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In The Name of Love – MOOD

30 Mar

F/f; time: 55 minutes
‘Sandra,’ an investigative reporter, arranges to have herself embedded in a women’s colony, to expose suspected practices. She has called ahead and knocks on a mansion door. A topless girl greets her.

Sandra is interviewed by four topless girls. She is asked to strip naked–her clothes will be burned. Her ‘initiation’ will be tomorrow at midnight.

FADE to the initiation ceremony. There is a table-like platform with an ‘H’ frame constructed of 2×4’s. About 15 topless girls sit on their haunches as spectators, a large cast, even for MOOD. Sandra is tied to the table on her back, knees spread and ankles tied. Arms spread. A matron flogs her pussy, 50 strokes, to “purify” her. Then an electric wand on her pussy. A bizarre ritual.

One of the female spectators is singled out; she has been having “doubts”; these initiation ceremonies double as punishments for daily offenses. The girl, wearing just a burlap sarong, is tied to another frame and given 50 mild strokes of a whip,

FADE. The girls are being treated with salve in the dorm. Sandra is now looking for an opportunity to escape, but her identity has been discovered. She is taken to the platform again and strung up in the diaper position. She is hoisted so that her bottom is off the table, which exposes more cheek and expands the normally restricted striking area the diaper pose offers. 50 with a cane, and nasty.

Two more girls are caned, ‘Dionne’ and ‘Ariel,’ and even more wicked.

FADE. Sandra is out; her editor calls her and wants her to check this place called “MOOD.” Sandra smiles because she likes what is going to happen.

Best of Brandi – REALSPANKING

30 Mar

F/f; time: 60 minutes
Eight segments, some as long as 15 minutes. ‘Brandi’ is of course one of the early and popular REALSPANKING models. She is a normal looking, young and thin brunette, not a pneumatically packed Vegas dancer, all the better to receive realistic spankings.

1. Brandi sits stark naked, straight hair and glasses, knees together, on a Queen Anne chair in Masterson’s sitting room in front of the oft-filmed fireplace. Mistress Dee discusses how her spanking films are improving–she cries less and can take more. What does she like or not like? She doesn’t like the cane or thick paddles, she doesn’t like the lunge-forward or diaper positions. Makes the bottom too firm. She would prefer the RSN floppy wide strap or the ‘tear drop’ paddle. It is a long interview and she sits bare naked.

Dee takes her OTK at the fireplace, then more spanking standing, hands-on-chair. Bend over a chair, leather strap with holes, a little paddle, and a fraternity paddle. She shouldn’t have told Dee what she doesn’t like.

2. Shot from overhead, Brandi lies on a bed and is pulled into the diaper position. Full puss. Dee does the spanking.

3. Blond ‘Caroline’ and Brandi in Masterson’s office. Both girls in school uniforms. Dee arrives; both girls have brought punishment slips from classes. Both girls get the strap over the desk.

4. Brandi waits apprehensively on her bed in the RSN garret bedroom. Dee arrives and has a little chat. Brandi has been caught with a DIU offense. Dee gets a cane but will start the warmup with a strap. Dee straps her on jeans bent over the bed, then jeans down for the cane. There is a camera on the floor on the far side of the bed to catch facial views.

5. Masterson marches Brandi to the fireplace. He uses a big wood paddle, all on her jeans in this segment.

6. Brandi and another girl will be spanked by two different disciplinarians. They strip naked and are spanked OTK simultaneously, then they switch laps.

7. Masterson drags Brandi OTK at the fireplace, wrestling her jeans down. A little resistance goes a long way. Panties down, he has to hold Brandi’s wrists. Bottom on display at the mantel.

8. Brandi brings a punishment slip to Masterson. She wears a white blouse and kilt. Bend over the desk, skirt up, white panties. Floppy strap. To the corner, Brandi twitches her buttocks muscles. She rubs; back over the desk, panties down now. She is caned; excellent facials. Pose at the mantel–she must hold two canes with out-stretched arms. A lot easier than holding Russian novels, for example.

Resolved by Corporal Punishment #13 RAVENHILL

30 Mar

M/f; time: 53 minutes
More fun from the RAVENHILL boys, the inveterate spankers, who constantly communicate their joy at being able to access female bottoms, and seem continually amazed that they can pull it off. Graphics have improved as we reach volume #13,

‘Yvonne’ has agreed to avoid a lawsuit for party damages to her rental apartment by accepting the spanking process at RAVENHILL INSTITUTE. Webmaster ‘Tierre Ainese’ greets her, here in jacket and tie, hair slicked down, not the beach bum we see in ‘Spanking Dwon the Highway’ or ‘Beach Girls.’ Did he rent those clothes?

Yvonne is turned over to Richard Lewis, certainly one of the lowest-key but relentless lechers in the CP film trade. He is doing our work. He explains the three-part spanking regimen which comes with her acquiescence–a handspanking, a leather strap, and a “pear tree switch…all on your bare bottom.” Words Lewis loves to say.

In Lewis’ office they arrange the furniture and set up for part 1. “Remove your slacks and take your panties down.” The 5-minute timer appears on the video screen here, no longer a sand hour-glass or a goofy tick-tock hand. Can a girl trust these guys? Lewis spanks for 5 minutes, and Yvonne is surprised and feeling it after 10 seconds.

Part 2 will be a BIG leather strap, 5 minutes lying flat on a bench, buttocks raised by pillows. And Yvonne has got a bottom which does not require elevation.

Part 3, a little switch. Must be something special about a pear tree, 25 strokes. Lewis is very particular and skillful about humiliating Yvonne into saying, precisely, “I’m ready for my next stroke.” The girl is pretty good about the whole thing–she kicks and gasps, but completes the task.

