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Breaking Amy – RAVENHILL

25 Feb

M/f; time: 20 minutes

An unusual film from RAVENHILL, probably made by someone else for their distribution. The entire film is a closeup of brunette ‘Amy,’ that is, mostly of her bottom, being given the full treatment on a brass bed.

In the opening scene, she is manacled with straps by wrists and ankles to the bed frame, writhing on her stomach. A faceless male straps and paddles her bare bottom as she wriggles to avoid him. He waits for his target to come undulate within range. Mostly bare skin, just a thong.

He releases her ankles and directs her to get up on her knees, legs spread. He squats on the bed, straddling her head, and spanks her bottom reaching over her back.

He shifts her to lie on her back, into the diaper position, for the strap. This film is as much about bondage and struggling as it is about corporal punishment. But she is getting a workout and is begging an apology for whatever she has done.

Amy is back on her knees again, the faceless spanker is giving her some hard frigs and then works in a dildo, which she takes control of so his hands can be free to whip her bottom. Quite hot, all in all.

A Brother’s Advice – SHADOWLANE

25 Feb

2M/2f; time: 56 minutes

‘Harrison Dell’ and ‘Gino Colletti’ chat. Gino has trouble with his girlfriend ‘Angie’s’ tantrums. Harrison is Angie’s brother and explains their parents dealt with her moods with a strap, and successfully. Here we go, exposition complete.

Blond ‘Angie Sunshine’ and ‘Tricia Morrow’ play the girlfriends. The couples play a form of Trivial Pursuit board game. Angie throws a faux-fit when she loses her turn, and Gino seizes this opportunity to apply his newly conceived spanking regime. OTK she goes, silly protests. Tricia and Harrison quickly move the game table out of the way to facilitate camera angles. Standard spanking, skirt up, black lace panties down, a Las Vegas bottom. Faux struggle. Puss shots. Gino is proud to display her bottom and the redness he has achieved.

FADE to Harrison and Tricia in the bedroom; they were both turned on by watching Angie being spanked. Tricia would like to try it; they shift to a seat at the foot of the bed; standard OTK spanking, skirt up, pantyhose and panties down.

To preserve the tradition, he wants her to stand against the drapes corner-style while he gets the hairbrush, but she is the naughty minx and takes off her top, puts her panties on, and is waiting for him on her haunches on the bed. He has the opportunity for feigned anger and the spanking continues. Panties down again; reposition over pillows for a doubled belt. She counts out the last ten, and they hug and should be ready for whatever comes next.

Bedroom Discipline – SHADOWLANE

25 Feb

M/f; year: 2002; Time: 1 hr 3 minutes
More slightly mature actors from SHADOWLANE. ‘Marnie Reeves’ greets her husband ‘Arthur Sire’ in just a blue teddy. She works at an “S&M” club and has received a warning from her boss about about something–she is misbehaving “wantonly” with customers. Wonder how ‘wanton’ is defined if you work in such a club? You’d think such behavior would merit a bonus.

Rather than go out to dinner, Arthur wants to stay home. He has found a bag of spanking implements Marnie has collected and he knows about the wanton warning. He can do the math. “I should have a talk with you.” He takes her OTK, which does not seem strange to her. “You can’t solve everything with a spanking, Arthur.” Recommended to give it a try, though.

She stands for the first spanking; then kneels up on a long hassock, a piece of furniture with a clear use when found in an adult film, she gets a strap and some playful bastinado. We’ll play along with the plot–why would a girl who works in an S&M club want or be affected by another spanking at home? Arthur gets the teddy gusset out of the way for some frigging. That probably doesn’t happen at the club. Hairbrush spanking.

Teddy unsnapped and rolled up; frigging, teasing with implements; straddle the hassock cowgirl style. Up onto the bed, kneeling for more frigging. None of this is punishment. Arthur teases with a cane. We wish he would turn up the intensity.

Marnie must change into a “punishment outfit” Arthur has for her, a sort of sky-blue baby doll set. “We’ll go to the club after I have warmed up your panties.” Normal spanking–Marnie is quite exposed on the bed. Arthur lubes her vagina.

DISSOLVE. A spanking bench has been positioned, a commercial model we have described before. A padded body-length platform, and more leather-padded positions for elbows and knees. Hooks and eyes for restraints also, but Marnie is having a high old time and is a volunteer. She lies in place, bent forward like a bare-ass bareback cowgirl rider. Arthur is wearing garden gloves for some reason, but switches to latex so he can lube the right places.

