Corde Lisse – XEROTICS

2 Jan

F/f; time: 16 minutes

A small pigtailed brunette, in gymslip and shorts, is doing ‘corde lisse’ exercises from a hanging rope in the familiar brick-lined cloakroom this XEROTICS producer has used many times before.

Disciplinarian ‘Miss Hastings-Gore’ appears to be observing her workout; the girl bemoans her own lack of energy and motivation, she needs a “deterrent.” She says she read that in some countries althetes’ “panties are removed” and they are given sharp smacks to get them going. Now what ‘countries’ do you suppose she might be referring to? Hastings-Gore can fill the bill. This kind of athletic motivation can be found in some NETTLES  ‘Russian Discipline’ films. It works. Did the East Germans ever spank their cute female swimmers?

The girl drops her shorts. Her bottom is already fully red from another film. If some of these bottom marks are faked, then there would be no reason for such a display. The girl climbs the rope again–it rubs between her legs. She is strapped and caned as she holds tight.

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