A Brother’s Advice – SHADOWLANE

25 Feb

2M/2f; time: 56 minutes

‘Harrison Dell’ and ‘Gino Colletti’ chat. Gino has trouble with his girlfriend ‘Angie’s’ tantrums. Harrison is Angie’s brother and explains their parents dealt with her moods with a strap, and successfully. Here we go, exposition complete.

Blond ‘Angie Sunshine’ and ‘Tricia Morrow’ play the girlfriends. The couples play a form of Trivial Pursuit board game. Angie throws a faux-fit when she loses her turn, and Gino seizes this opportunity to apply his newly conceived spanking regime. OTK she goes, silly protests. Tricia and Harrison quickly move the game table out of the way to facilitate camera angles. Standard spanking, skirt up, black lace panties down, a Las Vegas bottom. Faux struggle. Puss shots. Gino is proud to display her bottom and the redness he has achieved.

FADE to Harrison and Tricia in the bedroom; they were both turned on by watching Angie being spanked. Tricia would like to try it; they shift to a seat at the foot of the bed; standard OTK spanking, skirt up, pantyhose and panties down.

To preserve the tradition, he wants her to stand against the drapes corner-style while he gets the hairbrush, but she is the naughty minx and takes off her top, puts her panties on, and is waiting for him on her haunches on the bed. He has the opportunity for feigned anger and the spanking continues. Panties down again; reposition over pillows for a doubled belt. She counts out the last ten, and they hug and should be ready for whatever comes next.

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