Giving It Up -Abi Whittaker – FIRMHAND

4 Dec

(BA)(F/f; year: 2008; time: 7 minutes) A series made with ‘Kailee Robinson,’ both girls very young here, but legal. Abi has asked for residence with Kailee for some discipline to get her life back in order.

Ms. Whittaker wears a pink top and jeans with fashionable holes. Kailee explains the submission she will require, has Abi sign an agreement. She will have a place to live while things get better. She must relinquish her clothes and her friends. “My friends?” “What good are they to you, they got you in trouble.”

Festivities immediately. “Stand up. Pants down.” Just a thong on this waif of a model. “You look like trash.” Maybe for purposes of the story, but she looks spiffy to us. After a warm up OTK spanking on her bikini panties, they go off to throw out all the clothes she brought.

(BB)(time: 7 minutes) Abi wears khaki shorts and a black top, she has missed a meeting with a client Kailee assigned to her. Kailee is holding a big embossed leather paddle.

Shorts down, OTK; today’s panties are lime green. She is paddled OTK and then bent over a chair. The FIRMHAND graphic reports “90 strokes,” her bottom is fully engaged by the large surface.

(BC)(time: 6 minutes) Abi has skimmed off some money from a client she handled as a “commission” for her. Kailee does not permit this–her therapy here is her payment. Abi knows this means another spanking, on the spot.

She drops her slacks and bends over a table. Kailee begins with a strap. “Is this helping you at all?” she asks. Abi wisely mutters in the affirmative. Closeups of sweet black panties, then the bare bottom.

(BD)(F/f; 7 minutes) Abi sits with Kailee; little Abi is not happy in this training, is not sensing any progress. We can’t blame her; she seems to have to take her pants down every five minutes. “I don’t feel good about what I am doing.”

Well, Kailee does not feel good about her not feeling good, so we’ll have a good spanking to clear up matters. Abi stands and drops her short shorts without being asked. OTK; very colorful green polka dot panties come down.

A word about Ms. Whittaker’s panty drawer. All very colorful prints, festive bikini style, very stylish for her narrow hips and small (but eager) bottom. No frilly lace lingerie. She does not have the feminine hips which populate the CP genre, but her cute face and slight attitude suggest corporal punishment immediately.

After a spanking, she kneels nose to the wall, something not done often in her series. OTK again for a bath brush, some of the hardest we have seen yet.

(BE)(time: 4 minutes) Kailee requires Abi to strip to bra and panties to get in a shower. The water is warm enough that she doesn’t react much, a little colder would have been fun. She soaps a little despite wearing her undies.

Kailee pulls her out and we begin the wet-panty spanking you would anticipate. Here, Abi is wearing white bikini panties which are properly transparent when wet. Standard spanking.

{BF)(time: 7 minutes) Kailee approaches Abi with the strap. Abi has set up some client on the side for her own income. Despite her protestation that she was going to push the money to Kailee, she knows what is coming next. By this point in the series, her responses are Pavlovian, she steps into the spanking position even before she is told to.

She bends over a pool table–we’ve described often that pool tables are perfect height for spankings–legs straight and buttocks plumped. Like a good girl she takes her own red fringe panties down, and Kailee begins with the strap. Abi is a touch pink for a previous filming. We’ve wondered how much time can elapse between the production of these segments.

(BG)(time:6 minutes) Abi sits on the pool table in her brown skirt and yellow top. She’s been in trouble almost every day in Kailee’s care. Kailee is thinking of dismissing her. Abi pleads no place to go and volunteers for punishment. “You say yes to therapy but your actions say no.”

Abi is allowed to select the spanking implement of her choice, and she picks a large fraternity paddle, a sign of submission for sure. Bend over the pool table, Kailee takes her pink panties down. As usual, her bottom is slightly pink from a previous episode.

10 effective strokes, the paddle does the work. Bruises are developing by now.

(BH)(time:5 minutes) Abi has been arrogant and haughty around the organization, and there have been complaints. “You need to be put in your place…get the chair and I will grab a paddle.”

Abi drops her jeans and kneels on a chair. Blue thong. Kailee uses one of her favorites–the embossed leather paddle, which covers a lot of skin. Loud and sharp.

(BI)(time:5 minutes) The therapy visitation is working its way to a conclusion. Kailee needs to ensure Abi doesn’t forget where the power lies. “I want to let you know I am still in charge.” “How could I forget?”

OTK again, little white sundress–Abi usually wears pants. White print panties down, a bath brush. Abi does not like it much.

After she recovers: “I’m going to the mall. Wanna come?”

(BJ)(time: 5 minutes) Kailee catches Abi trying on some of her naughty undies–a red bustier and matching panties. She was going to wear the outfit for one of her clients. We never did catch on what business she is in. Is Kailee a madame?

Abi lies flat on the bed, hugs a pillow, and takes an impressive strapping on her mostly bare bottom.

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