Admissions, Arrivals, and Interviews at REALSPANKINGS

4 Dec

Several CP companies used this method to parade and catalogue their models and to kick off series with them, the ‘Intakes’ at BARSANDSTRIPES and arrivals at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL being salient examples. Others use casting interviews, etc.

Some of the girls here are perfect illustrations for the CP film business. Other girls are quite ordinary, and may in fact have contacted RSN just be the experience. We enjoy watching these girls take their clothes off for spanking in this sterile non-porno setting. Some are nervous, others confident, a few quite fearful of the spanking coming.

‘Abbey Interview’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) ‘Miss Elizabeth’ will interview 24 year old ‘Abbey,’ who is delightfully nervous. “I’ll have you get undressed.” Abbey gasps during a mild OTK spanking. Nude interview. Spanking scene from two angles.

‘Allison’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) ‘Allison Donaldson,’ a flashy jet black-haired brunette in pigtails and ribbons, is marched into webmaster Michael Masterson’s office by Mistress Dee. Allison plays a sullen and disrespectful girl very well, increasing the desire to get on with the spanking which must be coming. Masterson’s ears will perk when he hears her wise mouth.

Dee tells her to strip naked. “Really?” “Yes, really.” Facing us, at the wall behind Masterson’s desk, she gets naked, none too happy to do it. Masterson waits, instructs her on RSN behavior, ‘sir’s,’ hands always behind the back, etc. “Do you know what corporal punishment is?” “Yes, sir.”

He instructs Allison to come around to the front of the desk and make a “wide stance.” Masterson begins with a hard session with the tawse, filmed on an oblique angle, keeping her pretty face on the screen. An ‘alternate angle’ repeats on her bottom.

Back to the wall, naked red bottom, nose to the wall, learn the handbook by Friday. “That was entry-level corporal punishment…just a start.” Dee helps her dress and walks her out.

‘Alyssa’ (M/f; 11 minutes) Mistress Dee brings tall auburn-haired Alyssa in to Michael Masterson. “Quite the attitude on this one,” says Dee. She had to be spanked at the van transporting them.

Masterson warns her of the procedures, instructs her on how to stand with arms folded, and tells her she will comprehend in the next few minutes. “Go ahead and get your clothes off.” “What are you talking about?” After more scolding, the girl strips quickly.

She is shown how to bend over the desk, resting on her elbows. Masterson starts with the strap, filmed from the rear and side. Tears.
Dee brings in the RSN uniform and she dresses slowly.

‘Amber’s Arrival’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) A simple ‘arrival’ process for brunette ‘Amber,’ performed by an older guy. Half the film is repeated scenes.

Amber stands in front of a couch and is scolded by the RSN-staff guy–she is slovenly, improperly dressed, and too casual about the gravity of the moment. He wonders if she knew what would happen to her–the certainty of a spanking. Here at the school, she must keep straight-A’s or be spanked. If the teachers grade on a scale, there will be a lot of sore bottoms.

“Get up, strip down, get those clothes off.” Amber doesn’t hesitate. Jeans, top, bra off, no panties. Hands-on-head. Twirl. Tattoos.

“Get over here.” She gets a naked OTK spanking on the couch. She then kneels on the floor, bottom up, doggy style, not exactly a punishment position, but embarrassing and demeaning. The scene is repeated with a face-CAM.

Amber is marched naked into the next room and made to stretch across a table for handspanking. She kneels up on a table for the same bottoms-up, knees-wide display. While she hugs her knees to conclude, she hears that the implements come in the next session.

‘Bailey’s Second Arrival’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) A  very young Prince Valiant Michael Masterson. Very pretty brunette ‘Bailey’ is let in from an ante-room. She has been returned to the Institute, a rarity. Masterson is surely excited by the license of this prospect.

First he searches her backpack. “Stand up. Strip off. Everything.” Piece by piece–jeans, T-shirt, pink panties, bra. She is shaved. Master will make her wait, kneeling in an uncomfortable position.

Masterson returns with her school uniform, but first the spanking, and a bit more. She squeals through the spanking. He takes her into the bathroom and gives a mouth soaping, reasonably well filmed. The spanking is repeated from angles.

