Class Idiots – XEROTICS

2 Jan

2M/2f; time: 16 minutes

A slightly shaggy guy, a “relief” teacher who might be counting his stars to have gotten a shot in this girls’ school,however brief, has corralled two girls, ‘Elizabeth’ (Elizabeth Simpson) and ‘Abigail English.’ He quizzes them on architecture. Behind him on the wall of a classroom used in many films is a rack of spanking implements.

This relief teacher has a lot of power. He requires Abigail, a thin blonde with beaded hair, to stand on a chair. He holds a cane. “Take your top off.” She is hesitant and should be, but she pulls off her sweater, then her necktie and blouse. The teacher doesn’t like her flowered bra. “Lose it.” Skirt next, done with one hand while she covers her breasts. She s conflicted on how to cover. Cute. “Hands at your sides.” Elizabeth hands the teacher the classic pointed dunce cap, which requires Abigail to bend forward to have it put on.

The kinky teacher smacks her panties with a strap. “I want you to take your knickers down, slowly, so that we all can have a good look.” She hesitates, so he pulls them down. Shaved. He keeps strapping while she faces us. He does pivot her a bit to show us the progress he has made.

Elizabeth’s turn and not so difficult for her. Bend-over, she pulls her own knickers down. At this moment the headmaster enters, the actor ‘Agean,’ and he is not surprised, by either the twe girls, one naked and the other with her pants at her knees, or how fart this temporary teacher has progressed with them.

Agean will make it all official by giving each girl 6 cane strokes.Elizabeth has to climb on a chair also, with her pants but Abi has center stage in the film. A favorite of ours.

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