Amelia Jane Rutherford Outtakes – STRICTLYENGLISH

14 Jan

time: 45 minutes

STRICTLYENGLISH found their filmings of Ms. Rutherford so bountiful and popular that they released outtakes and various segments of cast down-time from a number of their ‘Volumes’ and ‘Spanking Channel’ segments. Here are four different scenes, featuring one or another of the attending male SE staff; the suggestion is that the camera is kept rolling during dressing scenes and breaks. This film would be of no interest unless you share our fascination with the skills and assets of Ms. Rutherford.

In the first scene, between spankings, Amelia poses for the still photography available at SE, as the crew chats; panties up and down, bratty poses; ‘Professor Templeton’ is on hand.

Amelia changes costumes and there is a spider on the ceiling; she strips to just panties and puts on the outfit seen in the first set of outtakes. The men hover about the set–it is interesting to repeat that all her male counterparts are older guys, stockholders, we have always assumed. In this segment, in ad lib, she claims that she has begun her first blog.

A long nude scene; some lengthy frontal exposure; as one would imagine, Amelia is quite comfortable buck naked in front of the crew. Still shots, modeling poses.

And last, a nude scene after a caning, where she is taking a close look at the stripes she earned.

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