Spanking Court -ALPINESIERRA

4 Dec

A series of films, all on the same theme. The acting is silly, the costumes are intentionally a spoof, and the actors appear as amateur as you will find. The spankings are mostly mild, but we found entertainment in the pomp and romp.

’Angela-Charged with Being An Accomplice’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) A teacher helped a student cheat. She stands in front of the silly judge defending herself. He orders 200 with the strap, and because she argues, 25 with  cane.

Cut to a holding cell. Angela is manacled and wears an orange jump suit.A masked guard takes her to the punishment room. She is slowly strapped down to the punishment bench, and then her jump pants and panties are pulled down. The leather strapping is moderate but long. The caning is about the same, only a little harder.

Mrs. Becker’  (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) She has been rowdy and in trouble with the police. She is back in Spanking  Court again. Here, her two daughters are in trouble. In this court, it is not a question of whether you did it but how many you are going to get. Sandra, a tall  brunette, and Cybil, a short brunette, are  quickly found guilty. 100 strokes of a leather paddle.

FADE. Both girls are in the holding cell in orange jumpsuits. The girls are brought together to the punishment space. They drop their pants and are fastened side by side over a  long horizontal bar. This ritual is the best part of the film. The girls are paddled simultaneously by a male and female guard. A little harder here than we usually see in this series. The girls count aloud, Two red bottoms attest.

‘Busted for Speeding’ (M/f; time: 23 minutes) Comical episodes, which will help you get through the sketchy acting and more tepid spankings. The concept, we have said, is a sort of spanking version of ‘Judge Judy.’ People have their conflicts resolved by a spanking judge. RAVENHILL did a better job at conflict resolution, but, no offense, these stories will entertain for their slightly amateurish tinge.

The ‘judge’ sits high and diminutive, almost out of sight, on his bench, in front of the ‘Spanking Court’ shield, hearing the complaints of ‘Heinz,’ whose wife ‘Katerina’ is constantly speeding. Her excuses are specious. When it transpires that Heinz has GPS documentation of her driving behavior, she is angry at the invasion of privacy, and now certain that her goose, and her bottom, are cooked.

He awards her “100 lashes,” and when she protests, “300 lashes.” She is manacled and led away by a female bailiff, a tall girl in uniform, short skirt, boots, and cap–very corny BDSM. Heinz accepts the judge’s offer to execute the punishment. We are reminded of some early rudimentary NUWEST, where Ed Lee teaches husbands how to whip their wives.

Now in an orange jump suit, Katerina is led to the spanking bench, a padded platform with knee pads and straps. With the help of Staff, she takes off her pants and panties and is fastened into place.

Heinz does the strapping, camera angle from the rear, we didn’t pay close enough attention to ascertain the count, but Katerina won’t sit for a while. A ‘reporter’ with a microphone does a post-spanking exit interview. Contrition is the key here.

Cheating ethics’ (MF/f; time: 13 minutes) A very pretty  blonde has a long and animated debate with the judge, the Uncle Remus character here. But she is adjudicated and sentenced. It seems she has volunteered for punishment, because she hired a friend to take a medical school test. The furious judge orders 150 strokes of the paddle.

Fade to the holding cell.  Kane is wearing the orange jumpsuit. A guard leads her to the ‘sentencing room.’ The spanking bench here is an inverted ‘V’ with a small platform to rest elbows. The girl climbs up onto the device so that her bottom is near the top. She tries to cozy up to the male guard, to no avail.

The male guard pulls down her orange pants but leaves her panties in place. He begins faux strapping strokes. Silly begging. The strokes are meaningless. When Kane is finished, she angrily tells the guard she will spank HIM if he ever comes near her at the hospital.

Danalea #138008’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) The homeowners’ association has complained about noise Danalea is making. “You’ve wound up in spanking court.” She is a pretty brunette and the judge is the Uncle Remus guy. We haven’t seen any dismissals in this court. He awards her a low level 1 punishment  of “100 strokes of the tawse.”

