Amelia Jane Rutherford at AAA SPANKING

19 Jan

Another of the famous British CP stars this producer ‘ John Osborne’ managed to book for his studio  We have found 11 of her films here. There are more. Historically, these AAA films occur at two intervals after her introduction at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL. Ms. Rutherford continues to pull off the schoolgirl thing into her thirties (and forties). The era here is about coincident with the first work at FIRMHAND, and then later, we guess. We’ll amend as we learn.

Amelia Naked’ OTK'(M/f; time: 12 minutes) Blond pigtailed Amelia sits on a single brass bed, in a simple little housedress. She is as deadly here as you will ever see her. One of our very favorite films from her huge oeuvre. The housedress should be in the British Museum. Actor ‘John Osborne,'(Triple A identifies all the actors in its films) wakes her up. She was flirting at a party and will be spanked for that. 

OTK first, dress up, conventional white panties, appropriate for this domestic scene and not the diva knickers she wore so frequently later. Osborne takes what looks like an IPhone out of his pocket, which may date the film. Panties down, she resists, but not too much. When the knickers reach her ankles, he wants them off.

“Remove the dress…let’s see how clever you are now.” She stands naked, a fuzzy pubic front, not carefully trimmed in this film. She gets spanked naked, routine but deadly gorgeous. And she concludes with one of her signature poses, sitting on her haunches, naked. This film presents Ms. Rutherford in nearly the most sexy postures we have seen, and there is quite a lot to choose from.

Amelia and Sarah’ (MF/2f; time: 18 minutes) Our copy of this film opens with a jolt. Amelia is spanking Sarah Gregory. Both are starkers.  The girls are laughing. There are only two three instances of AJR as a Top.

John Osborne enters. “What the hell are you doing in here?” He is carrying a strap. The girls sit naked on the couch. He announces he is going to “play with straps,” and proceeds to spank and strap both girls. Lots of pink flesh to fill the screen. A simple but entertaining film.

‘Amelia Strapped and Caned’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Amelia is naked and splayed across an X-trestle, bottom high on a raised center and blanket. No other model can match this pose, although we would have liked, say, Samantha Woodley, to give it a try.

Varied angles on this view. We couldn’t stop with the screenshots. Strap and cane. Faceless male.

Bad Volleyball‘ (M/2f; time: 21 minutes) Amelia and Molly Malone stretch in their volleyball outfits–tight little red shorts and gymslips. This would certainly fill the bleachers. This is the earlier Amelia at Triple A. Coach John Osborne enters and his first concern is the girls’ shorts, rolled up to make them even more provocative. He’s had complaints.

Through carelessness, they have lost a match. “There is only one thing to do with stupid girls like you.” Osborne has a ‘slipper’ at hand, which just evokes laughter. The girls assume the frisk position at the wall, and he pulls down their shorts, to squeals. Gorgeous sight.

Some slippering and bend-overs, some frontal glimpses as the girls move around, although Amelia covers up. She rubs full-screen.

“I’ve got something special for you.” “What can he do that would be worse than that?” the girls wonder. But we know. The Cane. Each girl touches toes, first for three strokes on the shorts then 6 on the bare. “Legs apart.”

Amelia is distressed. “You’ve made lines!” That will keep the shorts in place.

Bath Time Bullies‘ (3F; time: 30 minutes) The longest film we have found at Triple A so far; it is set in a bathtub, perched in front of picture windows looking out on a resort and the sea, maybe the Caribbean or Hawaiian Islands. The three actresses are experienced CP practicioners at this point.

Amelia is alone in the bubble bath, but is soon joined and disturbed by a naked ‘Joelle Barros.’ Joelle gets in the tub, much to the displeasure of Amelia, who wants her regal privacy. Joelle expresses a playful lesbian interest.

‘Sarah Gregory’ arrives, also naked, and quite buxom at this point in her career. She climbs into the tub, teasing Amelia with her estimable boobs. Amelia’s assets are sufficient so that she should not be jealous. The girls tease each other and flaunt their sexuality.

Amelia is distressed by all this company. Sarah encourages Joelle to lie over the edge of the tub for a playful spanking. One advantage, of course, to three girls in a tub. All bottoms will be wet. Joelle and Sarah become impatient with Amelia’s fussy selfish mood. She needs an attitude adjustment, haughty girl. Now she will get a spanking.

The girls play lesbian games with each other and threaten to involve Amelia. “It’s either your vagina or your bottom.” Amelia feigns disgust of all this–not her image, etc. They finally maneuver her into a spanking position on the tub edge, a posture in which she can pose her magnificent hips. The girls rub their target. A large fading bruise is seen on Amelia’s right buttock, a vestige of previous films, which we believe we have noted. And she has her latter-day beaver shaving style.

