Jasmine Lau – XEROTICS and more

8 Jan

We make an effort to separate and collect some of the videos of this wonderful model and adult actress, Jasmine Lau, one of those bottoms needing frequent attention. And she can act, often appearing slightly annoyed by having to take her pants down. But in her wider film performances, she is not annoyed by much of anything. She can get quite excited.

‘Spanking Interview With Jasmine’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Let us start off with a review of this film, a short and concise synopsis of the soft-porn spanking industry and of the producers who fed material to XEROTICS.

Jasmine sits on a bed on her haunches, in schoolgirl costume, her hair dark here, with a fashionable lock of hair loose and hanging. Peters interviews her from off-screen. “Spanking is not all you do.” “I have done hard core fucking scenes…a hell of a lot more of them.” Goodness, we  guessed and checked around, but here she admits it. 

Peters probes the hard core experience with virtually pornographic language, getting her to confess, maybe for our benefit, that her first real orgasm came during a spanking shoot. “I really like being dominated…having my ass spanked and not being able to do anything about it.”  

Jasmine has a cane at hand. “I really get wet by it.” Peters discusses the “7 or 8 movies you made today,” an interesting fact we have come to realize is the process  We know about the one-day shoots for FIRMHAND. Jasmine shows us her bottom, not bad for such a day. “It’s gone down some by now.” 

Peters has her kneel and spread her thighs. He points out her labia and vagina graphically. “There it is, lads” Closeups and hot language. He gives her a few smacks.  She admits she will masturbate when she  gets home. Peters presents her frontal. “This is delicious….every schoolgirl has  one..” An audience applauds. 

‘Bad Work’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Jasmine in full schoolgirl kit in the mansion. Colin gives her a slow bare bottom OTK spanking, taking  time to fondle and stroke her. She stands and rubs before bending over a chair for a doubled strap. 

‘Bully caned’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) We think this is Jasmine Lau, young and even thinner. The spikey haired blond male disciplinarian will tend to her. The scene is the faux library. Jasmine wears a red schoolgirl uniform, and her blue knickers are soon down. She bends over for a strap, stands up for palm slaps, which really seem to hurt. Knickers at her knees.

The format varies here. Jasmine lies on the floor and pulls off her knickers.  On her back, she raises her legs straight up and without holding them. The guy bastinados her soles, on her knee socks. The guy then canes her in this diaper position. pussy winks. 

Not finished yet. Jasmine stands and bends over for the strap. Hands on the desk for the cane. She jumps at each snap. More palm slaps. 

‘Jasmine’s Return’ (f; time: 7 minutes) The films collected here are mostly alphabetical, except this one. If you want to chart Jasmine’s moles and freckles, every one of them, here you go. There are almost no other examples of Jasmine totally naked.

She narrates a greeting, in a bit of an Eastern European accent,  then strips slowly—a red top, tight jeans, black bra, and finally, pattern knickers. (She loves odd colored knickers.)  Long curled redish hair here.  She poses and postures with a stripper’s assurance. Bend-overs, pussy shots, no holds barred.

’Acting Like a Bitch’ Reviewed with the ‘Jodie’ collection of XEROTICS.

’After School Detention’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Jasmine with Miss Smith; there aren’t too many female-dominant scenes with Ms. Lau. She plays a marvelous schoolgirl here, thin and very much not the sultry insouciant student she often plays.

After the prototype scolding, Jasmine, her boater perched in place, bends over the desk, skirt up, perfect white lace panties soon down. Standard handspanking and slippering of one of the perfect bottoms.

Jasmine rises, skirt tucked, hands on head. Full screen rub. Can we assist? More slippering over the desk. Elegant.

with Agean (M/f; time: 20 minutes) Jasmine (he calls her ‘Miss Lau’) is a blonde here, in full schooly kit. She sits at a table in what looks like a hallway, reviewing her school violations  with Agean. She takes her school blazer off. The camera catches nifty and colorful zebra shoes, but unauthorized. OTK, skirt up, those print panties can’t be permissible either. “You may need Matron to deal with your bottom.” “My bottom?”