‘Bala-Interview’ (M/f; time:5 minutes) A very pretty redhead sits on the wing chair for interview, strips naked, and gets a short demonstration spanking from Masterson.

‘Devon’s Arrival at the Institute’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) In an exterior garden scene unusual for RSN, senior-student ‘Miss Betty’ is dragging little ‘Devon’ into the school. She is a shag-blonde, quite tattoo’d for RSN.

Betty cannot take any more and decides to spank her right there on the shady garden walk. Panties down, then clothes off, tattoos abound. Betty spanks her as best she can in these conditions. Blotching. We’re sure she’ll get the attention she is earning later.

‘Charli-Interview’ (F/f; year: 2005; time: 21 minutes) Miss Dee introduces and interviews a busty 23 year old blonde. “Let’s get you even more nervous. Take your clothes off.” Big boobs. A  friend suggested Charli visit. She had a few childhood experiences with spanking. Dee often tells girls this spanking will not be like those times.

OTK for the mild, accelerating handspanking, then hands-on-chair to display the results. In the closing interview, Charli tells us she was close to employing the ‘safe’ word. The scene is repeated from a side camera.

‘Charlie-Arrival’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) A diminutive tattooed brunette reports to Michael Masterson. She has read the Institute manual but forgets the ‘Sir’ in her answers. Masterson is marvelously stern and intimidating.

“Undo your pants, lower your pants and panties.” Little Charlie bends over the desk and gets 30 with a strap for failing the respect portion of the manual. Bare bottom to the wall. She does a good job controlling her surprise at the pain.

‘Erin’s Painful Arrival'(F/f; Time: 15 minutes) We’ve said, we are most entertained by these RSN arrivals for these new students/inmates at the Institute. For us, amateur observers, better than Intakes at BARSANDSTRIPES, welcomes at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, and better than some but not all of the check-in scenes at MOOD. This is not film criticism. We enjoy the depiction of submission and embarrassment at RSI.

Little brunette ‘Erin,’ with an elegant petite body which will spawn many films at RSI, is escorted into webmaster Masterson’s office by an older RSI inmate, ‘Miss Biggs,’ another student, who has been spanked into sufficient obedience that she can now supervise other girls. Erin looks very frightened, and Masterson suggests that after a few days she may in fact be sorry she didn’t elect jail. (In some PAIN4FEM films, the girls are given an opportunity to use the bathroom at this point.)

She will memorize the handbook, every word. “To get started, remove all your clothing.” “What?” Masterson works away at his computer while Erin strips. Miss Biggs enjoys Erin’s misery, having been here herself, and knows what is in store for her. No bra, red panties, some tattoos, and shaved.

Masterson allows Biggs to start the spanking because Erin tossed her clothes around as they came off. An all-facial angle then the rear angle. Erin shows her bottom to Masterson. Nice job, Miss Biggs.

‘Miss Fallon-Arrival’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Blond Miss Fallon is slightly older than the average Institute client, but she is certainly welcome to sample the lifestyle. She sits in a formal chair, handcuffed wrist to chair arm, ankle to leg.

‘Miss Dee’ appears; apparently Fallon has been acting out on RSI grounds. Dee called the court and the judge is most willing to accept her back in jail. Maybe the judge is one of those guys who practices his own little punishments in chambers.

“I want you to remove every article of clothing, from head to toe.” “Excuse me?” “Did I stutter?” “No ma’am.” Fallon quickly strips. Dee instructs her into the RSI ‘attention’ posture–stand erect, arms behind back, hands grasping wrists, This leaves the all-important bottom unobstructed. Dee steps away. Fallon wiggles and can’t hold even this simple position.

Dee scolds. Apparently Fallon’s been given a spanking,’ traces of pink still visible, but it didn’t take. Dee gets a strap and lays on a few strokes in the ‘attention’ position. Alternate views.

‘Francine’ (M/f; time: 21 minutes) A tall long auburn-haired girl in schoolgirl blouse, kilt, eyeglasses, knocks and enters webmaster Michael Masterson’s office. She has gotten in trouble and been summoned yet again, even though she was spanked just three hours earlier.

