21 Feb

F/2f; year: 2002; time: 60 minutes

Prototype stuff from SHADOWLANE, a film made with some of their regular actresses, and because they are generally older girls from some part of the Las Vegas scene, present and past, director Eve Howard is forced to struggle to make the schoolgirl thing plausible.

‘Candice Cayne’ plays headmistress ‘Miss Winthrop,’ and the two schoolgirls are ‘Ava Barton’ as ‘Ana’ and ‘Mina,’ both well beyond postgraduate unless this is a remedial adult program.

Ana and Mina have a silly cat fight and Ana begins spanking Mina, before Winthrop arrives and breaks it up. Why not, since they were doing it, she will spank both of them.

Brunette Ana goes OTK first, skirt up, white panties, a long and uneventful spanking. As is often the case with these headmistresses, she shows unusual interest in the girls’ bottoms. Panties down; Mina leans over the action watching eagerly. Maybe this is a remedial school. Doesn’t she know she is next?

Mina next OTK; red lace panties match a lacy top. She gets the same lengthy spanking. Winthrop has a leather paddle within reach, then a heart-shaped wood paddle.

FADE. The girls are being spanked again, together, and this time wearing lingerie.

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