A mild handspanking begins. Agean takes the panties down and all the way off. “Why do you have to pull my pants down?”  We love how girls help with this. She kneels on a chair for the strap and shows us some puss. When she dresses at the conclusion, she covers up. She gets a note to return to class. Next time the cane.

Bad Report/A Strapped Bottom’  (M/f; time: 20 minutes) ‘Jasmine,’ another stunning redhead with the pale complexion so coveted in the CP industry, is featured here. She has long curly red hair and a heavy Irish/Scottish accent. so familiar among the Glasgow spanking community. She is fussing around in the kitchen, in gray sweater (jumper), blouse, tie, and school skirt.

Her ‘uncle’ or guardian, the ubiquitous XEROTICS guy ‘Peters,’ has received a letter from school. She has done some physical damage there and also has very bad grades. The guy is going to call the school to discuss the charge, but Jasmine begs him not to. She’ll accept his punishment.

He will spank her now, before school, let her sit on it all day, then spank her when she comes home. He raises her skirt and carefully lowers her panties while she faces him. OTK, Jasmine flashes a pencil-thin Mohawk. Naughty girl. “By the end of today you are going to have a very sore bottom.” After this initial spanking, he helps her to pull up her panties. We don’t recall seeing this reverse assistance often. Just who is naughty here?

FADE. Home from school. He has the strap, for the “thrashing of your life.” “Please, not with that. It is very painful.” But first, she must work at the sink, do the dishes, pants off, bare bottom. Nice.

Over a chair for handspanking warmup then the strap. Hand-on-head for 20 minutes, then off to bed.

’Caned for Masturbation’ (F/f; time: 19 minutes) SPANKINGSARAH. A bit out of character for the  XEROTICS flavor, but the naughty Ms Lau excels. She is naked here, wearing a blond wig, and masturbating.

Sarah Stern catches her and will paddle her. She kneels up on a chair  and soon is a nice pink. She reaches between her legs and keeps masturbating. Sarah shows her a cane and we catch a view of the most fastidious Mohawk shave, which must take daily care. The cane  looks like a large plastic straw. She leans on a small mantel to formalize things.

Caning for Jasmine’ Reviewed separately. And a favorite.

Caught and Caned by Mother’  (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Jasmine, with long red hair here,  very  nice, sits in conversation with Elizabeth Simpson. She wears pink top and denim shorts. After a long scolding, Jasmine drops her own shorts and pulls down her panties, slowly enough that she seems hesitant. She is faintly red already. She bends over—really, this is the perfect bottom. She bends for the cane. Do we see some vaginal jewelry? Then up the stairs, bare bottom. 

Chastisement of a Catholic Schoolgirl’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Jasmine as a blonde here, with Miss Smith. She is in schoolgirl grey, spankable and disheveled. Sweater, tie, blouse, boater. Smith takes her OTK and pulls down her regulation maroon knickers. That boater stays in place. Conventional handspanking.

Mild bruises, surprising for such moderate stuff. Hands on head, Jasmine inspects her bottom while Smith fetches a strap. A mild whipping, then Jasmine stands on a bench to display her bottom.

’With Colin’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Colin spanks Jasmine in the library of the ‘Mansion’ this actor often appears in. Jasmine is in full kit, including blazer. OTK, panties down, bend over a chair for a strap.

’Delinquent Jasmine’ (M/f; time: 21 minutes) Peters hears on the phone that Jasmine is in trouble at school. After a dissolve, dark redhead Jasmine enters, wearing a football jersey and jeans. Very sexy. After a long scolding, the spanking starts at 10 minutes. She objects. “Now that I’m eighteen….” “It’s not that you haven’t had your butt spanked before, do you want to be a deadhead?”

Jasmine drops her jeans and Peters pulls down her blue panties, in order for a nice look at her Mohawk trim. She gets out of her shoes, panties, and jeans and makes a neat pile. OTK, More frontals. Peters does his specialty of prying her legs open. Long closeups— the film celebrates the model’s marvelous body.

