Santiago Prison – MOOD

21 Jan

F/5f; year: 2006; time: 43 minutes

Girls are passing through Customs and flirting with the inspectors; an observing supervisor receives a call–the girls are suspected of something and will be searched more carefully. That is always good news in a CP film. Quickly enough, cocaine is found in a teddy bear.

The first girl gets a strip search, including the rubber glove treatment.

The girls are move to prison; we open on a cell scene, where actress ‘Jessica Lee’ is also incarcerated, but she is the domina in this space. The new girls are brought in; everyone wears heavy denim outfits. Jessica begins to tussle with the new girls immediately.

Female guards enter the cell, break up the cat fight, take one prisoner away to solitary, and string her up naked. Lee seems to have access, because she sneaks into the solitary cell and puts a small snake around the naked strung-up girl’s neck.

FADE. Another prisoner is describing to the new girls a whipping he received last week. Flashback. Te prisoner is strung between two bunks and given fifty cane strokes.

FADE. Te girl in Solitary is let down. She is dead, either by the snake or from fright.

FADE. Lee rats on the other prisoners–they were planning an escape. They will be caned until someone tells the details of the escape and who was the leader. Four naked girls get 50 strokes each, kneeling on the platform with the raised center bar. When the guards start the second round of caning with the first girl, she confesses.

We are going to clear up a small backlog of MOOD films and move on. The plots are repetitive and the discipline, however staged, too violent to be erotic for us.

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