Breaking Amy – RAVENHILL

25 Feb

M/f; time: 20 minutes

An unusual film from RAVENHILL, probably made by someone else for their distribution. The entire film is a closeup of brunette ‘Amy,’ that is, mostly of her bottom, being given the full treatment on a brass bed.

In the opening scene, she is manacled with straps by wrists and ankles to the bed frame, writhing on her stomach. A faceless male straps and paddles her bare bottom as she wriggles to avoid him. He waits for his target to come undulate within range. Mostly bare skin, just a thong.

He releases her ankles and directs her to get up on her knees, legs spread. He squats on the bed, straddling her head, and spanks her bottom reaching over her back.

He shifts her to lie on her back, into the diaper position, for the strap. This film is as much about bondage and struggling as it is about corporal punishment. But she is getting a workout and is begging an apology for whatever she has done.

Amy is back on her knees again, the faceless spanker is giving her some hard frigs and then works in a dildo, which she takes control of so his hands can be free to whip her bottom. Quite hot, all in all.

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