Dishonest Schoolgirl’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) Peters is having a long discussion with Jasmine, who sits on a couch on her beautiful bottom, all dressed up in schoolie kit. Peters searches her bookbag and must find something.  OTK, skirt off, white panties down, clothes gradually coming off. She is protected by a long and loose blouse. Jasmine opens her legs, as she likes to do, Zoom on her charms, is she excited? 

When she stands, she positions for a leisurely look at her mohawk. Peters points to her pubic hair, not to mention her clever shave. “You’re an adult.” Hands on head at the couch for handspanking and the strap. Lovely facials. She is sent off carrying her clothes. 

‘Harsh Consequences’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Jasmine in her long red hair, full kit of  grey sweater, blouse, tie, blue kilt. After the usual long scolding and the sullen smirk from Jasmine, she drops her kilt and Simpson assists in attacking the panties. OTK.

After a bit, Jasmine stands and takes off the rest of her clothes. She is not naked often  her in CP films, not so her full porn films. Nice Mohawk frontals, OTK again for a slipper. Simpson  urges her legs open. She gathers her clothes and leaves naked, looking back with a forlorn expression. Very British.

Inspecting the Knickers’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) Another lucky find! Peters gets to exercise his favorite fetish and Jasmine Lau is nearly as naughty as permitted. We see her masturbating in bed, in just top and knickers. Peters spies her and interrupts.

Instead of going directly to a spanking, Peters has her stand on the bed, while he pulls her knickers down for a long and detailed frontal. He admires her pubic trim and that she is growing up. She confesses that she was in fact masturbating. 

OTK, knickers down, she is only a bit pink, maybe traces of a few faded cane strokes. Handspanking and hairbrush. She is allowed to rub and stand.

Peters has her kneel on all fours on the bed, head down. He reminds her that this is the submissive position for the “act of procreation.” Jasmine opens her legs a bit for this hardcore shot. She gets the strap and apologies on each stroke. Peters wants her dry and makes her touch her vagina during the strapping and show him she is not wet. She will be inspected every morning. One of Ms. Lau’s most naughty. 

‘The Interviews’ (M/2f; time: 4 minutes) Jasmine and Cathy (1) have just finished making a film(s) with Colin Baxter and Miss Svenson.  They are interviewed by Peters from off screen. The girls have heavy Scottish on Welsh accents. Jasmine had the most trouble with the cane;  for Cathy, it was the hairbrush. The girls drop their pants and show their bottoms; Colin takes a very close look. Not really that tough a day, it appears. Applause  from the crew. 

’Jasmine’s Bare Bottom Spanking’ (M/f; time: time: 14 minutes) Jasmine, scruffy but spankable in her gray schoolgirl kit, sits at an electronic keyboard and synthesizer, tinkering with it with evident inexperience. Peters catches her. Not what she should be doing.

He takes her OTK immediately. White panties down to start, the way Peters likes to do it. Standard handspanking. We do believe her bottom is mostly clear. Peters shows her what seem to be soiled knickers.

Peters has her lean over, hands on a chair, for his belt. Jasmine’s   bottom is full screen for most of the film, mixed with her pretty face.

Jasmine Finds A Hairbrush Has More Than One Use’ SOUNDPUNISHMENT. (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Reminds us of the vintage BLUSHES concept of ‘what bottoms are for,’ and Jasmine Lau would certainly be one of our choices for a research volunteer.

She appears here with Agean on a familiar STRAND set. She has longer dark hair here and wears a red top and a white mini skirt. And white heels. Agean takes her OTK, panties down. After a handspanking, he leaves to get the hairbrush. She steps out of her panties and leans over the couch for a routine spanking with the brush.

‘Jasmine Spanks’ (f; time: 11 minutes) SPANKINGSARAH.  She wears a long blond wig here and does a simple striptease on a bed, POV style. Panties tossed away, legs spread, self-spanking. Mr. Stern makes an appearance but plays no role. 