A lot of spanking and splashing goes on. Amelia remarks that this action “is not a shoot.” Why there is a reference to a camera at the tub we didn’t get. The three girls play with the hand sprayer.

Sarah and Joelle want to flick Amelia’s nipples, and make reference to her bondage film-making life. Amelia keeps calling for “John…John,” a reference we assume to John Osborne, the Triple A webmaster, and probably off-screen here.

Christmas 2012‘ (M/2f; 22 minutes) Another long film for Triple A, with Amelia, Molly Malone, and ‘Dodgy Dave.’ The three sit around a Christmas tree setting. Dave is going to give the girls a “Christmas spanking,” which doesn’t seem to bother them very much.

Dodgy Dave is a little guy, marginally an ageplay guy. Amelia looms over him on the couch, looking a foot taller. Webmaster Osborne will be careful not to depict this height difference.

Amelia will be spanked first, willingly OTK, pajama pants down, no panties. A silly handspanking, long and chatty, but colorful as always. Molly checks the heat developing on her bottom.

Molly is spanked next; she hasn’t worn panties either. Dave uses a heavy paddle and strap n addition to the handspankng. Amelia is quite amused.

Amelia is spanked again, paddle and strap.

The trio exchanges gifts. The girls are given school kilts, way too short for anything but the bedroom. They try them on, including white regulation panties. More spanking on the couch, bare bottom. Dave’s gift is to be permitted to play with these two bottoms.

Not Safe For Work‘ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Amelia is caught watching porn spanking films, on her office computer, by her boss ‘Molly Malone.” “I’m not sure I am paying you for this.”

This is Malone’s chance, though. She takes Amelia OTK right there at her work station. “We’ll see how sexy you think spanking is.” Skirt up, black panbties trimmed in white, Malone pulls the panties down ever so slowly. “Your bottom is getting as pink as the yound ladies on the screen over there.”

“Stand up. Remove your underwear.” “What?” Hands-on-chair, Malone happens to have a tawse handy in the office. Mild but colorful spanking. Amelia will be made to remain bent-over bare bottom for 30 minutes, with the suggestion that employees might pass by.

A Requested Spanking‘ (F/f; time:9 minutes) With ‘Joelle Barros.’ A ‘member’ has requested Amelia be spanked in the ‘wheelbarrow’ position, which she is not too keen on, knowing how vulnerable and provocatively exposing the posture is. We have found the wheelbarrow stance used mostly in erotic depiction, certainly not traditional discipline. “Whatever member wanted this must be depraved.”

Most of the camera angles are over Joelle’s shoulder into Amelia’s crotch, where the gusset of her leotard will preserve her modesty, surely not whatever ‘member’ wanted. Joelle spanks and teases, toying with the crotch leotard cloth. Amelia wails in her melodramatic style. “This is too stupid. I never want to see this video.”

Silly banter. Amelia is ticklish, sort of odd for a model who has had her bottom whipped in many settings. She doesn’t like Joelle “squeezing.” We’ve puzzled–Amelia is older here, making films for AAA over a period of time.

Secretive Spankers‘ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) An exterior frolic. Amelia and Molly Malone walk through the Fall woods, not too far from civilization, because at the end of the video we are treated to traffic noises and sirens.

The girls stop at a tree and Molly leans Amelia against it and begins spanking her on flowered panties. Amelia is a vision of clashing color–striped jersey, different striped skirt, the floral knickers, and knee socks. Amelia is amused. “I love it.” Malone takes her panties down.

A man comes along, actor ‘John Osborne.’ This is good, the girls are trespassing, and after some discussion and debate, the girls agree to continue the spanking from him rather than the police. Amelia has yanked her knickers back up. He will spank Malone first, who herself wears colorful floral knickers.

Amelia argues with John. “We’re kinky. But you have no excuse.” When he pulls Malone’s panties down, both girls gasp. Amelia: “Molly’s the domme. You can’t just to that,” explaining why they were in the woods.

Osborne spanks both bottoms side by side as they lean against trees. You can’t help but think how charmingly innocent this is compared to what happens to peasant girls in the woods in Russian CP films.

Showered and Spanked‘ (M/f; time:11 minutes) ‘John Osborne’ rouses a sleeping ‘Amelia Jane’ from sleep. He wants to know if she has showered. She has been up, gone to the gym, and is back in bed. She wears colorful checked two-piece pajamas, an intentionally cunning choice for a CP film.

Despite her protests, he drags her out of bed and begins spanking. “You must be suppressing some homo-erotic something…I’m clean. I’m clean.” Osborne uses a small sole paddle he has brought with him, thick enough to sting all the more. Amelia yells that he is only satisfying his own fixations. OK with us.

