Restrained Elegance -Amelia Jane Rutherford

10 Dec


The spanking actress’ own website, featuring bondage and spanking, produced with her husband Hywel; she uses the stage name ‘Ariel Anderssen’ here. We would add films as we purchase them. Some are separately reviewed, in most cases the longer ones. Turns out a lot has been produced under this banner.

Ariel in a collar‘ (time: 6 minutes) Hywel leads a naked Ariel around on a collar and chain. Bend over a table for a perfect, simple spanking. Ariel looks very young here, lots of bare feet shots. Ms. Rutherford is utimately sexy even at this.

Ariel-carpetbeater’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Ariel and Hywel In a New Year’s film. She narrates for a fixed camera. She pulls down her panties and gets into position. Hywel will use a carpetbeater and Amelia laughs through it. We have never bought into this implement. It seems too soft and generalized over the whole bottom. We don’t recall a single effective spanking. Happy New Year from them, pants down. 

’Ariel- chess with Pandora Blake’ (2F; time: 33 minutes) A long film from Ms. Anderssen’s operation.  Pandora Blake stops by. The girls narrate for the camera. Ariel wears bra and panties and Pandora a sort of BDSM negligee. The girls are going to play chess and be punished for the loss of each piece. Pandora reads the rules.

And so it goes. Ariel must take off her garter belt and nylons; Pandora bends for a cropping; Ariel gets hot wax on her thighs; mild cane for Pandora; Pandora gets naked for a strap.

And more, mostly silly, no bite. At one point both girls have inserted gags. We’ve said before, although a gag on Ms. Rutherford is cute, it eliminates her bantering. Ariel gets the electric wand. 

Ariel-self spanking’ (F; time: 14 minutes) Chimerabondage; Ms. Rutherford looks very young here, which suggests she was making these bdsm films regularly while she worked for other producers. She wears a blue satin outfit. She will fasten herself to a metal bondage cage , drop her black lace panties, and allow a caning machine to do its thing.

In another scene, she fastens her wrists to handcuffs at the ceiling for more of the machine.

‘Bastinado for Ariel’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Ariel sits naked on her haunches on a bed, one of her preferred and devastating poses. She laughs with Hywel as he circles the bed. The spanking implements are laid out, paddles, straps, canes. On a table are candles for hot wax and a violet wand. Hywel blindfolds Ariel, very sexy. They have a little trouble getting it tight, too much hair. After a segue, they give up and switch to a red sash for the blindfold.

The blindfold is tight. Ariel rolls over onto her stomach, her legs in the air at the knees, her thighs spread. The different cameras have inconsistent lighting, surely distressing to them in edit, but Ms. Rutherford is as hot as you will ever see her rolling on the bed, jaybird. 

With Ariel’s feet in reach, Hywel smacks her soles with a series of implements, not hard,, but she squirms nicely after each. To conclude she takes off her red sash blindfold and discusses the experience of each implement. She looks very young here, not a flaw and just her naked on the bed is all we need. 

‘Caned over a table’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Ariel is naked and tied over a table. Her legs are pulled wide and tied to the table legs, and she is stretched forward across the tsble, her wrists fastened to rope pulled in front of her. She looks lovely and quite young in this posture. Add a dog collar.

Hywel enters and will cane her. Her bonds are just loose enough to allow her to surge and writhe under the csning. After a mild but colorful session, Hywel releases her and attaches clamps to her nipples. She climbs up onto the table and ends the film posing naked on her haunches, a specialty we have praised before. 

’Four Poster’ (M/f; to work: 10 minutes) Black and white. A faceless male caresses and whips Ariel in shifting light. Bare bottom. 

‘#Game Of Slaves‘ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Ariel Anderssen in the cave/dungeon set we have seen before. She is strung up, her wrists fastened to a ring which is roped to the roof. She kneels erect on a chair, ankles fastened together. And she wears a long slinky red dress.

