S is for Spank

16 Jan

M/f; time: 25 minutes

A German film we have yet to identify, featuring an actress who might be named ‘Julia Reaves.’

A male teacher or tutor is on the phone, while Julia works at her studies in the next room. The tutor comes in to see her, hiding a cane behind his back. Blond Julia fidgets in front of him; she is suspicious and probably knows how the rest of her visit might play out.

Wherever she is doing or has done, it has not been good enough. Julia is made to stand, raise her skirt, and lower her panties. Snap-snap with the cane. Hands-on-couch, more harmless caning.

Julia falls on her knees in front of him, not a good place to be. She pulls up her top to display her breasts. The tutor helps himself. She stands again and the camera zooms on her fuzzy front. More bend-over for the cane. He fondles Julia, she is helpless.

We don’t understand German, but she is being encouraged–she reaches to check his cock through his trousers. A bit more caning is applied to keep her interested in the task at hand. He drops his trousers; Julia finds something going on in his shorts, he pulls them down so she can get started.

She does a good job of being hesitant and maybe not so familiar with how to do a blowjob. She is able to bring him to orgasm, and finds herself a little distressed at the mess of the money shot.

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