Discipline Program -Samantha Woodley – FIRMHAND

3 Jan

Two series matching the spanking actor ‘Earl Grey’ with one of the celebrated bottoms in the CP trade. Guardian spanks heiress. Ms.Woodley will flash a lot of bottom, but she retains her modesty as always.

(A)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) FIRMHAND disciplinarian ‘Earl Grey’ arrives at ‘Samantha Woodley’s’ house. She greets him, stunning in a green top and white skirt. He has been sent to discipline her–that is, spank her, as part of guardian requirements from an estate settlement. Samantha knows what his mission is and is not playing along, at least so far.

“Sit down. I’m really busy,” he says. “Ooh, you spank people for a living, that’s really busy?” He explains the “discipline program,” an attempt to reduce her arrogance. Samantha offers to double his fee if he’ll forget the spanking.

When Grey threatens to cancel her inheritance, she capituates. He gets in position. “We’re going to start right now?…this is so lame.” OTK on her couch on her white skirt. “We’ll start you off gently.” Some resistance; skirt up, white lace panties. He bunches the panties, then takes them down. “No!”

And here is another world-class bottom made for CP films. Her buttocks soar in all postures, and she flashes her tush at the slightest opportunity. Grey has to rush along to another appointment,more spanking, Samantha assumes. “I can tell by that wicked glare I made an impression…see you next week!”

(B)(time: 8 minutes) We don’t know how to interpret the sudden anglaisization of the title to “Programme,” for this episode only. Grey has entered Samantha’s apartment with his own key and awaits her. She wants to reschedule her spanking because she is “going out.” No way.

Raven-haired Ms. Woodley wears a turquoise tank top and skirt. OTK begins, skirt up, panties match her skirt. We will see, she puts on panties for someone else, surely Wednesdays for Grey. Panties down, quite breathtaking, even the cameramen know this.

(C)(Time:8 minutes) Spelling on the title reverts; Grey enters the house again, a gorgeous high-ceiling’d main room, bearing a strap. “You’re kidding me,” observes Samantha. She is glamorous again, and like her friend ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ displays large varieties of classy wardrobe. Here she wears beautifully fitted jeans and a string top. Her hair is pinned up, easier for filming a spanking.

Grey bends her over the back of her couch, adjusting her so that her bottom is positioned just-so. First he straps her on her jeans, then she herself pulls them down, there would be no other way to do it,  they are so tight. A tiny pink thong gets the rest of this spanking.

(D)(Time: 6 minutes) This Wednesday Grey marches directly into Samantha’s bedroom, where she lolls on a larger-than King bed wearing only matching bra and panties. It is 11:15 AM and she has overslept her spanking appointment. Or has she? She knows he has a house key and she could have changed the locks or thrown a bolt. “You know what happens on Wednesday morning.”

The scene is a large airy totally white and stainless steel loft with high ceilings. Grey guides Samantha to an “interesting piece of furniture,” a low daybed with a bolster lying across it. She lies on the bed, her bottom elevated over the bolster, the exact position you imagined when the bed appeared on the screen. He uses a strap, hard, loud, slowly, bunching her panties. Closeups. Panties remain on her such as they are.

(E) (time:7 minutes) Grey comes up the stairs into her bedroom again. This time Samantha is “up and dressed this week,” he observes. She claims to be getting the message. This time she drapes herself over an awkward piece of furniture, an ‘S’ shaped lounge chair. (In an out-take, she falls off trying to do it.) He throws up her skirt to expose panties with “naughty’ printed on them. “I wasn’t wearing them for you” If not for him, who?

He bunches those panties. “This is a game for you.” Surely. After the short strapping she composes herself and adjust her panties. “Can you see yourself out?”

(F)(time: 8 minutes) This time Samantha hears Grey downstairs and calls him up to the bedroom/loft. This is a long series, so these familiarities should advance. Today Grey has forgotten his spanking implement. Odd, but entertaining. He will look around the floor for something appropriate. “Ah, the bath brush.”

Samantha quickly drapes herself over a stainless steel tube barstool. All bottom. “Pull your skirt up.” “Why don’t you do it? You know you want to.” Crisp snaps with the bath brush–got to be one of the more painful instruments. Samantha is capable of snipe sarcasm even during a spanking. “I never met a more deserving case,” declares Grey. Wonderful obliques, panties bunched, closeups.

(G) (time: 7 minutes) Samantha is in her evening gown, brushing herself one more time, preparing for some more high society night life. The doorbell: Earl Grey has forgotten his key this time and also not brought along a spanking implement. Samantha rejects her first instinct not to let him in, because we all agree she is developing an addiction to his visits.

She insists weakly she hasn’t any time, she must go out, but Grey won’t leave. He takes the large clothes brush from her, about 8″ long, with a large flat area, more for sweeping up potato chips. We wants to see no more photos of her in the society pages.

