When Spanking Was in Fashion – SHADOWLANE

8 Jan

M/f; year: 2008; time: 57 minutes

‘Keith Jones’ and ‘Vivian Sweet’ are a couple, older to be sure than casting at REALSPANKINGS and GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL.

Keith obtained a difficult Valentine’s Day dinner reservation and warns Vivian to be home on time to go. She arrives home an hour late and doesn’t answer cell calls. She has been shopping, $300′ worth of lingerie, “for us, for later tonight.” They’ve missed the reservation; Vivian will model her purchase, and Keith will spank his way through her fashion show.

The first outfit–a little white backless nightie or sundress. OTK, skirt up, matching white thong. Cute squirming; typical playful SHADOWLANE spanking.

The next outfit–a pink negligee and similar thong. Bottom getting some color.

A purple nightie, and skimpier. OTK again, then over the table for a slapper.

A short red ensemble, matching panties, Panties down, some pussy here.

And finally, a red polka dot teddy, garters, white stockings. Bend-over for the strap, and the cane.

Keith carries her off to the bedroom; we assume that if Butch Simms had played this role, he would have stayed on-stage to complete the task.

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