Rival Girls – MOOD

14 Jan

time: 34 minutes

Three competitive and dishy girls debate boyfriends won, lost, scuttled, stolen. Blond ‘Christina’ and brunette ‘Esther’ decide to hide cigarettes in ‘Monica’s’ belongings. Headmaster ‘Maximilian Lomp’ enters and finds the pack. No debate. Monica is ordered to “prepare for punishment.”

The girls know what to do. A box is put on the bed, covered with a pillow. Monica strips below the waist and is tied down over the box by her two roommates. Christina pulls down her thong and rucks up her skirt to her shoulders to expose her back. Now she is ready, Lomp arrives. “Fifty strokes” of the cane, he announces. And Monica takes it in–she doesn’t even smoke.

Christine must keep count; Lomp’s aim is wild, as it often is, and her position on the high box on the bed is a bit too high for him to get at the upper portions of her buttocks. The girls help her dress, which is painful for her, a depiction we often wonder why we don’t see more of, pulling those jeans up or tight panties back on.

Lomp probably expected a conspiracy, or at least to spank three bottoms this day, so he inspects the other girls’ belongings and finds the opened cigarette carton. Christina will “strip to the skin.” Monica is allowed to do the caning, 50 strokes, and not hard, despite Lomp’s urging.

We noticed both girls’ bottoms were salved during their canings, between takes.

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