Alison’s Beatings – MOONGLOW

11 Feb

Time: 2 hours
One of our collected treasures. Numerous clips of the actress/model ‘Alison Payne,’ one of a number of screen names she used. We have praised her work often enough. Some of these clips we can identify, others are little jewels maybe discarded by MG, and some are from three or four films cited in MOONGLOW archives we absolutely can’t find.

‘The Taming of Pauline’ (5 minutes) A brief BDSM segment, made in the tradition of the films–Alison struggling alone in silence. He hands are tied behind her back and she squirms on a bed, face down, in black undies. A male enters, roughs her up gently, unties her, and spanks briefly.

‘Pauline in the Barn’ (6 minutes) More BDSM; Alison squirms, tied up, on hay bales.

“Pauline Punished for Gambling’ (4 minutes) More aggressive and appealing BDSM; Alison is naked here and stung up by her ankles by elaborate chain pulleys certainly primarily used for a less exciting purpose. Most of the process is shown, not skipped over, all the more erotic. Her tormentor pinches her nipples. Ms. Payne is rarely seen more exposed.

‘New Treatment For Tardiness’ (8 minutes) A male has tied Alison to a captain’s chair with a rope around her waist and strung through her crotch, in the crack, which he tightens to her groans. He spreads her legs and tapes them to a spreader bar. Wrists are taped to the bar later and a piece of duct tape cross her mouth completes the scene.

Alison is wearing a leotard here; in more aggressive porn she would be naked and under greater stress.

‘The Spanked Barmaid’ (14 minutes) Excerpts from a CALSTAR distribution ‘Caught on Camera’; cash-skimming barmaids, reviewed in full on this site. Here is a male boss who enjoys taking the pants off his employees.

‘Tracey’s Office Spanking’ (9 minutes) An excerpt from ‘Caned Secretaries’; Alison loses her pants to her boss.

‘The Nosey Maid’ (sic) (2 minutes) Alison slippered very hard in closeup.

‘The Doctor’s Receptionist’ (1 minute) More closeup spanking, some bruises.

‘Extract From Two Dads, Two Spankings’ (4 minutes) Deadly cute Alison taken OTK in a bedroom by a faceless male. Cunning white lace panties are bunched. Actress ‘Jenny Close’ watches, wearing very little. Alison gets a vigorous handspanking and the sole. Classic red bottom. Need to find this film.

‘The Beating of Barmaids’ (11 minutes) Another excerpt from ‘Caught on Camera.’

‘The Beating of Alison DeBrat’ (12 minutes) Alison Payne is getting spanked by a faceless disciplinarian, who holds a punishment log dated 1993. Alison is caned on her jeans, spread across pillows on a table. She assists by pulling her own jeans and panties down–noticeable welts.

Another bend-over, bare bottom for the sole, and a rare clear bottom.

Over a table, pleated skirt up, white panties down for the cane. She jumps at the pain; instant lines.

A scene from ‘Condomania,’ Alison kneels naked in front of a bed; Kirwood canes her. Very hard; difficult to imagine she likes this, or that he doesn’t.

‘Growing Up’ (18 minutes) Part of ‘Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire,’ one of Ms. Payne’s earliest and most entertaining, reputedly made with her boyfriend at the time. She has been made to pull out an old school uniform and is dragged to a for-hire headmaster for some retro school discipline. She is not providing her husband  some spousal service. What could that be? Her performance behavior here will serve as a prototype of just what should be done for a naughty bottom.

’12 Strokes After the Disco (4 minutes) Alison and ‘Jenny Close’ get the cane for staying out late and pull up their disco skirts to see how bad the marks are.

‘Poor Studies, Beaten Bottom’ (7 minutes) Alison takes a sexy caning from a professorial type; neat white lace panties; she can twitch under the cane without peer; which she takes her panties down, she assists. Frisk at the wall, legs spread.

‘Tracey Beaten By Her Boss’ (16 minutes) Another excerpt from ‘Caned Secretaries’; Alison is quite comfortable to drop her panties in the office in front of her boss. She has begun shaving. He can’t resist a rub and reminds her of some of the oral sex she witnessed.

The Irish actor in ‘Caned Secretaries’ canes Alison in front of another couple, another secretary from the office and an male confederate of his. This particular girl has been more willing than Alison and the boys want to encourage her. After the caning, the group wants to see the results on her bare bottom.

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