First Hand Experience – CALSTAR

19 Feb

MF/2f; time: 55 minutes

‘Marcey’ calls to answer a personal advertisement. She would like to be given a spanking. She soon knocks at ‘Joan’s’ apartment. Joan and her husband advertise to give spankings. The actress can’t resist glancing at the camera now and then. Marcey admits she fantasizes about spanking–she has her costumes–a nurse, maid, schoolgirl; and she was turned on by spankings from a headmaster and then a boyfriend.

Joan will give her a starter spanking and suggests her husband does it much harder and recommends an appointment with him next week. Marcey wears a tight red knit dress. OTK, hem of dress up, nothing but a thong, and a big wide feminine bottom. “You have such a nice round bottom.” We guess that if you put an ad in the newspaper you eventually see a lot of bottoms.

ild handspanking. Thong down, bend-over for s flogger. Marcey is squealing with ecstasy. “My husband hits even harder.” (We certainly hope so.) In these American films, a hard smack is always appreciated.

Dissolve to the second scene. Joan’s husband ‘Barry’ sits at his desk. Another girl, ‘Sheila,’ stops by, for her “Monday night.” She is an attractive curly-haired brunette. This is some marriage between Joan and Barry.

Barry requires Sheila to undress in front of him and put on the “little girl” attire he hands her, white panties and a white cut-off gymslip. She doesn’t seem to be embarrassed to be naked in front of him on these Monday nights. He takes her OTK, panties down, then she sits up on his lap while he fondles her. In this position, he smacks the soles of her feet when she extends her legs.

Some hugs, panties up. Some conversation–Barry doesn’t like it that Sheila has a boyfriend. More spanking in the standing position, panties back down. Fondling. OTK again. Sheila is a cute morsel. She hands over her panties and top, giving us a nice fuzzy frontal view, and puts on her street clothes again. For fun, Barry has Sheila sit and wiggle on her bottom to see what it feels like.

The third scene–Marcey has returned for her appointment with Barry. Handshakes. She is wearing a black cocktail dress. Wife Joan will attend, Marcey kneels on a chair, dress hem up, white thong, she is spanked in this posture. Joan takes the thong down, more of a G-string. Marcey now wears only a silly teddy. She kneels on the floor and leans over a table. The teddy comes off, and she tries to cover up.

Sitting in a chair facing us, Joan holds her hands over her head, Barry flogs her bare belly, asking her if she has ever had her belly smacked. Marcey has to hold s strap in her mouth, with the resulting muffled gasps, and it helps to keep from laughing. Since her bare feet are available, Barry adds a little bastinado.

She stands,quite naked, Joan holds her still, Barry crops here and there. OTK again, then back onto the chair, fondling. Time for naked Marcey to dress and leave. Nothing too harsh here, they want her to come back soon.

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