School Spanking Expose – Amelia Jane Rutherford – FIRMHAND

4 Dec

One of the early series made by Amelia Jane Rutherford for FIRMHAND. This one is steeped in the traditions, style, and architecture of British private schools, although we wonder if there were headmasters with as easy access to female students’ bottoms as here.

(A)(year: 2007; time:11 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford narrates the opening of this series, standing at the doorway to ‘Whitley School,’ an exclusive century-old girls’ school, famous for taking in naughty girls and turning out sophisticated ladies. Ms. Rutherford turns one of her goofy outfits into camp fashion–she wears a man’s cap, a multi-colored scarf as a choker, and a little military jacket.

She explains–she is an investigative journalist who is embedding herself as a student into this school to expose the rumored corporal punishment practices. She has falsified the guardian consents, so there will be no impediments.

She will be intentionally sassy and argumentative, in order to trigger punishment. because she is determined “to get to the bottom of things.” She enters Headmaster Jackson’ office, disrespectful and belligerent, just egging him on for a spanking on their first meeting.

He is displeased (and surely excited). “We’re big on ATTITUDE here.” Amelia is objecting to the rules and she asks to call her (non existent) guardian. Denied. “Even prisoners are allowed to make a call.” Jackson announces, “Corporal punishment is our simple remedy.”

The spanking will begin immediately. When she stands, Ms. Rutherford must be one foot taller than Jackson. OTK skirt up immediately, Jackson quickly bunches her panties and begins fondling this extraordinary bottom. Minimal objection. After the spanking, she stands facing him, panties at her thighs, giving him an eyeful.

(B)(year: 2007; M/f; time:7 minutes) Amelia narrates the beginning of this episode. She continues the story of a journalist who has embedded herself in the Whitley School to expose the corporal punishment practices.

‘Mr.Jackson’ is the headmaster, a character who has played other films with Ms. Rutherford. She has said in film interviews for FIRMHAND that she likes to know what to expect from her disciplinarians. Amelia goes to him to complain about her room. It is a Triple, she wants a Single.

Request denied, there are no single rooms at the school. As she tries to storm off, she mutters, “Thanks for fucking nothing.” That will cost her a spanking, and right now. She is made to kneel on a sort of prayer bench, except that the carpenters have tilted this one so that the bottom is more accessible. No objection from her==she needs this information for her project.

“I’m going to slipper you…size number 10 sole.” “I don’t care.” “You will soon!” the size 10 is different from the size 6. “Fuck!” She needs breaks to get through this spanking.

(C)(M/f; time:9 minutes) Amelia narrates the progress of her investigation and pulls up her skirt to show the bruises so far, for the ‘hidden cameras’ she brought with her.

Amelia reports to Jackson again, in a Joseph-colored sweater and slacks. She is supposed to be in school uniform. He has laid out her school uniform on the table–the full size white panties will attract your attention. She refuses. “I’m not wearing gray!” After some argument, she acquiesces.

Change clothes now. “Can you turn away?” “No.” When she is down to just her white bikini panties, she baulks again, strategic timing. “Kneel on the chair.” “I’m going to be spanked every day?” “Yes.”

Jackson goes for the panties immediately and begins smacking her with a small hard strap, like a blackjack. Great shots from the floor, the cameraman must have been lying just below her. Loud squawk, she is totally naked.

She’ll put on the uniform, slowly, center screen. Some sassy talk earns her a few more smacks. Out in the fancy center hall of the school, she checks her bottom for marks.

(D)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Jackson meets Amelia in the foyer/hall of the school. She was tossed out of art class for an intentionally sarcastic display of damaged flowers. The art teacher complained, and now Jackson has another chance at Amelia’s bottom. She wears the contentious gray school outfit.

He happens to have a rug beater handy in the hall. “What is that?” Bend over a chair. “You can’t pull my knickers down in the hall!” But Jackson can and he does. “Keep you feet still and spread your legs a little.” About 35 resounding whacks with the rug beater. Amelia wails and collapses a few times. Panties stretched tight between her knees.

After she gets up, she is still sassy, so Jackson pulls up her skirt and smacks the front of her thighs a few times.