Her male tormentor begins a bastinado on her bare feet with a rod bundle. The usual squawk from Ariel, maybe a bit too much too early here. The disciplinarian rucks up her dress. There are no panties. He continues with the bundle on her bare bottom and particularly her buttocks crease. 

After a FADE, Ariel has been repositioned. She sits facing us, her legs spread at 90 degree angles. Here, she is blindfolded and gagged. Maybe someone agreed she protesteth too much. The guy canes her inner thighs and gets the dress out of the way, exposing as much of Ariel as it is possible to do. And this may be the most exposed Ms. Phillips has allowed herself to  be.

’#Game of Slaves’  (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Ariel Anderssen is tied down naked on her stomach on a bench. Her legs are bent up at the knees so that the soles  of her feet are as available as her bottom.  Her long blond hair is curled here, unusual but not unheard of for her. Her bottom is elevated. Very nice. A female Top we don’t recognize will use a soft flogger and tickle her feet. Mild but glamorous.

‘Game of Slaves-Ariel Flogged’  (2F/f; time: 11 minutes) Ariel tied down naked to a bench and gagged. Curly blond hair. She is so eager to make noise she slobbers through the ball gag. Two women flog her, softly, with a cloth flogger.Loud but harmless. Nice view of her dimples

‘# Game of Slaves-rules infringement’. (time: 8 minutes) Hywel will give Ariel a workout in the ‘cave’ set we have seen. She sits kneeling on a metal chair. Her wrists are fastened to a ring at the ceiling. Hywel will whip her with a bundle of sticks, not very hard. She must be making dinner this night at their home. He starts on the soles of her bare feet as she kneels. Dress up, no panties, the bundle on her bottom.

SEGUE. Ariel is turned around on the chair. We see now she is blindfolded and gagged. Her legs are spread at 180 degrees. Dress pushed aside, this is the most pornographic pose we have seen for Ms. Anderssen. Hywel birches her thighs. Different angles of this action show free-standing camera apparatus.

’# Game of Slaves -nude’ (F; time: 10 minutes) A nude POV performance for Ariel. She narrates to us about her BDSM acting. She says her body “stands me in quite good stead.” More unusual dialogue for a porn film, and so true

‘# Game of Slaves- won in a card game’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Little ‘Chloe’ seems to have won Amelia in a card game. Amelia sits nude on her haunches on a bed, surely her most favored pose. She is handcuffed and gagged and keeps mumbling through the red ball. 

Chloe enters with a riding crop and begins snapping at her. She takes the gag out so we can hear the Rutherford ramble. Zoom on bare feet, for that customer. Gag back in. There will be no spanking here, just a celebration of Amelia’s rolling body. 

She talks and strips, puts on metal cuffs on her wrists and ankles,  metal collar.All talk. We were hoping a visitor would arrive and work her over.

’# Game of Slaves- nude on trestle’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) A stark naked curly haired Ariel is tied down lengthwise, riding a trestle. She is gagged. A female flogs her, rather mildly Celebration of a naked Ariel.

‘#Game of Slaves- Temptress Kate’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Kate leads a naked Ariel along on a chain collar and leach. Ariel is also blindfolded and gagged. For the whole film, Kate will remove and put back on Ariel’s restraints, and spank her mildly in various positions. Another nudie show from Ms. Anderssen, of debatable marketing value.  

Hairbrush spanking for Ariel’ (F/f; time: 6  minutes);  A nice parlor setting, such attention always appreciated in CP films. Amelia/Ariel makes an entrance  down a staircase and is greeted by a housemistress. Ariel has been flirting with her husband.

She is taken OTK immediately. Black dress, red panties come down for a paddle. The mistress keeps glancing at the director. We hope he is signaling “harder!” A graphic at the conclusion reports this was a ‘Naughty Office Productiuon.’

’Happy Holiday Spanking’ (M/f;time: 9 minutes) Hywel Phillips and Amelia seem to be on vacation. From the look of Hywel, he is not going to the same gym as his wife. When he catches her working on her laptop, he announces he is going to spank her, one stroke for every minute she works.

