British Discipline #1 – XEROTICS

21 Feb

M/f; time: 41 minutes

Ladies Finishing School’ (M/f; time:15 minutes) Heather plays a student here; these films are probably early in her XEROTICS  collection. Her hair is dark here, and she appears gaunt and thin, and a bit drab on the cosmetics side. But this does add to her plausibility.
XEROTICS regular ‘Agean’ is the disciplinarian here, in schoolmaster’s robes.

He takes her OTK and spanks on her pleated school skirt, then on white panties, then on the bare. Camera shots from the rear are not reticent about showing her jewels.

Heather has to bend over for a short session with the paddle and cane. She is not shy about twirling for us, nude and shaved.

Stantons  Toilet Troubles’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Heather runs back and forth to pee in a bathroom adjacent to the studio set used for most of these films.

Whatever her problem is, it won’t prevent her being spanked. She drops her jeans and little boyshorts, shows us some puss, and gets a spanking OTK. She is allowed to rub and pull her buttocks apart. Onto the chair for the leather paddle.

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