Tension certainly builds. Spanking, frigging. Arthur works a dildo into her vagina, then switches it out with the handle of a hairbrush. The dildo goes into her lubed anus, without a struggle. Marnie climbs off the bench, holding the dildo in place and assumes the diaper posture on the repositioned hassock. She masturbates furiously while Arthur works the dildo. This must have worked.

British Discipline #1 – XEROTICS

21 Feb

M/f; time: 41 minutes

‘Cleaner Gets It’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Actress ‘Heather Stanton’ is caught with a very sloppy kitchen. She gets a scolding from one of the male disciplinarians who will be seen in this series and other XEROTICS distributions.

Heather must kneel on a leather chair, in the painted cinder block room used in so many of these films. Handspanking on her denim skirt, then white panties, and on the bare. Puss winks. Miss Stanton is good with the frontals in all her work. Cute, tight little bottom, well-filmed with good light and sound. She’s got a little tramp stamp we will keep track of.

‘Ladies Finishing School’ (M/f; time:15 minutes) Heather plays a student here; these films are probably early in her XEROTICS collection. Her hair is dark here, and she appears gaunt and thin, and a bit drab on the cosmetics side. But this does add to her plausibility.
XEROTICS regular ‘Agean’ is the disciplinarian here, in schoolmaster’s robes.

He takes her OTK and spanks on her pleated school skirt, then on white panties, then on the bare. Camera shots from the rear are not reticent about showing her jewels.

Heather has to bend over for a short session with the paddle and cane. She is not shy about twirling for us, nude and shaved.

‘Stanton’s Toilet Troubles’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Heather runs back and forth to pee in a bathroom adjacent to the studio set used for most of these films.

Whatever her problem is, it won’t prevent her being spanked. She drops her jeans and little boyshorts, shows us some puss, and gets a spanking OTK. She is allowed to rub and pull her buttocks apart. Onto the chair for the leather paddle.


21 Feb

F/2f; year: 2002; time: 60 minutes

Prototype stuff from SHADOWLANE, a film made with some of their regular actresses, and because they are generally older girls from some part of the Las Vegas scene, present and past, director Eve Howard is forced to struggle to make the schoolgirl thing plausible.

‘Candice Cayne’ plays headmistress ‘Miss Winthrop,’ and the two schoolgirls are ‘Ava Barton’ as ‘Ana’ and ‘Mina,’ both well beyond postgraduate unless this is a remedial adult program.

Ana and Mina have a silly cat fight and Ana begins spanking Mina, before Winthrop arrives and breaks it up. Why not, since they were doing it, she will spank both of them.

Brunette Ana goes OTK first, skirt up, white panties, a long and uneventful spanking. As is often the case with these headmistresses, she shows unusual interest in the girls’ bottoms. Panties down; Mina leans over the action watching eagerly. Maybe this is a remedial school. Doesn’t she know she is next?

Mina next OTK; red lace panties match a lacy top. She gets the same lengthy spanking. Winthrop has a leather paddle within reach, then a heart-shaped wood paddle.

FADE. The girls are being spanked again, together, and this time wearing lingerie.

First Hand Experience – CALSTAR

19 Feb

MF/2f; time: 55 minutes

‘Marcey’ calls to answer a personal advertisement. She would like to be given a spanking. She soon knocks at ‘Joan’s’ apartment. Joan and her husband advertise to give spankings. The actress can’t resist glancing at the camera now and then. Marcey admits she fantasizes about spanking–she has her costumes–a nurse, maid, schoolgirl; and she was turned on by spankings from a headmaster and then a boyfriend.

Joan will give her a starter spanking and suggests her husband does it much harder and recommends an appointment with him next week. Marcey wears a tight red knit dress. OTK, hem of dress up, nothing but a thong, and a big wide feminine bottom. “You have such a nice round bottom.” We guess that if you put an ad in the newspaper you eventually see a lot of bottoms.

ild handspanking. Thong down, bend-over for s flogger. Marcey is squealing with ecstasy. “My husband hits even harder.” (We certainly hope so.) In these American films, a hard smack is always appreciated.

Dissolve to the second scene. Joan’s husband ‘Barry’ sits at his desk. Another girl, ‘Sheila,’ stops by, for her “Monday night.” She is an attractive curly-haired brunette. This is some marriage between Joan and Barry.