Amelia is amazed he was able to get a paddle through in his luggage. “50 strokes” are announced. Hywel keeps looking in the direction of the camera, in amusement. Amelia gets into position. She is not wearing panties; after all, she is on vacation. Hywel examines her bottom like the piece of fine art that it is. 

For this spanking, they perform for a fixed camera, which Hywel gets up to adjust on occasion. This short film concludes with Amelia teasing a red bikini bottom over her sore cheeks. She she stay on their deck. 

‘Metal Mean Girls’ (3F; time: 11 minutes) Really just a nudie show. Hywel Phillips is probably behind the camera. Three nude Slaves are in ‘Master William’s’ house. The opening shot is  of an English mansion. Ariel narrates. Dark doings go down in this bucolic setting.

Ariel stands naked in the kitchen, arms cuffed loosely behind her back. Full frontal. She narrates. She is  Master William’s slave. And a vision. She thinks she is his fsvorite. Another  naked blonde appears for the camera. She has been here two years. She is cleaning some sex toys and shows us a gag. Ariel joins  her—we always like to watch naked girls doing chores.

We cut to a bedroom,  where a buxom brunette is nude and handcuffed. Apparently she is William’s bedroom slave. Arlel and the blonde don’t like the attention she gets and jump her, lots of naked bodies. They gag and spank her “Just when you thought we can’t get any more

Nights- Bastinado and Spanking’ (MF/f; time: 24 minutes) Ariel Anderssen/Amelia Jane Rutherford, with husband Hywel Phillips, and another woman/domme. Ariel is naked, strapped down in a kneeling position, by the ankles and wrists, to a spanking trestle, in their film ‘dungeon,’ “hellhole” Ariel calls it. Her blond hair is shorter here. The pretext here is that Ariel is late for this shoot, so Hywel will add some fun, the bastinado, over Ariel’s weak erotic protests.

Hywel and the domme tease her with a riding crop, snapped at her bare soles. They insert a ball gag. “I don’t want to be gagged.” Ariel keeps talking through the gag. What would a film of hers be without the stream of adlib? Hywel: “You will note her soles are exquisitely available.” “And her ass,” points out the domme.

The trestle pulls Ariel’s thighs wide, as revealing as you will see of her in her films. Careful  with that crop. With no strap to restrain her lower back, that world class bottom will buck and surge. And since bastinado is on the agenda, they made sure her feet were clean. When the woman smacks her soles, Hywel holds her feet still.

When the domme  asks Ariel which of the spanking implements hanging on a well-stocked wall rack she prefers, “None of them.” Gag out, blindfold on. Ms. Anderssen is a joy to watch. Straps and crop to conclude.

Nights-chine’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) The simplest of exercises. Hywel leads a naked Ariel around in a dog collar and chain in an exterior shoot. Nothing much happens as she crawls about and poses. We were struck by how thin she is, and that no camera angle seems to fail for her. Hywel nips at her with a crop and makes her carry the leach handle in her mouth. She has weights hanging from her nipples. At least she crawls on the grass.

100 Strokes of the Cane’ (M/f; time: 55 minutes) Although this film is not a ‘Tina’s Ton Up’ or ‘Molly’s One Hundred,’ two MOONGlOW classics where one hundred strokes really resonated, it is the usual celebration of the acting and the glorious bottom of Ms. Rutherford.

A wall clock reads 11:30 AM; Ms. Rutherford is going to be given 100 strokes of the cane, in sections of 10, with six-minute intervals. “Your training is going to continue this morning.” She wears a tight tannish dress, which naturally shows off all her curves. First, Hywel fastens on a stylish metal mesh collar, which only accentuates Ms. Rutherford’s dramatic 6′ height.

Amelia pulls her dress up–she is not wearing knickers here. She wants to get on with the caning– no warmups, but Hywel smacks her anyway. Who could resist? She takes her first 10 with the cane on the bare, snappy zingers, maybe not startling, but there will be one hundred in the next hour.