‘Jasmine-Spanked For Cash’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) REDSTRIPE/STRAND. The producer made a few in a series on this theme. Cash-strapped girls go to a sort of loan shark, in the person of Sarah Stern. Credit checks are done. In addition to weekly visits for repayment, spankings will be administered to encourage saving and for general attitude maintenance. 

Jasmine Lau  (“Miss Lau”) applies for a loan to Stern. She needs a car, she has no credit, and a credit check found 6000 pds owed and some defaults. Stern explains the procedure, including the “discipline” phase. “What do you mean discipline…a spanking, really, now?” After a moment of equivocation, Jasmine accepts. 

Jasmine goes OTK. She wears denim shorts and a string top. Stern likes her shorts. “They shape your bottom quite nicely.” Both actresses can ad lib quite cogently. Stern reaches under to unfasten the shorts and manages to get them down. Just a little red g-string. All bare bottom. “Nice and red already.” 

Stern spanks fairly hard. Jasmine is good with uncorny gasping. Stern takes the g-string down, just for the “humiliation.” When Jasmine is allowed up, we have a leisurely frontal of her mohawk. 

‘Spanking SG’ (f; time: 5 minutes) Easy money for Ms. Lau, and a celebration of her sexy beauty. She is simply doing a reverse strip tease here, putting on schoolgirl clothes. Lovely white knickers, blouse, kilt, tie. We don’t see her bottom, so that she could have been soundly spanker earlier. The set is just a disorganized corner of the studio. Jasmine is the bouquet. 

’Jasmine SG Strip’ (f; time: 9 minutes) A more pornographic film by this model. She is not spanked here, but if there is something you need to know about her, this is the best XEROTICS film to consult.

Jasmine sits alone on the carpeted steps of one of those baronial staircases. She is in full schoolgirl kit, including blazer. A crew member is seen for a moment. He is not going to watch. He can see the rushes.

Jasmine slowly writhes and strips on the stairs. Her splayed legs signal what is coming. She narrates as she strips, but we don’t need to listen. This camera angle makes her look tall and thin, and when, at the end, the regulation knickers come off, her bottom is spectacular going  up the stairs. Naked and wonderful.

’Jasmine Expelled’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Jasmine frets and waits for Peters. She plays with herself. She has been expelled from school. Peters is furious. “Do you know how much it costs?” No girl ever knows. “You know what this means, don’t you?” British girls know that!

The scene is the low ceiling garret bedroom, the set for any number of spanking films. Peters takes her pants down ever so slowly. He starts her with a standing handspanking, then OTK.  Peters is loving this. Skirt off, her great little shave.

Onto pillows on the bed for the cane. About 12 strokes, rather harder than you see at XEROTICS. Given the set and slightly different direction, this film may have been made in Scotland.

’Jasmine Masturbates Naughty Secretary’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes)Title is confusing.  Agean catches Jasmine masturbating while she is doing her homework in detention. She is a blonde here, in her usual sloppy state, with that errant lock of hair. She drops her skirt to display nylons and garters and a black thong. Agean gets her OTK and spanks her with a ruler, legs spread. He takes her panties down, and to complete her day, gives her a jolly good frig.

’Jasmine Hates Homework’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Colin catches Jasmine playing with herself instead of doing homework. You’d think an efficient girl could do both. She is sweet in full schoolgirl kit—sweater, blouse, tie, kilt.

Why are there so many dissolves in this short film? It made it easier to segue from room to room, and maybe there were some spanking problems. After some discussion, Jasmine drops her skirt and panties and goes OTK. Such a perfect and tight little bottom on this model.

Colin has  collection of canes. Jasmine is sent off to continue her work, bare bottom. We remember those BLUSHES and ROUE films where the schoolgirl’s bottom peeked out from the chair. During the scene changes, Jasmine keeps pulling her blouse down in front. Mild caning, a lot of rubbing.

‘Jasmine-Interview/Audition’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Blonde (here)  Jasmine sits with Agean, very confident and self-assured, not a giggling ingenue. She wears ripped jeans and a jersey top. She likes spanking, and a boyfriend spanked her very recently.