Into the holding cell, orange jumpsuit. A hooded guard takes her to a leather trestle. We guess if you spanked women part time for the State you wouldn’t want to be recognized at the mall. She is fastened and her pants pulled down. The strokes are so mild as to be silly. At least we get several angles.

‘Danalea’s Incarceration’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Too many incidents for Danalea. The judge: “You need something ongoing.” She is having a conference with him in his chambers. Some “daily moderate discipline….5 days with us.” We see some spankings, we see her tidying up around the courtroom,  She is so ineffectual with the broom so the guard spanks her over the podium. This is the hardest we will see.

more Danalea’ (F/f; time: 19 minutes) She is back in the Real Spanking Court, this time on a complaint from a ‘Mrs. Saxon.’ After a rather interminable argument among the ladies and the judge, she is sentenced.

Cut to the punishment room. She will be strapped by the complainant herself, Saxon. She is strapped down over the padded inverted ‘V’ bench, orange scrubs and panties down for a paddling.

Danalea breaks probation’ (M/f; year: 2010; time: 6 minutes) Danalea is in the judge’s chambers, being absolutely excoriated for violating probation. A guard comes in with a paddle, a big round thing about the size of a dinner plate. She drops her jeans and panties and bends over in front of the judge. The guard is very weak with the paddle. This could have been fun.

’Marissa’s Second Session on the Spanking Machine’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) More from the Spanking Court. Marissa reports to the punishment room, with the spanking machine and a spanking bench to kneel on. She knows what to do. She wears only the top to an orange prison smock, no bottoms, no panties. She climbs up onto the bench and wiggles her bottom into position.

The  male guard fastens her ankles and wrists, reads out her punishment, then activates the machine. It is a black box on legs. A paddle arm is pulled back in increments before the swap, so that the victim can hear and anticipate the rhythm. The machine and bench look sturdy enough for the operator to go on coffee break. Good facials of auburn haired Marissa. This machine does not alter the location of the strike. Bruises and white marks develop.

Marissa is returned to her cell, without pants, where she sobs and rubs. This episode is one of the best in this otherwise tepid series.

Mother vs daughter  (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Daughter Brooke has been sent back to court. She is failing in college; the judge does not like her attitude, he puts her on probation, and will see her grades from time to time. But while she is here today, for reinforcement, he awards her 100 strokes of the paddle.

FADE to the punishment room; orange jump suit; over a trestle; the bailiff pulls down her pants and panties. The male guard assisting wants to know about her. “This one’s been OK so far–a college girl.” The guard and bailiff fasten her.

The male guard paddles her, not hard–he pulls his punches a bit, but 100 is 100. White scuff marks on her darker skin.

Sybil and Sarah – Return for their first probation appointment‘ (MF/2f; time: 15 minutes) Mrs. Baker has brought her two daughters, Sybil and Sandra, back to the judge. They have broken their previous court agreement and made a party mess at home.

The woman doesn’t look too much older than her daughters. The judge hears the story, looks at pictures, and awards the girls “100 swats with a leather paddle.” They are led away by a bailiff, who looks like she should be turning letters on a game show, even as they protest the punishment.

FADE to the punishment room. The girls strip off the pants to their orange jump suits and their panties, and are fastened side by side to horizontal iron bars, legs spread. A male guard and the bailiff paddle them together–the girls count out 100 strokes on bare bottoms. Soft stuff, but fun.

‘Whitney Comes Clean Again’ (M/f; year: 2005; Time: 22 Minutes) Using the format we have described before for ALPHASIERRA’s version of ‘Dr. Phil,’ the judge awards recidivist ‘Whitney’ “150 strokes of the leather strap,” In a fit of pique, she scratched obscenities on her boyfriend’s car.

The baliff handcuffs her and leads her off. Later, in her holding cell, the roving reporter with the microphone asks how she is feeling. “Your sentence will be carried out in a few minutes.”

She is led to the punishment bench. The attendants, who see their share of bottoms, remember her. “She’s been here before…you know the drill.” Whitney strips from the waist down and kneels on the padded bench. “Try to keep the screaming to a minimum this time,” staff requests.

Big soft tawse, some bruising, conventional stuff. The institutional intimidation is the best part.

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