During the six minute rest period, Hywel ties her hands and arms behind her back, complicated experienced B&D knots, and almost in real-time. Amelia practices the diaper position on a leather couch, without use of her arms, just another manifestation of what great physical shape she maintains.

10 more of the cane, squeals, and the first glimpse of her Mohawk.

The remainder of this long film follows the same format. In some of the 10-stroke packages, Hywel bastinados the soles of her feet. In one scene, he actually cleans the soles of her feet–we’ll speculate they ad libbed this addition. They addressed the studio problem we often see.

A long celebration of one of the most talented bottoms in the trade.

‘Roleplay 3’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Hywel fastens cuffs on the wrists and ankles of two naked girls, Ariel and a friend. He spanks both with a hairbrush. Amelia’s height is often humorously compared with another small model in the same shot.

‘Roughie ‘ (M/2f;  time: 10 minutes) We know by now that RESTRAINEDELEGANCE will most likely not push the envelope. Amelia Jane Rutherford/Ariel Anderssen–the film in black and white, dresses slowly in old-style undies and a kimono. A man breaks into her remote cottage, a simple theme often used in BDSM films. He bangs her around a bit, harmlessly, and after a fade,  we find her tied to her bed.

He fondles her, gets her stockings off, then her panties, and rotates her, having tied

her in preparation for this, to have access to her bottom. He uses a flogger–he must have brought it with him. Ariel is left hogtied, struggling as they do in BDSM.

‘Spanked College Student’ (M/f; time:  13 minutes) ‘Ariel Anderssen’ and husband ‘Hywel Phillips.’ Another story of a randy college girl (Ms. Rutherford can still pull it off, although we are moving into to the post-graduate era.) Student Ariel pulls up to the house of a professor. She has to tell him she has lost her copy of the midterm exam to be used–she must be a graduate assistant. Ms. Rutherford wears silk print blouse and a short brown skirt.

Hywel  is disappointed (or maybe not so much) with another event from her and he will have to spank her. OTK she goes  on a leather couch. Skirt up, there are no panties. “I notice you are a bit underdressed today.”  She has come prepared, so to speak. He uses rulers and handspanking. They kiss when it ends. She smiles as she leaves. She has left her satchel behind, where the professor will find the exam, and he willl be able to call her back to again spank that most amazing bottom.

‘Spreading the Love’ (time: 15 minutes) Ariel Anderssen slowly strips naked in a bedroom to a soundtrack. Hywel enters with a little case of metal bondage devices. Ariel is craving metal. He cuffs her wrists and ankles. He steps off-screen and returns with a canister, which is surely not fishing equipment. He gets put an assortment of spreader bars and spreads her ankles and wrists. Ariel is thrilled with this as she undulates naked on the bed, the principal message in this film.

Hywel slaps, fondles, and spanks. Ariel’s dimples of Venus are prominent. This posture on the bed is one of her best choices of presentation.

Video Diary of Ariel Anderssen‘ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Amelia/Ariel sits, jaybird naked, sipping tea between takes of filming, with some crew, where she plays some sort of senior slavegirl. Hywel enters the room and is angry with her about her acting and the way she is playing out the fantasy. He pursues her with a paddle in front of the crew on break. As she moves around naked, we play back to see if we missed anything.”Go upstairs!” “No!” But she does.

FADE to the bedroom. She waits. He arrives with his paddle and continues scolding. She is not going to be the important ‘slavegirl’ and is demoted to ‘pet.’ They will practice the fantasy of that particular behavior here and now in the Restrained Elegance studios.

She sits, legs up, as she does. We try to see between them but it’s too shadowy. We know what’s there but we want assurance. OTK for some spanking, the costume cuffs on her wrists and ankles rattle. Bottom soars. Hywel gets to take this home at night.

He is going to train her to take spankings. She will get a set of ten, not a sound to be made. But she squeals and he starts over three times before she can hold on. There is a gag around, but not for this. She kneels on the floor and rests on a chair for 10 silent with the paddle.

Now Hywel teaches her doggy postures she must assume on the floor in the presence of others. He attaches clamps with bells to her nipples, a dog collar, and a leash. During this action she makes some noise, which costs her 10 smacks.

