Getting Her Car Back – SPANKEDCHEEKS

14 Jan

F/f; time: 24 minutes

A fun theme found occasionally in the corporal punishment genre; law enforcement takes the opportunity to spank lawbreakers. We know by now that most girls will take a spanking rather than have their fathers or husbands become involved.

Amelia escorts a female meter maid, Sarah Stern, into her home. She has been caught parking on yellow lines. Amelia is bouncy in a tennis dress with a striped top and flared white skirt. The female officer, in a convincing uniform, opens her briefcase and fills out the violation papers . The fine is 100 pds, which surprises both Amelia and us. But there’s more, there always is–the fine print in a new parking law requires the officer to administer corporal punishment before the boot can be removed from Amelia’s car.

Amelia does her indignant look; the officer has the documentation on the language of the law. She needs her car. “OK, do the ‘corporal’ thing.” “You will go over my knee until your bottom is nice and red and then two dozen with each of these implements”–she has pulled out a tawse and two paddles from her briefcase, which Amelia has noticed with some alarm.

Another aspect of the law–Amelia’s clothes must come off. After another pause, she pulls her one-piece tennis dress over her head, and as usual wears no bra, just little white bikini panties. “And the knickers too.” “That’s what the government says?” She stands naked, full frontal, hold that pose. We guess the meter maid has seen her share of beaver.

Amelia goes OTK and as usual her bottom soars. There is a long warm up handspanking. Amelia then kneels on a chair and is prodded to thrust her bottom out for 24 from the tawse, with the requirement to count and thank the officer.

Then 24 from a round embossed leather paddle and yet 24 more from a larger paddle. Bottom full screen. We were amused to see the elapsed time on a wall clock was about the same as the length of the film.

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