, so he moves from side to side.

The second caner, ‘Klaus,’ takes over. 12 fast strokes, then a rub, then seven more. Touch-toes, 6 more.

She kneels over two chairs in the Winchester position for the birch from both men. When the men hand her knickers back to her to put on, she turns her back to do it, preserving her modesty and presenting her bottom like the professional she is.

The two students are called back. While her own bottom is still burning, she is allowed to spank and cane both girls, playing with them at the same time.


10 Dec

F/f; year: 2006; time: 39 minutes

In the courtyard of the prison camp, 12 naked girls are lined up for a brief medical checkup. This we believe is our personal record for naked girls on-screen at the same time in a CP film. There are European soft-core fantasy films of nude dancers and such, but these girls are standing in the weeds in the cold light of dawn without a stitch. This Nazi camp is looking for Communist sympathizers.

Each girl steps forward to be examined by a female doctor–pinched, stroked, bend-over, etc. Each girl then puts on the striped concentration camp pajamas and falls in ranks. When one girl speaks up out of turn, she is pulled out, stripped naked, strung up between two poles, then hosed down with a high-pressure stream.

The girls are marched into their barracks area, a set of bleak wooden bunks very much reminiscent of actual concentration camp photographs. A cut in the film baffles us–it is possible some of the girls have been caught escaping. A very tall blonde is being whipped bare back at a frame, while the other girls stand in formation, made to watch.

FADE. In an office, two women are discussing their interrogation methods. One woman has been brought in, we saw in the first section of this film, with her electric box. The ladies seem very pleased and smugly excited by the fact that tomorrow they will begin on some of the girls.

Reveille. A redhead strips naked and is bent over a platform, made to kneel, and is caned. 70 strokes she must count; very brutal, and surely a lot of help from the cosmetics department. A bit much for us. After a FADE, the girl is being tended to on a gurney.

More canings; girls are tied down in various postures, kneeling, diaper, etc and caned simultaneously. 50 strokes. Nobody will confess.


10 Dec

3F/5f; time: 58 minutes

Certainly a bizarre premise for a CP film; female disciplinarians will work their way through female prisoners in interrogations after an assassination attempt on Hitler. An we know, interrogations at MOOD can leave marks.

Five girls, in striped concentration camp uniforms, and tied to the bars of a large cell. A female guard walks the line, opens a blouse here and there, and pinches nipples. As is usually the case with MOOD, the prisoners and the guards look about the same, tall, thin, showgirl types, with heavy eyeliner and theatrical makeup. It is just a question of which actress is on which side of the bars.

A female inquisitor visits the prison and she will use her special techniques on the girls. In the cells, they select one girl, blindfold and handcuff her and take her to the office. The girl is seated to a chair, her legs spread, and electrodes attached to her labia. The punishment is not too convincing, but it is different.

Back in the cells, another girl is stripped to the waist, spread-eagled on cell bars, and whipped.

The remaining four girls are taken to the punishment room. “We are in charge of breaking you. We need confessions. See these canes? You will each get 50 strokes.” The first girl strips naked and kneels on an odd wood platform and grasps posts for support. Her hair has been pinned up, not common in prisons you’d think, so we can see facials. The caning proceeds, the other girls, made to watch, flinch. The girl struggles through her 50, counted in subtitles.

The remaining three girls are caned in the same way. Each girl must kneel on the floor, hands-on-head, and the canings proceed.

Boarding School Discipline 1 – CONNOISSEUR

10 Dec

2M/2f; year: 2004; time: 1 hr, 12 minutes.

Two men discuss matters in a gaudily decorated room we have seen in a number of CP films. This film is probably a redistribution from STRICTLYENGLISH or REDFSTRIPE. Trouble with some students at this school. One or more of the girls has been paying off the school nurse to get sick slips. Any geezer could spot this opportunity–spank all the girls AND the nurse. Get to the bottom of it of course.

The first student is summoned, ‘Isabella,’ in the person of actress ‘Gina Moon.’ She of course denies any such relationship with the nurse and cannot prevent a little grin on her face,surely at the acting. “We’re going to take that smile off your face…you’re going to be spanked.” “I don’t think that’s legal.”

Nothing will stop these ageplay guys. Isabella is soon OTK and bare, and will be spanked by both men. She is moved to bend over a chair, panties still down, but she prevents any frontal peeks. Both men strap her. Then some palm slaps, and as usual, it seems the most painful of all, maybe because of the concomitant full facials.

Bend-over again, the slipper from both men. Tie off, blouse off, no bra, now naked, hands-on-knees for the slipper. She kneels on the couch for the cane, then bends over the back of the couch for more.

The actress ‘Monica’ enters; she is a class prefect, and she too has been bribing the school nurse. She gets the same spankings from the two men, as Isabella watches and dresses. For some reason, the men want Isabella to strip to the waist again.

Both girls are birched over chairs, two men, two bottoms. And after the men leave, Monica exercises her rank and authority and canes Isabella a few times herself.