Masterson is delightfully disgusted. He looks at her electronic discipline record since she has been here at the Institute, a long list of punishments of every kind. “There is nothing I haven’t done here.” (We have a suggestion–trade her in for a consultation at’Wizard of Ass.’ From the look of her, they would do it gratis and she will return subdued.)

Masterson wants to see her bottom from the morning session. “That looks sore.” Well, he is going to have to try something new. He ordered Francine to strip, which she does quickly. Any delay on that at RSN is always costly. Naked, she pauses. “Everything…shoes and socks.” Long frontals, because Francine is quickly used to having stand around naked at RSN.

Masterson drags an adjustable spanking bench from off-set. First, he folds it so it looks lie a dentist’s chair. Naked Francine takes a seat and offers her palms for a long strap-slapping, something all the girls hate. Maybe some tears here.

Next, she leans back and grasps some roller coaster-like support bars while Masterson straps the front of her thighs. Nasty, fetish-like stuff, definitely fresh skin areas. Masterson flattens the chair and Francine rock back into the diaper position, and Masterson does the back of her thighs. Now she has marks from the back of her knees to the base of her spine, the bottom still marked from the earlier session (which might be available. Check back here.) On her stomach, legs elevated, bastinado.

The spanking bench is removed, a small stool is placed, and Francine is forced to kneel erect, hands on head, to hold for a time. that painful conclusion.

‘Harlan’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Brunette ‘Harlan’ is marched in to webmaster Masterson by Miss Dee. “Get undressd.” “Excuse me?” She doesn’t get it right away, an erotic little moment in most of these ‘arrivals.’ Masterson observes, trying to appear distracted and nonchalant. Harlan is standing against the wall, behind the desk, blocking this scene somewhat.

Once Harlan is naked (and reluctant), she gets her policy-and-procedure lecture, comes around front of the desk, hair off her face, for the essential welcome. he floppy strap, and moderate–these girls have to work again, and probably soon. To the wall again, she is instructed not to cover her bottom with her arms. Dee helps her to dress and leave.

‘Kathy-Interview’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) A normal looking 21 year old brunette is interviewed by Mistress Dee at the fireplace setting. She too is curious about this experience.

She stands and takes her clothes off. Dee takes the naked girl OTK and begins a slow and mild handspanking. We were about to say that this girl would not appear to have an adult  film future, but when seen from the rear as she climbs over Dee’s lap, we see how she got past the initial contact.

Kathy giggles/gasps with embarrassment. The scene cuts to her with hands on the chair. The mild spanking seems to take its effect.

‘Melody-Arrival’ (F/f; year: 2006; time: 11 minutes) ‘Kailee’ will do the formulaic honors for a tall brunette. After Melody discusses her spanking history, minimal to increase the tension, she strips naked, always well done. Kailee takes her OTK for a fast, moderate spanking. The session is repeated from the facial angle. Melody kneels on a chair for us to get a good look.

‘Riley Arrival with Ms. Burns’ (F/f; year: 2006;time: 11 minutes) One of RSN’s most popular models if the number of films is the measure. Copper redhead Riley reports to Miss Burns.  She is new at the school and immediately in trouble. She sits for a scolding. “What don’t you stand up and take your clothes off?”

Riley is a cute number. Burns searches her things as she is handed them. Hand on a bench, naked, Burns gives her a fast dose of what RSN calls the “teardrop” paddle. Warming but not severe. Repeats from angles. Naked Riley is given her school clothing for a long dressing scene.

‘Rachel Interview’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Rachel answered the RSN ad on curiosity. She gets spanked at home a lot, almost daily. Elizabeth Burns finds this amusing and surely a challenge.

‘Stand up and take your clothes off for us.” Rachel strips quickly and without embarrassment. Ms. Burns give her the official RSN naked OTK spanking, long, fast, and mild. And at the conclusion, the requirement: Rachel kneels on a chair to display her red bottom.

In the nude interview, Rachel admits “it was painful.” Burns likes to quantify things. It was a ‘9’ versus a ‘3’ from her husband. Elizabeth likes this. The spanking is repeated, front and rear.