Agean wants her to put on a schoolgirl uniform as part of her interview. She strips to bra and purple knickers. After sitting to pull on knee socks, Agean asks if she is wearing any “personal jewelry.” She pulls down her knickers for a frontal to show she is not. A schoolgirl blouse next—she laughs about trouble with the buttons. Necktie and pinafore over her head next. 

Agean slaps her bottom. “A shame about the color,” referring to the unusual panties. He had not brought a schoolgirl pair for her. He takes her OTK for a conventional handspanking, knickers down, a bit of pink. Jasmine is eager to spread her thighs for pussy shots. Agean fondles and notices she is wet. Long handspanking, after which she stands for a corner display. Agean completes by prying open her buttocks. 

Jasmine-medical’(M/f; time: 22 minutes) Schoolgirl Jasmine, in kit and boater, is sent to Agean, who seems to be playing the school doctor here. This scene would have been so much more fun if XEROTICS could have sprung for an infirmary setup, but they don’t do that. And there is so much you could do to Jasmine.

At least Agean has a stethoscope. “I’ll have to give you a full examination.” Would that it were so. A flicker of apprehension crosses Jasmine’s pretty face. Boater, tie, and skirt must come off. “Why?” Blouse off. “Why?” Jasmine admits to having been drinking and smoking marijuana. “You need to be punished, young lady, my hand on your bottom.” Jasmine has transitioned to the ‘Yes, Doctor’ phase.

”Take your bra off.” “Why? You’re only going to spank me.” Panties down. “Really?” Agean spreads her bottom cheeks and pussy. “I want to see if you have been naughty this weekend. I can’t tell from your vagina.” Agean himself is more naughty in this film than usual. He strokes her labia. “I want to see if you are aroused. I think you are.”

First, a handspanking to get her pink. She touches toes, he fondles. She dresses and makes promises. She was lucky. Not so if we had been the director. 

‘Jasmine’s OTK’ (F/f; 8 minutes) Our favorites together. Jodie Carnel is interviewing Jasmine. Both girls are beautifully made up and dressed. The lighting is perfect. “Well Jasmine, what do you think?” She has just made “quite a few shoots…I have been spanked all day.” Jodie asks to  see Jasmine’s bottom. She drop her jeans and Jodie rubs. “That’s lovely.” 

Jodie also bares her bottom. She has had a busy day too, she is more red. Jasmine steps out of her jeans and Jodie gives her a mild, caressing handspanking. The girls giggle through it, belying their other personas as hardcore porn actresses.

”Do you think you’ll be letting your boyfriend spank you when you get home?” “Definitely.” Spanking continues. Jodie: “Spread your legs.” The camera zooms right in. For some reason, Jasmine can’t resist glancing at the camera. After the interview, she sits down  again, bare bottom. “I love it.” 


‘Jasmine strips solo’ (f; time: 6 minutes) “Hi, my name is Jasmine Lau and I’m going to strip all my clothes off and show you my bare bottom.” And she does, and a lot more. To a jazz soundtrack she begins on her schoolgirl outfit. Skirt off, print panties on display. Blouse and tie off, white bra, some schoolgirl! Bra off, pert nipples. She wiggles her bottom. Hand between her legs. She steps out of her knickers and plays with herself full screen.

‘Jasmine’s Wet Bottom’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) The devastating schoolgirl Ms. Lau sits on a staircase, knees apart, rubbing her crotch. She wears all dark hair here. Peters comes along. She has been reported for trouble in school. Ms. Lau is one of the inveterate schoolgirl trouble makers. “You’re going to get a damn good hiding.”

Jasmine has a problem. Her knickers are wet. “I had an accident.” Peters make her take them off and hands them over. He wrings them out and then decorates the newel post with them. He takes her OTK and does his specialty, spreading her legs wide to show her pussy. And you know Ms. Lau doesn’t mind. He sends  her off and she goes upstairs, the camera following, very nicely done indeed.

‘Jodie and Jasmine’ Reviewed in the Jodie collection, because Jasmine is the Top here.