(E)(M/f; time:8 minutes) Amelia narrates: dance class was silly. Jackson enters Amelia’s room with a riding crop in his hand. He’s had another complaint from a teacher–the dance class instructor. “You are behaving like a spoiled petulant child….on the bed, on your stomach!”

He gets her skirt up; Amelia’s bottom is always a stunning sight when she lies flat in a pose like this. “This is not good enough. I’ll have these down.” “They don’t need to come down!” The subject is a little thong, she’s right, but we’re with Jackson.

The cropping starts, very loud and sharply done. There will be 26 strokes. A camera on the floor catches Amelia’s reddening face as she hangs over the bed, cringing and squirming.

When Amelia dresses, she gives us a textbook demonstration on how to pull panties on over a red bottom center screen.


Amelia has never seen this cane before. “We’ll have you kneel on the chair. Her pulls up her long silk dress to expose pink panties. “Eighteen strokes.” “Thank you, sir.” She moves her knees as wide as the antique foyer chair will permit. Her panties stayed on for this episode, but as if often the case for Ms. Rutherford, the elegant little things covered very little anyway.

(F)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia addresses her hidden camera. She is going to search Headmaster Jackson’s digs to find out what spanking imnplements he might have in reserve and see if there is a school punishment journal. She knows that fetishists like him are organized, and in later days such people would write blogs.

In his apartment she finds a veritable arsenal under his bed, a “driving crop,” she calls it, which “shouldn’t be used on young female flesh”; a nasty birch bundle, “actually cuts into skin”; a riding crop she has already tasted; a huge cane, “much too thick”; and a lethal tawse, ” too heavy.” We have set the stage for the next few episodes. Addressing the portable camera she brought, she says she is more and more worried about Mr. Jackson. The signs are surely there, and the guy has the job of presiding over a girls’ boarding school.

Of course Jackson catches her rummaging about, his spanking tools on the floor and his punishment log in her hands. He’ll get right to it. She kneels up on the bed, skirt up, red bikini panties. “12 strokes, young lady.” She jumps and surges as usual.

“You’re a liar and a thief.” He makes her take off her skimpy little print sundress and the panties. Naked, she is quickly in the diaper position for one of the sexiest canings you will ever see. She rolls around furiously.

(G)(M/f; time:6 minutes) Amelia showers in a large glass stall, glamorous as she can be; there is just enough control on the steam that we can see her bottom as she presents herself through the glass. And like all good girls in shower scenes in CP films, she keeps her hair dry. Jackson enters the bathroom and opens the stall; she scrambles to cover herself, but in reality, not as fast as she could.

While she is indisposed, he has searched her stuff, and found the little camera, a press pass, and journalists’ notebooks. The pussy is out of the bag. She is not what she said she was. Standing there naked, she admits she is a fraud and offers to leave the school immediately.

Jackson is an opportunist as well as a fetish spanko. No, she won’t leave; her guardian signed her up for the semester. “But my guardian doesn’t exist. I did that.” “Through your forgery, you have hoist yourself by your own petard.” This little Shakespearean metaphor suggests Amelia was foiled by her own bomb or fart. She cowers, covering, naked. He pulls her hands away. She doesn’t struggle very much, giving him the looks he wants. She’ll be kept the whole term.

She walks naked into her bedroom, the towel she has is cleverly too small to cover her. Jackson is waiting. “Ah, Miss Rutherford, we’ll start with a whole new regime,” and pulls the towel from her, an ageplay scene we covet from other films.

Amelia sees that he has set up her camera. He’s got the bug, all right. She bends naked over the couch arm, jaybird, all 6’1″ of her. He’ll select that birch bundle. Amelia struggles mightily to remain composed for 12 or so strokes, and we see the birch takes a few seconds for the pain to arrive. Wonderful wooshes, floor shots of the sequence, and sweet frontals for her exit scolding.

(H)(Time:5 minutes) Amelia reports to Headmaster Jackson in his office. She knocks weakly. He is expecting her. “Louder!” She enters, humble, submissive, resigned, and disappointed to see the crop in his hand.

She is criticized for advising another student without authority. The girl’s guardian complained. “I don’t think it is deserving a punishment.”