She crawls around the house on the leash, to the amusement of some crew. We get looks at that petulant face she can do.

‘Lady in red’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia in front of a photo backdrop by herself, wearing only a G-string, knee stockings, elbow gloves, and a gag, everything in matching red. She crawls around the set, her ankles manacled and one wrist fastened behind her back to a waistband.

A male character, presumably Hywell, slashes at her with a crop and small flogger. Mild stuff, and a bit silly.

’lashed in stocks’(M/f; time: 13 minutes) Ariel in the cave setting, in chains, in peasant dress. We watch her struggles through cell bars. Silly. Zoom on her bare feet. She is so clean and well kempt. Not your typical dungeon dweller.

Hywel Phillips plays the jailer and moves her to a seated position, with her hands and feet through holes in a pillory. He opens her dress to bare her back. The pillory is sort of a wall in front of her. All in all, the staging does not do her justice. And of course she is seated on her charms. Hywel whips her bare back, and this too we can’t see too well.  Mild red stripes, worried face, lots of shots of her wriggling bare feet.

sanitarium’ (2F/f; time: 9 minutes) From a second story window we see Ariel gamboling  about in a large lawn/garden. She is barefoot and wears a similar house dress. Two female matrons capture her, cuff her, and March her inside. Is this a prison, a sanitarium? We certainly hope a good spanking has been earned. 

Ariel is marched into a well appointed sitting room, where large windows and sunlight challenge the camera. She is tied down to a couch. It takes a long time. She looks very young here. Don’t know how they did it.

Ariel gets a bastinado in this position. The matrons insert a horse bit gsg. The dress is flicked up with a crop. Absolutely georgeoid lace panties. No spanking. We are gasping.

‘Spanking from Hywel’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes)  The  couple sits on a couch. Ariel is fashionably dressed, as always. She is going to be spanked. We couldn’t exactly catch what her transgression was. On this small couch, sitting next to Hywel, her height is magnified.

OTK she goes, overflowing the couch. After a short spanking, she pulls down her grey skirt herself  We didn’t see any knickers. A colorful spanking, nice rear shots. After the spanking she falls into her patented haunches position, then leaves, showing a satisfied smile. 

Spanking machine’ (f; time: 17 Minutes) A playful exercise for Ms. Amelia Jane Rutherford, harmless enough; she will be fully naked on the screen for the whole seventeen minutes and not too shy about it. She knows the moves of figure modeling. She narrates the action. She is examining a spanking machine set up in a nicely decorated room. This complicated device is anchored to the wall in two places, because it is going to vibrate. It is very noisy, easily adjustable for stroke height, and mild in ferocity. We haven’t seen the perfect machine yet.

Amelia fingers the riding crop fitting, and holds a remote control. First she will try the crop on her boobs. About 40 strokes, in sets of 10, some of the sets repeated from different cameras. Someone else, probably Hywell Phillips, must be operating the remote. She seems to like the snappy little stings.

She will try the crop on her bare back; she undulates to get the crop strokes in just the right place.  More on her boobs, and she lowers the device to take some on her stomach. She likes it all. The crop makes faint red lines, quite tolerable.

We have been waiting. Now it is time for her bottom. “I KNOW my bottom can take it.” After a long and wonderful series, “I am so kinky.” She does some bend-overs; the machine clanks away. She checks her various marks in the target places. The bruises are “coming up.” Very sexy stuff for her.

More on her boobs. She narrates: “It’s nice on the nipples,” and she figures their swelling and a “daily dosage” of this might make her breasts more interesting.

She adjusts the machine for her thighs, which she is quick to see is more about “my crotch.” Here is a closeup hold of her pussy, adventurous for Ms. Rutherford. “This is worse than ‘bottom.'”

She checks out all her mild marks—boobs, back, stomach, thighs, puss. This is the maximum Rutherford. She is turned on and muses “What else can I try before  Sally comes home?” A reference to other films?


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