Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanks Amelia Jane Rutherford, Molly Matthews, and Angela Ryan

14 Feb

F/3f; year: 2008; time: 60 minutes

Chelsea Pfeiffer narrates, sitting with a very young ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford.’ who was kind of enough to answer her summons. We have reviewed just the extracted AJR portion of this film elsewhere.

Youthful Amelia wears jeans and a yellow top and giggles when it is time to start the spanking portion of the film. Enough with the explication. OTK, squeals, jeans down, white panties with floral lace trim. Again, Ms. Rutherford always excels in the panty department. Amelia is proud to show that her bra is part of a matching set.

The simple and playful, conversational spanking proceeds. There is a collection of spanking implements on the glass coffee table. Amelia sits up, the girls chat, then Amelia takes off all her clothes. Just spectacular, worth a year’s subscription. Hands on couch for paddling, Ms. Rutherford permitted some frontal closeups here.

Thirty minutes of this, then the second section with Molly and Angela. Angela converses first, girlish chatter and nervous laughter. She is spanked first, skirt off. Then Molly, red skirt up, white panties, the camera quickly avoids a frontal and they keep rolling. Angela adds some smacks.

Angela again, Chelsea sees to her black panties this time. Molly again, back and forth with the girls, various implements. There will be no tears today. Two cute nude girls, some brief hits with a triple-cane, a few welts. Lots of hugging.

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