‘Lazy Maid’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) ENGLISHSPANKERS. A bit of an odd film, which appears to have been thrown together because Jasmine’s flight was delayed. Sarah Stern catches her maid Jasmine on the phone, feet up. Jasmine wears very long blond hair here, maybe a wig, but that we always say is not our focus.

Jasmine takes a long scolding, then Sarah takes a paddle out of a nearby cabinet. Lots of facials for lovely Jasmine. The spanking will take place in a corridor, at a doorway. It is an odd set selection, because Sarah will be constricted from getting a good swing at Jasmine’s bottom, and the camera will be equally challenged. 

The paddling begins on her conservative black working skirt. No room for a proper backswing. Skirt up, black pantyhose, closeups of this famous hardworking tush. Sarah takes the knickers down then rips open the pantyhose. Lovely concluding spanking, bottom closeups, excellent lighting, and camera angles contribute to our observation that Ms. Lau may in fact have a bubble butt. 

Lottery Winner’(M/f; time: 14 minutes) An edgy Jasmine  Lau here, where she leaves her schoolgirl persona in tatters. She narrates in the film POV style. She admits in the past she liked “screwing a lot of men and loving hard cock sex.” Goodness, Ms. Lau!

She shows a large rabbit dildo and begins spanking herself, showing a slipper, strap, hairbrush, and other implements. She takes her shorts off and shows off a lacy black thong. She takes the thong down and shows plenty of puss.

Dissolve. Peters comes on-screen. Jasmine takes her top off and now wears only a bra. He continues spanking with a crop. She looks very aroused from this bend-over angle. She hands Peters a cane to complete this erotic self-punishment.

‘No Christmas in England’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) A rare find for us—we thought we had all of Jasmine’s XEROTICS work. It seems she is visiting Peters over the Christmas holidays. It is not her first visit, and she has been spanked before for house violations. She sits alone on a couch in her pink nighty-night things and takes to masturbating. Quite a sight.

Peters peeks in, and while he pretends disgust, he can’t quite take his eyes off the scene, which depicts just how much of a model Ms. Lau became. Peters explains the values of the house and the consequences. “What do you mean ‘a damn good thrashing?’” The marvelous expression on her face—she knows, she was warned on her last visit. 

After a long scolding, Peters takes down her pink shorts, but this time WE get the frontal. OTK, Peters immediately has his knee between her legs. Routine spanking and hairbrush. Lots of puss. They hug. Peters is going to keep her knickers, in case she didn’t know what this was all about. 

’Oh no, Not the Hairbrush’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Jasmine and Sophie sit at the kitchen table on the country house set. Both are in full schoolgirl kit, including blazers. They know they are going to be spanked and this time with the hairbrush. Sophie gets the brush out of a drawer and they look at it. “That really stings.”  

After a segue, Colin  Baxter enters. They apologize for not turning the stereo down, even after several requests. Nothing works with the girls, so it will be “sterner measures.” The models seem a bit amused by the dialogue. The girls stand and take off their blazers, then reach under their kilts to pull down their knickers. 

Both girls have been spanked recently. Jasmine gets a handspanking and the hairbrush. Rather mild. Sophie gets the same. 

‘Return to Discipline’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Peters is on the phone with Jasmine’s parents. She has been fighting and broke a girl’s arm. Peters on the phone: “If it was up to me I’d give her a damn good thrashing.” But corporal punishment is outlawed. The parents fax him permission. It must done off-hours and off school grounds. See ‘The Disciplinarian’ by  JANUS for the nonpareil classic on this theme.

Jasmine calls on him, hears her fate. She wears schoolgirl kit and has dark hair here, another of her hair styles in her body of work. When Peters shows her the cane, she winces and touches her bottom, but the camera missed it. 

He shows her— hands on sofa, red skirt up, regulation full knickers. Handspanking first, then Peters pulls the knickers down, explaining this is the way it must be done. Remember—this is private quarters. He canes her, only moderately hard, 8 strokes shown. She lets out some profanity, a trait of Ms. Lau. She is allowed to rub at the conclusion.