Gentlemen Prefer Brats – SHADOWLANE

10 Dec

M/f; year: 1998; time: 1 hr 20 minutes

A long and uneventful product of SHADOWLANE; an actress credited as ‘Artemis Antone,’ with a showgirl body which suggests she does spanking videos on the side, plays ‘Lilith,’ who wants to be dominated by her man but can’t entice him.

‘Victor’ (‘Arthur Meeks’) arrives with a briefcase, always a fun signal in a CP film. After some simple foreplay, he begins a playful OTK spanking, then a hairbrush. She teases him into taking her panties down. This girl needs a workout out from a group, if you ask us.

Lilith wants some champagne but Victor keeps spanking and frigging. She kneels up, Victor opens the champagne, and he wants to watch Lilith spanks herself, which she isn’t very good at.

In his briefcase he has brought a small martinet and an artificial birch bundle. Mild spanking with these, some birching on her calves and thighs is a little different.

Onto the bed on pillows for a riding crop, legs spread. Soft martinet, she takes off her bra, the last item. Wrist cuffs, he locks her wrists together.

With a huge battery-operated double dildo, lube, and rubber gloves, he gives her a good fucking, and sets her to squirming the body she was hired to present.

Fugitive Patrol – PAIN4FEM

10 Dec

MF/3f; year: 2006;time: 56 minutes

Typically clever work from producer Peter Schober, exhibiting his skills at complete domination of females in storylines, here in their long format.

Three pretty blondes sit in an apartment drinking wine. One, ‘Katherine Horvath,” has escaped from prison and is hiding out with her friends. The escaped prisoner describes how nasty it was there; flashback to her tied to a vertical rack, being whipped by a matron, our friend ‘Helen’ from many P4F films.

FADE to policeman Peter Schober in his office. He receives a call–they have a tip on the location of the escaped girl. A female brunette officer joins him, they suit up and proceed to the house.

When the police knock (There is at least some law here), the girlfriends hide the fugitive in a coffin-sized credenza. The police notice three wine glasses and search. Turns out the two ‘friends’ are ‘foreigners,’ and although their papers will check out, the police need some sensitivity training on how to treat them. And for Peter, these may be a tree-bottom catch.

They find Katherine holed up; she will be taken away, back to prison. The two conspirators are offered our favorite choice, a booking downtown, or a ‘blistering ass whipping,’ in Schober’s indelicate words. at least according to the subtitles. Horvath is taken to a van, the female officer returns with spanking equipment. The girls seem to know that they are in for a bad time–their cowering facials are excellent. On tries to seduce Peter. We know he likes spanking more.

The girls are separated, which gives Peter a lot more leeway on what he can try to get away with. The short blonde is marched to the bedroom, handcuffed, and left helpless face down on the bed. Back to the living room, the tall blonde will be taken first.

OTK for a handspanking, red thong. Peter orders her to strip, more spanking, he uses a rope loop beater, which leaves wild vertical marks. He pinches her inner thighs to keep her legs spread. Handcuffed, she is marched naked back to the bedroom. She has gotten some clothes back on. “Get undressed.” He fondles her superb naked body. While he is playing with her, we flash back to the whipping he imagines the escaped prisoner is getting about now at the prison (by Helen). In fact, the girl is naked on the frame, then Peter is seen whipping her, with a triple-cane.

Back to the bedroom, Peter addresses the second ‘foreigner,’ waiting her turn on the bed. A handspanking, the slicing stroke style. A cute wiggler. He canes her kneeling erect. He handcuffs her again. She is caned on the bed, leaning forward, weight on her head.

The blonde is one of the prettiest and best actresses we have seen at P4F, which is quite a description, given the site’s parade of glamour. More caning, in untraditional poses. Peter is surprised and maybe a bit frustrated at how well she takes her punishment.

Back to the living room, two bare whipped bottoms displayed. The two police officers dress and leave. In other films on the same theme, the officers make arrangements to return.

Mildred Scott Company Disciplinarian – NUWEST NWV-057

10 Dec

F/3f; time: 18 minutes

The catalogue number guarantees clunky acting and crude production values, but it also ensures we will see another naughty fantasy played out from Ed Lee’s prurient mind, here, spanking in the workplace.

‘Miss Carson’ sits at a desk in the faux office setting, with the usual background hum. She is the ‘company disciplinarian’ and will spank three girls for various workplace infractions. Nobody complains much around here. They take their medicine.

The first girl knocks and is admitted. She is a brunette we do not recognize as becoming one of the cast members in future years at NUWEST. The girl’s infractions are recited–tardiness, sloppy worksite, etc. “I think we need some discipline around here.”

Miss Carson moves some furniture and takes the girl OTK. Dress up, panties down, pantyhose underneath down. Carson uses a ruler. Vigorous spanking, the girl’s face is streaming tears for in a facial at the conclusion.

The second girl to see Carson today is a blonde, another actress we don’t recognize. She gets the same spanking. Bare bottom of course.

The third girl is identified as ‘Janet Parker,’ for the same. After her spanking, she is forced to crawl under Carson’s desk and remain there, sobbing.