‘Reverie Interview’ (MF/f; time: 22 minutes) Michael Masterson interviews a 27 year old model, whose visit to the Institute was delayed by a  blizzard. Reverie admits to being very kinky, she surfs the web and finds the sites to her taste. She likes to be controlled, enjoys anal play, and taboos. And she has an opinion on all the spanking implements. Our first thought was, too bad she wasn’t snowed in AT  the studio. They could have made a bunch of films.

Masterson is clearly thrilled. “Let’s start by have you get very naked.” ‘Betty’  comes on the set and does the official spanking. At the conclusion, Reverie displays her bottom and admits she has never been spanked by a woman. It is a new sensation.

‘Roxi’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) We are enjoying these ‘arrivals’ at REALSPANKING, their version of the ‘intake.’ Webmaster Masterson and Mistress Dee take no prisoners at these sessions. Roxie is a cute long auburn-haired number, with a touch of insouciant disrespect on her face.

“Take your clothes off.” (gulp) “Now?” Quickly naked, she tries to cover as she hears the behavior instructions. “Hands down. There is no modesty allowed here (at the Institute).” Maaterson wants her to take the widest stance she can and bend forward. Various nude poses. Kneel erect for a bit.

Bend over a table; “I will demonstrate what happens for minor infractions.” He uses the medium-sized floppy strap, a junior version of the huge implement unique to RSN. Masterson tells Roxie it is one of the “gentlest” in the RSN arsenal.

Her strapping is moderate–the rear angle first, then the sequence repeated from the oblique. Then bend-over, grab the ankles. Dee helps her to dress and leads her off.

‘Serena-Arrival’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) The model ‘Serena’ sits in front of webmaster Michael Masterson’s desk, rocking, fidgeting, and almost shaking in apprehension, the RSN hardwood red Spencer paddle prominent in front of her. REALSPANKINGS does these setups as well as anyone. He makes her wriggle while he does paperwork.

Whatever has summoned her to his presence–she now stands in front of his desk facing him and grabs her ankles. She must hold this position for a while. It develops that she has been reported missing the same class 5 straight days. Things are fairly relaxed here at the Institute, even though the remedies for diversion are severe.

Serena squirms bent double; Masterson makes a phone call to prolong her anticipation. The paddling will begin. Masterson explains that the law has been changed–he may only administer a maximum of 12 paddle strokes a day. Her offense has earned 3 strokes per absence-15 strokes. He’ll find the opportunity to administer the paddle on another occasion. (We’re available.)

He lays on 12 absolute crackers on her jeans, her breath is knocked out of her and she struggles to hold position. She sits uncomfortably to conclude her interview, fighting tears. Masterson gives her a late-note for class. Alone, she drops her jeans to inspect the marks, impressive black-and-blue circular paddle patterns.

‘Staci’ (F/f; 4 minutes) This film was made later in RSN’s history; Dee is older, and the format is different. Dee will do the discipline. We have mentioned in other RSN reviews, we think Mistress Dee spanked the hardest of the RSN staff.

Dee doesn’t like Staci’s attitude, which is always helpful to induce severity for an ‘arrival’ indoctrination. She bends over, pants bunch but not down in this episode, for the floppy strap. An impressive spanking, immediate gasps from Staci and grasping in space with her hands, “Get that bottom out.”

The first view of the spanking, an oblique with facials; the alternate view, the full bottom. “Lose the attitude or else this will continue the rest of the day….have I made my point?” “You made your point.”

‘Taylor-Arrival’ (MF/f; year: 2005; time: 12 minutes) ‘Kailee’ is attempting to induct a sullen and disrespectful chunky blonde, ‘Taylor.’ When Taylor refuses to change into the RSI school uniform, Kailee steps off screen and returns with Coach Daniels.

Taylor has been sentenced to RSI for a year. This could be tough on her bottom. Kailee is a prefect, pronounced PUR-FICT by Daniels. “You do as the ‘pur-fict’ says.” Kailee and Daniels grab Taylor and start to pull her clothes off. Taylor capitulates and completes the stripping. Bend-over, hands on couch, Daniels does the handspanking and Kailee holds her. Then a long dressing in the blouse and kilt set.


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