’School Uniforms’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Peters with a more red headed Jasmine here. She has been sent to him for uniform violations. He schedules her for a spanking later in the day.

Later, Jasmine reports and first signs a waiver. After a scolding, a standing handspanking. “Touch your toes.” He pulls her panties down so slowly, by increments. He, and we, love this. She finishes the job and strips them off. Very kinky. She gasps through the spanking and sign an acknowledgement of acceptance.

’SOL Interview’ (F/2f; time: 8 minutes) An exciting find. Miss Smith with two of our favorite models, Jodie Carnel and Jasmine Lau. Both girls wear jeans and string tops and are elegantly coiffed and made up. The girls glisten in the lights.

Smith discusses their last spanking films. They enjoyed them. She wants to see their bottoms. Each girl in turn pulls down her jeans and the other two examine her bottom, as if it were an engagement ring.

Smith will spank them both. “I’ll go first,” says Jasmine, and pulls down her very tight jeans, maneuvering to prevent the thong from coming down too. Facing us, she takes down the yellow thong to flash the naughtiest little Mohawk strip you we ever see. Cute standard spanking.

Jodie next. She is shaved. Wonderful. Peters must have been operating the camera and congratulates them.

Spanked Before Bed-Slippered Before School’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) Jasmine getting a scolding from Agean. OTK, then Jasmine stands to drop her denim skirt. Red  panties she wears so well. OTK again. He takes the knickers down—there’s that consistently perfect Mohawk. After her spanking, we follow her bare bottom up to her bedroom, where she strips naked for bed. But it’s still light outside, snow on the ground.

In the morning, nightie off, naked again. Her girlie show a major part of this film. She puts on her school clothes and heads downstairs. The morning spanking: kilt up, Agean takes down her white panties and gives her the slipper. Bottom mostly full screen. Ms. Lau can pull this off. Before school, the slippering concludes with her kneeling on the couch.

’Speeding Ticket’ (M/2f; time: 13 minutes) Jasmine  and another girl sit on a couch. Jasmine answers the door. It is ‘Colin,’ dressed as a policeman, but in a rather silly uniform, more like a security guard. The set might be the ‘mansion’ Colin always seems to appear in.

The girls were speeding and Colin is here to enforce the infraction. There are numerous good CP videos of helpless girls being visited by the police. Amelia Jane Rutherford comes to mind, having lost her knickers to Authority on a number of occasions. 

After a long scolding, the spankings will start.  Both girls must drop their pants first. Jasmine is the first OTK. She wears just the tiniest thong and she is slightly pink already.  But very nice, a professional bottom. There are actually some faded cane marks. The second girl gets the same spanking. Jasmine displays her bottom in the background.

Fhe girls kneel on the couch, adjusting their thongs for modesty. Colin moves from bottom to bottom, handspanking.

‘Strapped Before Breakfast’ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Colin with Jasmine and another girl in the domestic setting he often appeared in. Jasmine wears just a T-shirt and panties, and a second girl wears a top and jeans. Colin wears a dressing gown over clothes.

Looks like a pre-breakfast spanking. Jasmine strips naked, not too happy about it, but  lovely. OTK. There are faint cane marks. The second girl drops her jeans and panties while she waits her turn. Mild handspanking. Some Mohawk shots. The second girl is spanked, and naked Jasmine must watch facing us. The camera pans her slowly.

The girls then get a heavy doubled leather belt. They will lie flat on a long hassock, Russian style. Mild, it would have to be with this belt. Lovely views of perfect Jasmine up her legs. Bottoms to the wall on parade. Rubbing.

’Suspended from School’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Peters will scold Jasmine. She has been caught drinking. She wears full schoolie kit. Skirt up, she drops her white panties for a handspanking over a chair. Then she kneels erect on a bench for a doubled belt.

’Teenager Needs A Hard Strapping’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Not sure this is Jasmine. The set is the kitchen of the ‘mansion.’ Colin Baxter confronts Jasmine. She wears the full schoolgirl kit, including blazer. She has been suspended from school for a few days, so Colin will spank her every day and make her study, sitting on a sore bottom.