Barry requires Sheila to undress in front of him and put on the “little girl” attire he hands her, white panties and a white cut-off gymslip. She doesn’t seem to be embarrassed to be naked in front of him on these Monday nights. He takes her OTK, panties down, then she sits up on his lap while he fondles her. In this position, he smacks the soles of her feet when she extends her legs.

Some hugs, panties up. Some conversation–Barry doesn’t like it that Sheila has a boyfriend. More spanking in the standing position, panties back down. Fondling. OTK again. Sheila is a cute morsel. She hands over her panties and top, giving us a nice fuzzy frontal view, and puts on her street clothes again. For fun, Barry has Sheila sit and wiggle on her bottom to see what it feels like.

The third scene–Marcey has returned for her appointment with Barry. Handshakes. She is wearing a black cocktail dress. Wife Joan will attend, Marcey kneels on a chair, dress hem up, white thong, she is spanked in this posture. Joan takes the thong down, more of a G-string. Marcey now wears only a silly teddy. She kneels on the floor and leans over a table. The teddy comes off, and she tries to cover up.

Sitting in a chair facing us, Joan holds her hands over her head, Barry flogs her bare belly, asking her if she has ever had her belly smacked. Marcey has to hold s strap in her mouth, with the resulting muffled gasps, and it helps to keep from laughing. Since her bare feet are available, Barry adds a little bastinado.

She stands,quite naked, Joan holds her still, Barry crops here and there. OTK again, then back onto the chair, fondling. Time for naked Marcey to dress and leave. Nothing too harsh here, they want her to come back soon.


19 Feb

“F/2f; year: 2009; time: 60 minutes

Two Chelsea Pfeiffer sessions packaged here; the first with spanking model/celebrity ‘Abigail Whittaker,’ who chats with Chelsea in front of the usual cloth-draped couch. “Nice to meet you and get to know your bottom.” Abi laughs nervously as they discuss the spanking to come. “i’m a little nervous about that.”

Chelsea adjusts Abi carefully over her lap on the length of the couch and begins a long and slow handspanking on her blue-striped summer halter dress. The girls converse as the spanking proceeds. Hem of the dress up carefully, beige dotted  panties. Panties down, some pussy winks, not all that frequent from Abi. The camera pans the spanking implements available to Chelsea which have appeared on the glass coffee table.

It is a mild spanking by most standards, a big long-handled bath brush creates some of the first stress. Abi stands and removes her dress and is naked, another rarity in her films we have seen, She has a nifty little adolescent figure which will serve her well as the years go by.

Chelsea continues the spanking with a black leather paddle, then large, thin heart-shaped paddle, and a little harder. Abi is standing now, naked, for more spanking, the camera pans a frontal closeup, the thinnest wisp of a landing strip. the film becomes a testimony to her lithe body. Chelsea uses a leather strap here.

Abi dresses slowly, bottom to us. Chelsea provides a mirror for her to see any damage. “Not that bad,” encourages Chelsea. “It was nice to be spanked by you.”  “That’s a wrap.”

The second 30 minutes, ‘Chelsea Spanks Amy Hunter.’ The girls chat; Chelsea introduces Amy as a “star of the Northern Spanking site.” Amy has been spanked a few times, by her “boyfriend.”

OTK, knee socks and plaid kilt. Hem up, blue star-pattern panties down, handspanking, hairbrush, then standing for a strap, several paddles and a cane. Hugs and smiles to conclude.

‘Chelsea and Abi’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) A simple little exercise between Chelsea Pfeiffer and Abi Whittaker they could have made over someone’s lunch hour. Abi plays ‘Beverly.’ She is going to punished by her ‘Aunt Chelsea.’  Ms. Pfeiffer does look older here, but with that tight little bottom, Ms. Whittaker always remains the ingénue.

“You are not going to spank me. I’m in college now.” OTK she goes, she is wearing a wide pink party skirt, white blouse, black-and-white shoes, hair ribbons, and we soon see, spiffy white panties. A tidy spanking on that nifty little bare bottom, very much in the ‘Rosaleen Young’ image here. Finish off with the hairbrush. Memorable Ms. Whittaker.

‘Chelsea and Christy Cutie’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) The big redhead, who takes and gives out much more than a spanking in many films, is spanked in the ‘Spanking Ranch’ setting. She is an unsatisfactory employee.

OTK, skirt up, facial-design panties down. Even though Ms. Pfeiffer clearly loves it, she says, “There are better ways to keep your job.” Slow spanking, excellent facials and overheads, a “red hot reminder,” they call it.