She wears a school sweater, blouse, and tie, but below that, a bare midriff, jeans, and Ugg-like boots. “You know what to do.” She kneels on that little prayer stool in Jackson’s office, put there for student bottoms. Very sharp zinging strokes with a riding whip on her jeans–he could never do this on the bare. Wonderful facials and misery from Amelia and a few extra for an insolent mouth. This is one time we would have liked to see her drop her jeans to check for damage.

(I)(Time: 8 minutes) Amelia has been sent to Jackson again, this time by Miss Jackson, who teaches elocution. Amelia got in a dispute with her about why the school wants to eradicate regional accents. Another spanking earned. “We have many months to go. We have our little arrangement.” Amelia wears her grey schoolgirl kit and here her hair is up in braids.

Without hesitation, Amelia kneels on the floor and bends over a low table. She drops her skirt. He stops her as she reaches for her panties so that he can do them. “Do I always have to have them down?” “Spread your arms…no jumping, wiggling, screaming.”

Jackson keeps urging her to spread her legs, and she keeps earning more strap strokes for backtalk. Usual colorful gasping and struggling. “Make yourself respectable again.” “I like the way you say that as if I had taken my own knickers down.” This earns her more on the front of her thighs, a surprising shock. “What are you doing?” “The whole purpose of this is to learn.”

(J)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia is awaiting in Jackson’s office. She has “opted out” of a deportment class because she feels she doesn’t need it and has been reported.

Jackson arrives; “Do I detect insolence again?” He will do the British posture thing found in some CP films and make her walk with a book on her head. “Ridiculous!” He makes her begin to take her clothes off as she holds the book in place. As she opens her blouse, the book falls. “You know what’s coming.” She does, and begs for a do-over with the book. We’d like to have seen her try to take the rest of her clothes off while balancing the book.

Amelia lies flat on the low table, he pulls her panties down in this posture. She helps by raising her hips. “I’ve got lots of bruises, Mr. Jackson.” “Yes, I can see that.” After this spanking, she runs off naked, cute as ever.

(K)(time: 6 minutes) Amelia tries to scramble up the central stairs in the palatial school hall, in her evening gown. She is maybe a bit tipsy, returning from a School dinner. Jackson waylays her, having been waiting in ambush. He has his cane. She was flirting with school Staff, surly tempting for them. Jackson’s new control over Amelia guarantees he can have his way right here.

Amelia has not seen this cane before. “We’ll have you kneel on the chair,” a decorous antique chair to the side. She gets in place and spreads her knees as wide as the chair will permit for balance. Jackson pulls up the gray silk dress to expose pink panties. “18 strokes.” “Thank you, sir.”

The panties remain for this spanking, such as they are. As is usually the case with Ms. Rutherford, her panties don’t cover very much.

(L)(M/f; time: 11 minutes) The finale of the series; Amelia has come down the central staircase in the foyer; she is wearing the schoolgirl outfit she painfully learned about several spankings ago. Her suitcase awaits her. (We’d like to suggest that it is filled mostly with panties) Headmaster Jackson intercepts her.

They’ve had a truce. She has agreed not to write her ‘expose,’ but somehow he feels she deserves one final caning. The look of surprise and protest on her face seems to melt quickly. She has been consumed by this narcotic CP thing like most girls.

“For this caning, you should be naked.” Again, her brief resistance evaporates, and she undresses in the foyer. “Do it slowly,” he asks. Down to just socks and panties, she pauses, but they come down. “This is my ‘serious’ cane, shall we say?” Amelia assume one of the most provocative poses we have seen from her. She kneels on the bottom stair and leans up the stairs, spreading her knees about 3′ wide, as far as she can, and reaches wide to steady herself. The caning is filmed from overhead. The posture both tightens her buttocks and presents large expanses of thigh to Jackson.

The caning begins. “No jumping around and screaming.” But she can’t help it. “I will do my best to spread around the strokes across your bottom.” Our guess is, this line resulted from some conversation they had about this most vulnerable position. 24 strokes counted aloud.

Jackson is impressed. “See how you have improved…your ability to take punishment.” We notice Amelia’s right flank seems the most bruised, a weakness carried forward in her films.

After the whipping, she stands naked in front of him, unabashed at exposing everything. No covering up–they shake hands, an erotic sight, she in just her knee socks. Wonderful nude shots as the series concludes.

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