12 Feb

We hope we have been clear in any number of reviews. ‘Peter Schober’ at SPANKINSERVER  produced the most inventive and erotic spanking situations.

‘Debbie’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) One of the great erotic themes. Blond Debbie is strung up naked, and wrapped in Saran wrap. He whips her, first cutting the wrap away from her bottom and gradually peeling it down.

‘Ines’ (M/f; time: xx) Peter will torment a smashing brunette, whose saucy demeanor reminds us of Sara Jane Hamilton of the British vintage era. Peter brings her into the cell room area and locks her arms behind her through the cell bars.

Peter unbuttons her red blouse and removes it. No bra. Lovely boobs. Just little cutoff denim shorts remain.  Peter spreads aloe on her boobs, which looks as about much fun as anything coming up. He is going to whip her boobs, a market for which he must have established. He goes to work with a simple lash. That she doesn’t like it might not cover it.

Lovely exercise. We would have liked to see the shorts dropped and she bend over, but P4F doesn’t do that.

’Miela’ (F/f; time: 3 minutes) A more mature ( we mean older) Helen will use a stick on a beautiful statuesque stunner  blonde. The set is a balcony walkway, not the studio in which the vast  majority of P4F were made.

Miela bends over a shaky looking rail. Her tiny mini dress rides up without help. Helen whips with a flat spanking stick. Miela struggles immediately. The action stops and Miela strips naked— just the dress, bra, and blue transparent panties. She jumps at each stick stroke and tries to rub. Plenty of puss. Glorious girl. These balcony bend-overs always permit good facials during the action.

‘Tiffany’ (M/f; time: 58 minutes) Webmaster ‘Peter Schober’ has fun with a brassy Vegas-type showgirl blonde, who has surely done a major dye job on her hair, if you could find any other hair to compare it to.

He will whip and torment Tiffany in six episodes. In the first scene, he gets out of a recreational vehicle, handcuffs Tiffany’s wrists to the roof rack. and flogs her front, bra off, dramatic stuff. The SpankingServer-related sites have always featured frontal whipping.

In the second episode, Tiffany is sweeping up in a wrecked industrial building, the kind of set BDSM producers covet. She is in a skimpy little outfit and heels. Not exactly work clothes. Peter takes the broom away from her, she looked quite uncomfortable with it anyway, puts a dog collar around her neck, and fastens her bending over to metal frames.

He flips up her tiny skirt–no panties. He uses a martinet on this lovely target—then a thin stick. Closeups.

Third, in the bright sunlight, Tiffany gambols in a deadly bikini and heels, the girl was born to be configured for this. Peter cuffs her wrists behind her back and crops her bottom. Bikini bottom off, top flipped up, she stumbles around trying to avoid his lash and birches.

Next, more celebration of Tiffany’s body. She has been strung up between two posts in the shed mentioned above, lingerie top and bikini bottoms. Peter teases her with a whip and martinet and works off the little wisps of clothing she wears.

The camera does find the thinnest landing strip between her legs.

More; Tiffany climbs onto a flatbed trailer in another tiny bikini. Peter climbs up and joins her, whipping her with a strap. Pussy shots. He walks her by the hand to another venue, bikini off for the tawse and a wooden spoon. She lies down for the whip, front and back.

And last, Tiffany is naked, handcuffed to a captain’s chair, knees spread, blindfolded, and gagged, a very entertaining BDSM pose, especially now that we know her so well. Plenty of front for Peter to slap with a crop.

Two girls’ (F/f; time: 2 minutes) A unusual film for SPANKINGSERVER. Two tall and gorgeous blondes, showgirl types, totally naked, and totally shaved. Peter Schober will watch as the girls play ‘horse’ to see who will spank who. One girl kneels and the  other girl stands over her, straddling, and paddles her vertically. Not hard but colorful.

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