Pajama bottoms down, no panties. Amelia is all bottom, and again spectacular. Closeups of the spanking.

Osborne drags her to the shower. She has pulled her bottoms back up. He soaks her with a hand sprayer in the tub, an erotic scene, because you know the pj’s will have to come off. “You’ve gone mental,” she shouts.

Pajamas come off, a lot of dialogue, sexy frontals as she poses in the tub.

Spanked for Sunbathing‘ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Amelia splits from tennis practice and sunbathes in the nude on the lawn of a country estate. She is naked most of the film, which is mostly a showcase of her body, making it one of our favorites.

John Osborne catches her–she is embarrassed, but not too much so. TRIPLE A does a nice job of handling the exterior shots–the glamour of a screen filled with pink skin in the bright sunlight. There are distant traffic noises, but no low-flying planes, like we have been amused by in a few CALSTAR exteriors. The spanking is conventional, Amelia whines a bit much, but there is enough here that the audio is even necessary.

Spanking Therapy‘ (M/2f; time: 13 minutes) Amelia and Molly Malone loll on a bed, watching spanking films on a laptop, and wearing naughty lingerie underwear. The actor John Osborne enters, and he is upset by having a bad day. The  girls decide to present him with two beautiful bottoms to play with, to cheer him up.

Osborne climbs on the bed and joins in. Molly is spanked first, on net panties. Amelia is the next to lie over his lap. It may be the lighting or the postures, but she looks bigger and older here. She wears a simple little bra and a G-string, with garter belt.

A small bath brush materializes and it zings Amelia. “God,” she cries, “why does anyone like this?” Molly to get the brush next. He spanks both girls and is surely feeling better by now.

Sweary Owl‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Amelia wears a complicated and expensive cheerleader’s uniform, not your garden variety fetish store item. Again she looks older here; she has been caught with a little owl doll which issues profanity when it is squeezed. Amelia finds it all quite amusing, but actor John Osborne is going to disabuse her of that.

OTK she goes, conventional and appropriate white knickers underneath. He begins spanking. Amelia declares, “Everyone know you spank…like you are obsessed with it.” Down with the panties. “You’re going to be treated like a little girl.” Hair brush materializes. A lot of squawking from Amelia here. Some frontal glimpses and revealing shots when she kneels up on the bench. Hold on that bottom to conclude.

‘Training for Punishment’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Zoe Page circles around Amelia, who kneels on all fours spread on a commercial spanking trestle. Long blond curly hair is kept of her face. High bottom always, this device spreads the knees. Lots of facial. Handspanking first, a strap will be coming. AJR on display.

Unwanted Friend‘ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) Amelia and Molly Malone, in schoolgirl kit, including backpacks this time, gambol home from school on foot, in a tony neighborhood, as opposed to those rural settings in Russian CP where the schoolgirls are going to end up with nettles in their panties. The girls tussle a little; they’re friends but now go to different schools.

Into Amelia’s house, the camera follows their white panties upskirt upstairs. Into Amelia’s room, the single brass bed we have seen before, and rather sparse furnishings for an adventurous schoolgirl.

Father John Osborne breaks up a fight between the two girls and will spank them both. Both girls bend over the brass bedstead. We should have noted before, Ms. Malone is actually a little taller than Amelia, the only actress we’ve seen who could compare. Height and bottom relate.

Skirts up, Osborne delivers standard spankings on their white panties and then on the bare with his hand, a strap, and a hairbrush. He leaves them on display at the conclusion of the film.

Upskirt Aunt Meets Her Match‘ (F/f; time:  7 minutes) Amelia (curly blond and glasses here) is being spanked bare bottom and yelling up a storm. She has been flirting with her sister-in-law Elizabeth’s son. Elizabeth does not like her developingfetish tendencies in her son. Amelia hands over a hairbrush–more loud squawks. Yellow skirt, flower top.

Wheelbarrow‘ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Amelia and Molly again, both in white blouses, plaid kilts, and knee socks. They have done everything else for spanking positions, now they will try the ‘wheelbarrow.’ Descriptions of AAASPANKING suggest webmaster Osborne was enamored of this position.

We have always thought this an American phenomenon, more erotic than disciplinary, and definitely embarrassing for a reluctant girl. The spankee lies at right angles over the lap of the spanker, straddling her adversary’s body with her legs, and supporting herself with hands on the floor. This spreads her legs, so that a camera shot over the spanker’s shoulder is totally revealing when panties are absent.

Amelia crawls into position with Molly. She is very aware of how exposed she is. “I feel really trapped.” Her white panties will remain in place–she has never taken to extreme exposure in any of her films. Molly does press a little during the spanking. “I’ll give you a little wedgy.” Nervous laughter. Fingernails gently on bare skin. Some hairbrush.

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