Colin is debonair in hound’s tooth jacket and ascot. He has Jasmine bend over a chair. He pulls down her white panties. Certainly looks like Ms. Lau. Over the chair for the strap for the rest of the film. Not much more acting, just taking the pain.

‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Two girls in choir robes, Cathy and Jasmine Lau. Colin is fully garbed as a priest. The set is one of the rooms in what we call the ‘mansion.’ Colin is reading the folio Bible. These two girls are going to receive some attention probably not found in any diocese policy manual. The girls struggle not to laugh at the cheesy setup. 

The girls stand in front of him and raise their robes to display black knickers. The girls kneel and pray, then stand. Colin drops Jasmine’s knickers, getting his faceful of her charms. OTK, handspanking. Cathy is facing us, her knickers down. Shaved. She holds the  Bible and awaits her turn. Cathy goes OTK, Jasmine faces us frontal. 

Bottoms on parade, and perfect camera angle catches these two swelling nates. Just perfect. Cathy will bend over for a moderate tawsing. Somehow, Jasmine avoids this. 

‘Thrashed and Sent to Bed’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) The stunning Jasmine, with ‘Peters’ here. The director must have shared our fetish for pale redheaded British girls, because the camera will caress her here.

Jasmine seems to be living in Peters’ house. He has searched her room, which is a “pigsty,” and she continues to chew gum after repeated warnings. “We’ve got to revert to some old fashioned methods. You know what that means.”  “Unfortunately, yes.”  Peters pulls down her skirt and panties to her knees, without a peep from her. Surely one of the most perfect bottoms on the planet, and clear and pale. She has a wispy landing strip pubic style, which the camera (and Peters) will catch several times.

Jasmine must stand bare bottom to think. “It’s embarrassing.” Long bottom holds. Today, she’ll get the slipper, but first an OTK handspanking start. Up, hands on the couch for the slipper, panties puddle to the floor. Hair off face. This model can stop the show.

’Return to Discipline’  (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Jasmine, brunette here, has gotten in trouble at school. She broke a girl’s arm in a fight in the dorm. Peters receives the report from Jasmine’s mother on a long phone call and manages to turn the conversation to suggest a “damned good thrashing.” It must be done off school grounds, and Peters needs a waiver faxed to him. He’ll call back and report how it went.

Jasmine is called in. Peters flourishes his cane, which makes Jasmine  reflexively cover her bottom. Nice. “There is no point in touching your bottom.” After some scolding, where she accepts her spanking fate, her maroon regulation knickers come down for a handspanking and 8 strokes of the cane, repeated.There are a number of edits here. Can’t imagine Ms. Lau was having a tough time.

’Schoolgirl Fights’ (F/2f; time: 14 minutes) Miss Smith has had to break up a fight between Jodie and Jasmine, who is a blonde here. “You’re both going to be thrashed.” “Thrashed?” “Spanked.” They know what that means.

‘touch test’ (f; time: 12 minutes) Probably not the title. A nudie show from Jasmine. She is alone here, strips, and masturbates. Kneels on a desk, legs spread. 

‘Tummy Troubles’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) A release in affiliation with SPANKINGONLINE. Jasmine’s parents are waiting up for her. The mother may be Miss Lina. When she comes home, she is still in school uniform. Now what could she have been doing all this time dressed like that?

Jasmine complains of a stomach ache. If this were LUPUS, the enema bag would come out. Not here. After being sent to the toilet, Jasmine is spanked by both parents. Agean spanks first, but he is lefthanded and her bottom is on the wrong side. Rather than start the scene over, Lina takes his place.

Untidy Bedroom’ (M/f;  time: 15 minutes) Jasmine lolls on a bed in an untidy room, a role  she plays often and well. Peters enters and scolds her. He keeps a cane hung on the outside of her bedroom door. She is a brunette/redhead here, long facials for this striking model. Peters has brought a cane—the spanking begins halfway through the film. She kneels over on the bed, Peters pulls her panties down.

Some handspanking before she lies on a pillow for the cane. Moderate caning the rest of the way.

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