They walk around in the largely vacant all-white loft room she calls a bedroom. She will bend over and place her hands on a glass table. “Don’t muss my skirt.” “Then pull it up.” Just a little pink thong. He snaps with the big brush, fun to watch, loud. She buckles her knees under some of the strokes. One of the harder spankings we’ve seen in this series.

(H)(time:5 minutes) This time Grey is waiting for Samantha in her bedroom. He has a huge paddle, referred to as a ‘board’ in the FIRMHAND credits. “You’re not going to use that on my butt?”

Samantha leans on the glass windows of this loft space which look down on the great room below. Grey lays 12 strokes on her tight jeans, loud, the huge paddle covers both cheeks. The offense this time–her house is a mess because Grey has terminated her maid service to curb her laziness. Asked what it is like without the maid? “It is a pain in the ass.” He wants her to keep the paddle for next time. We do need more of this.

(I) (M/f; time: 4 minutes) One of the little Christmas episodes on the CP companies tried. Samantha will be spanked under a tree. This would be a fun Christmas morning. She gets the paddle and hairbrush. In some versions, the implements come giftwrapped.

(J)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Samantha, fully trained and really loving the attention, awaits, in just top and white lace panties, bent and leaning against a pole in her fancy duplex. Gray arrives and is pleased she is ready. Sarcastically, Samantha says: “I bet you have been waiting for this all week?…where do you want me” Just who has been waiting?

Gray has her bend over, legs apart, for a paddling on her panties.



(M) (M/2f; year: 2006; time: 11 minutes) Abi Whittaker joins the cast and plays Samantha’s sister. Both girls are heiresses here, and Grey has been assigned two bottoms by girls their parents. The set is the sitting room and the spiral staircase. Plenty of flecks of skin and tear stains in this room.

The girls struggle to retain straight faces at the corny dialogue. Nice facials if Abi’s blue eyes as she hears the spanking procedure and that she is next. OTK, little Pink Panther bikini Panties. Ceiling shots. Slow motion.

(N)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Bouncy Samantha, here in a strapless summer frock and showing some cleavage, continues to complain to Grey about these incessant spankings. But she does wants her allowance increased, and surely there is a price for that. “Will you be quiet, please?”

Grey takes her OTK, rucks up her flared party skirt, and spanks on red-trimmed full panties. Abi watches from the balcony above, amused, but is she immune?

Cute struggle, low shots of Samantha’s fascinating face and her bodice. Panties down, always a pleasure. When her spanking concludes, Samantha replaces her clothing, careful not to flash anything.

(O) (time: 8 minutes) Samantha and Abi sit on hard box-like hassocks awaiting the weekly visit from Earl Grey. They know he has a key. He will find them.

Grey arrives with a strap today. “Hello, ladies.” He will concentrate on Samantha, but first both girls must lie over the hassocks, bottoms side by side. First, the strap on Samantha’s kilt, skirt up, gray panties with a printed message, awaiting a visitor to read it.

Grey turns to Abi’s trim bottom. When her skirt comes up, “Ah.” He is amused to see the same message printed on both panties. “Wanna play.” The girls giggle, they have been waiting for him.

This strapping focuses on Samantha, but not for long. “Abi, it’s your turn.”

(P) (time: 5 minutes) A sarcastic “Yipee” from Abi when her strapping begins. As Abi is strapped, in the same shot Samantha keeps primping and brushing her cascading black hair off her face. We wonder if the girls argued privately about this upstaging. Samantha likes front and center.

Now Samantha is amused as Abi squirms under the strap. Both girls seem to be fighting back laughter.

(Q) (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Grey’s visit today will feature Abi. She knows it and wants to distract him. He asks with some irony, “What shall we do today?” Sarcastically: “I don’t know. I couldn’t possibly know what your plans are.” She’d go shopping, to a movie, just hang out, but “no spanking.”

Grey show her a bath brush. She wants no part of it. He wrestles her into position, black slacks down. “You’re enjoying this too much,” she whines. This brush spanking seems to hurt Abi more than we usually see in her performances.

(R)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Samantha confronts Grey for today’s little meeting. “What is in your bag of tricks for today?” Earl Grey points to a bath brush. Samantha doesn’t like that–no way is that going to be used on her.

But yes. OTK, skirt up, again our little dolly is not wearing panties, her way of preparing for Grey’s visit. Oblique and rear views of a really stinging spanking. Ms. Woodley reacts more than usual.

(S)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Abi and Samantha have the locks changed and squeal in delight when Earl Grey can’t get in. But when you have two bottoms like this waiting for you, you improvise. He jimmies the lock and confronts them. “You’re both getting the board.”

