Bedroom Discipline – SHADOWLANE

25 Feb

M/f; year: 2002; Time: 1 hr 3 minutes
More slightly mature actors from SHADOWLANE. ‘Marnie Reeves’ greets her husband ‘Arthur Sire’ in just a blue teddy. She works at an “S&M” club and has received a warning from her boss about about something–she is misbehaving “wantonly” with customers. Wonder how ‘wanton’ is defined if you work in such a club? You’d think such behavior would merit a bonus.

Rather than go out to dinner, Arthur wants to stay home. He has found a bag of spanking implements Marnie has collected and he knows about the wanton warning. He can do the math. “I should have a talk with you.” He takes her OTK, which does not seem strange to her. “You can’t solve everything with a spanking, Arthur.” Recommended to give it a try, though.

She stands for the first spanking; then kneels up on a long hassock, a piece of furniture with a clear use when found in an adult film, she gets a strap and some playful bastinado. We’ll play along with the plot–why would a girl who works in an S&M club want or be affected by another spanking at home? Arthur gets the teddy gusset out of the way for some frigging. That probably doesn’t happen at the club. Hairbrush spanking.

Teddy unsnapped and rolled up; frigging, teasing with implements; straddle the hassock cowgirl style. Up onto the bed, kneeling for more frigging. None of this is punishment. Arthur teases with a cane. We wish he would turn up the intensity.

Marnie must change into a “punishment outfit” Arthur has for her, a sort of sky-blue baby doll set. “We’ll go to the club after I have warmed up your panties.” Normal spanking–Marnie is quite exposed on the bed. Arthur lubes her vagina.

DISSOLVE. A spanking bench has been positioned, a commercial model we have described before. A padded body-length platform, and more leather-padded positions for elbows and knees. Hooks and eyes for restraints also, but Marnie is having a high old time and is a volunteer. She lies in place, bent forward like a bare-ass bareback cowgirl rider. Arthur is wearing garden gloves for some reason, but switches to latex so he can lube the right places.

Tension certainly builds. Spanking, frigging. Arthur works a dildo into her vagina, then switches it out with the handle of a hairbrush. The dildo goes into her lubed anus, without a struggle. Marnie climbs off the bench, holding the dildo in place and assumes the diaper posture on the repositioned hassock. She masturbates furiously while Arthur works the dildo. This must have worked.

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