One Man and His Cane – MOONGLOW

4 Feb

M/f; time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

An historic collection of 13 clips from old  MOONGLOW films, made by the late ‘John Kirwood’ during his time at MOONGLOW from 1995 to 2002, or so. He was, to read the blogs, a beloved producer, director, and spanker, who could apparently appease competitive female bottoms to produce memorable work. In most cases, we have not been able to find these early films. There are few male participants in the CP trade to challenge his sardonic sense of humor.

‘Beaten by the Abbot’ (6 minutes) Kirwood wears his wizard robe and pointed cap, a comic outfit the girls must have squealed at. He has a peasant girl, ‘Anna’ (June Yates), naked over a chair for a caning, for having stolen apples. This might have been an excerpt from ‘Misadventures of St. Joan.’

‘The Cane and the Girlfriend’ (WO7)(6 minutes) An older girl strips naked and is caned over a bed, in just her boots. Minimal faces, note the tattoo of her right buttock.

‘The Cane and the Pretty Lodger’ (W07,old WO2)(6+ minutes) A naked ‘Alison Payne,’ one of her several screen names, and just stunning here in our judgment. Love that absolutely untouched pubic thatch. She kneels on a chair, in just heels, for a memorable caning.

‘Caned by the Abbot’ (7 minutes) (1997) Kirwood canes a naked auburn-haired girl in his same costume; not much facial from the girl. ‘Miss Arc’ appears on the edge of the shot; is this also a part of ‘Misadventures of St. Joan’?

‘Flogging of Lady Bogner’ (12 minutes) An excerpt from ‘Two More From the Crop,’ where a baroness is flogged bare-bottom by the manageress of a restaurant for trying to duck out on her bill. Chef John Kirwood halts the punishment of one of his prized customers.

‘Caning of Manageress’ (12 minutes) Kirwood takes the pants off his restaurant manager for flogging Baroness Bogner.

‘Flatmates Discipline’ (W06 old WO7) (12 minutes) Actress ‘Lucy Bailey’ kneels naked in the Winchester position for the cane. Kirwood, in his ‘Gardener Mudstock’ role, is caned by him in his bathrobe. Another suggestion of the ‘flasher’ image he used. Another girl watches.

‘Gardener Mudstock and the Squire’s Daughter’ (4 minutes) A short-haired, slightly older girl strips naked for Kirwood, in a flannel shirt here. Brief caning.

‘Karen is Soundly Cropped’ (6 minutes) Kirwood canes a faceless naked girl, bent almost double over a chair, so that her buttocks shine in the studio lights.

‘Mark Anthony (sic) Beats the Maid’ (7 minutes) A male in Roman toga and some armor canes a naked girl on the faux-panel MG set.

‘Mark Anthony Beats Octavia’ (9 minutes) A stunning blonde takes off her tunic for the centurion, for a naked caning. She is one of those models who, after a short spanking, should receive some other sort of attention.

Lucy Bailey, excerpts from ‘Marriage Guidance’: Almost 20 minutes of Lucy receiving her bare-bottom training in a parlor room setting in front of another couple.

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