This is the huge paddle, 150% of the normal fraternity model. It is hidden behind the couch cushions. Abi feigns shock when she sees it. “That’s like a pizza paddle.”

Samantha is paddled first, kneeling on a chair, polka dot panties down. The camera is careful to protect her modesty as she moves around.

(T) (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Abi’s turn to be paddled for the lock change. “It was just a harmless joke..we’d have to leave at some point, and you’d be hiding in the bushes with you magical tool belt.”  True, and he would take them to the shed also.

Abi kneels on a chair, skirt up, a pair of bright horizontal striped panties, more cute stuff from her collection. She pulls them down. The paddling is shot from various angles, including from the balcony above.

(U) (M/f; time: 5 minutes) A messy kitchen, and the girls have been smoking. Because Samantha mouths off, she is bent over the table, long white skirt thrown up, lavender lace trimmed panties. She gets the strap and tries to keep a straight during the spanking. Bare bottom.



(X)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Samantha Woodley and Abi Whittaker are playing sisters. Barrister Earl Grey will terminate their inheritance annuities unless they continue with the schedule of spankings he requires. Samantha is indignant, but Abi convinces her to play on–they want the money.

Samantha remains the focus of Grey; not to diminish Abi’s saucy little tush, but who could blame Grey concentrating on Samantha’s world-class asset? She drops her slacks and bends over. Grey eyes her skimpy panties. “Uh, I don’t think so.” “Why? They don’t offer much protection.”
Grey bunches the panties and canes on bare skin. Crispy snappy strokes cause Samantha to collapse between some them.



(BA)(year: 2010; M/f; time:8 minutes) FIRMHAND reprises the series; Earl Grey has returned to continue the discipline of Samantha Woodley, who now lives in different quarters, another nice setting for spankings from room to room.

Grey has entered her house. Samantha wears a black top and a flaired party skirt. She has been flashing her money and flirting with multiple men at a charity dinner. She is proud of it, but the relative who has bequeathed the inheritance to her has sent Grey to get her back in line. Referring to the previous series, Grey: “I thought this was over and done with, but apparently not.”

Grey grabs Samantha. “I’m a grown woman now. I don’t need you to spank me.” He encourages her to kneel up on the winding central staircase. She has dropped her petulant stance and now seems to be willing to be spanked. Skirt up, black panties, with a naughty red garter belt on top of them. Ms. Woodley continues rolling out provocative but acceptable wardrobe. Grey bunches her panties to complete the spanking and a cute struggle on the stairs.

(BB)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Upstairs now, Samantha calls down to Grey over the balcony railing, “I think you enjoyed that way too much….I think you flew in just to see me.”

She succeeds in inciting Grey to come upstairs and continue the spanking. On her bed, she flashes open legs and panty. He tussles with her and continues the spanking, what she wants, it is clear. Panties bunched, and now he pulls them down, she is very helpful. She is bent over the edge, flirting up a storm, and offering her bottom almost like an animal in heat.

(BC) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Samantha works in the kitchen. She wears an apron and only red panties, certainly one of the best ways to fuss around food. And there will be high heels. Earl Grey confronts her and he has brought a paddle.

Grey bends her over the island counter and begins paddling on nifty perfect   red  bikini panties. The panties come down, surely one of the most glorious bottoms in the genre. Low camera angles maximize the wonder. Her boobs fall out of the apron.





(BH) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Gray has confiscated Samantha’s credit cards, so she has borrowded the cards of the housekeeper and she continues to spend. How does Gray know this? The housekeeper ratted. Samantha sits on her couch, in top, shorts, and reading glasses.

I’ve decided to spank you with a hair brush.” Samantha kneels up on the couch–she doesn’t argue any more, and this time you can put a dollar value on this spanking. He is actually going to use a long-handled bath brush, much worse. Samantha begs for her cards back. What is a girl without shoes and handbags?

“Shorts off, you’ve got a few more to go.” Bare bottom, just an almost invisible pink thong. She is certainly the most naughty little heiress.

(BI)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Gray barges into her bedroom, where an affronted Samantha sits on her bed in a black robe. She’s been caught smoking marijuana at a pool party. What’s a little pot, and why should her father care?

But Gray will cane her. Off comes the robe. Samantha wears full white lace panties and a white bra. He lays about 12 strokes of the cane on those panties. Nice views from a low angle.

(BJ)(M/f: time: 6 minutes) Gray returns with the cane. Samantha is still in her underwear. She thought she was finished. He wants her to grab a pole of her four-poster bed. “Oh, a little pole dance,” she wiggles.

“We’ll have those panties down.” Legs apart, on toes, that specular bottom. Solid, feminine, proud, defiant. Gray proceeds to cane her, slowly, as she does a sort of pole dance anyway.

Samantha collapses on her bed, zoom in on stripes on her bottom.

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