Over the Knee Punishments – REALSPANKINGINSTITUTE

24 Mar

1 hour, 3 minutes

15 entertaining spanking segments, done in the usual REALSPANKING style, each about 5 minutes long and therefore quickly to the point; the scenes appear self-contained and not excerpts.

1. Mistress Dee bursts into ‘Lucy’s’ room; nude paddling. “I marked you pretty well,” Dee says with satisfaction.

2. Dee spanks small brunette ‘Misty’ in Masterson’s office, in front of the faux fireplace. Jeans down.

3. ‘Tiffany and Brittany Caught’ Both girls are mildly spanked in the bedroom in just their thongs. A lot of boobs here by RSN standards.

4. ‘Brandi’s Struggle’ The popular model OTK with Dee on Masterson’s sitting room couch. Very hard from Dee, who can be that way from time to time and spanks her girls in different ways.

5. Misty caught sleeping naked and dragged through the building to Masterson, a scenario of domination and humiliation RSN uses which we admire. Masterson is sufficiently angry to do the spanking himself.

6. ‘Misty’s Punishment’ Naked in her room, Masterson enters and inspects her. OTK, then cornered.

7. ‘Brandi Introduces Corey’ Brandi with Corey, then has her strip and gives her a demonstration spanking, RSN style.

8. ‘Sami and Bobbi Punished Together’ Both by Masterson; Bobbi first–starts off topless then loses her pants. Sami is also naked to the waist. She is disturbed when she is brought in and sees Bobbi’s red bottom. Both are paddled. Colorful nudes at the wall.

9. ‘Sami’s Hard OTK’ Dee bares her bottom in the bedroom.

10. Thin waif-like ‘Holly,’ the antithesis of the peasant girls Tiffany and Brittany, is dragged to Masterson by Dee, who wants Holly stripped naked to complete the humiliation, because Holly is so embarrassed about her body. You often wonder how RSN casts its girls. Could it be true as they like to say, some girls contact them? Holly will remember this spanking.

11. ‘Caroline’s Memories’ Chunky corn-fed blonde interviewed by Dee, she describes her childhood spanking experiences. They recreate the fantasies, Dee plays the spanking parent.

12. ‘Holly’s Struggle’ Dee jumps the thin brunette in her bedroom, spanking and paddling.

13. Dee spanks ‘Marissa’ in her bedroom.

14. ‘Marissa’s PJ Punishment’ She is brought to Masterson’s sitting room in her pajamas for what usually happens here.

15. ‘Jennifer’s Hard OTK’ The well-spanked RSN model gets two hard spankings from Dee.

Prefect’s Declaration – PARADOX

24 Mar

F/2f; time:39 minutes
An old-fashioned production, done with extensive British schoolgirl ritual, on the same set as ‘Finishing School Discipline’ series, and with the same tongue-in-cheek irony as those productions.

A female teacher, in cap and gown, stands as pompously as she can manage at a lectern in her office. Prefect ‘Alice Jenkins’ knocks and enters. She wears full schoolgirl regalia, including the official red prefect’s blazer. Jenkins is going to get the what-for, and from the look on her face, she knows it.

A second student knocks and enters–‘Parker,’ a goofy blonde in short skirt, tennis shirt, and sneakers. The shirt has a logo ‘Grangethorpe Finishing School.’ The girls are scolded and told to return at 4 PM for discipline.

FADE. The girls return in the same outfits. Prefect Jenkins will be spanked first, while Parker watches. Blazer off, OTK, skirt up, regulation dark blue knickers. When the teacher pulls the panties down, she discovers another pair of unauthorized white lace dainties. The woman spanks hard, and Jenkins’ bottom becomes fully red. And she fondles and caresses when she can.

Jenkins is made to stand and strip naked, the first deviation from the schoolgirl standard and what has happened before for PARADOX in this room. OTK again for a stiff and painful little tawse. Jenkins is then sent naked to the blackboard.

It is Parker’s turn, OTK to start. Jenkins has turned to face us, displaying one of the wildest thatches of pubic hair you will see in CP films. Parker’s start-up spanking complete, she too strips, and displays a nifty beaver cut. More naked spanking.

Jenkins is asked to reach for and hand over a ping pong paddle, which Parker, who is coloring up significantly, doesn’t like much. Jenkins is also asked to take some Polaroid shots of Parker’s naked spanking. More views of her naked jungle as she moves around. Naughty early video.

After some tawse, the two naked girls are required to hug, and the teacher smacks whatever bottom she can reach with the paddle as the girls dodge. All the nudity makes this film uniquely interesting. More nudity as the girls take turns horsing each other for more vintage-style schoolgirl punishment.

A little jogging in place, facing us and rear views, is totally unnecessary to punish a girl unless it is for an hour or so, but the jiggling is for us.

Now it is time for the cane. Parker first, 6 whippy strokes, immediate marks, and the cracks are hard enough to quiet the room. Five for Jenkins, soft gasps, and we’re sure the actress was struggling at this point. 8 more for Parker, no repeats, the girls are doing their best to keep from breaking. And a few more for Parker. Jenkins is asked to get out the cream.

The girls dress and walk off-set, the teacher uses a fountain pen to make punishment book entries.

After School Discipline – SHADOWLANE

24 Mar

M/f; time:55 minutes

Actors ‘June Albright’ and ‘Vanny Gonzales’ play four scenes where Vanny has agreed to tutor June but she is always late or inattentive. He takes her OTK in one posture or another, and he will use his hand, several paddles, and a cane.

June’s panties come down soon enough in each episode, but nothing else much happens. We were hoping she would get it over with and open his pants, but that was not SHADOWLANE style for some actors.


24 Mar

F/f; year: 2013; time: 19 minutes
A cute film made by CP stars ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer.’ Amelia has been sent to report to Chelsea. She rings the doorbell and is greeted. “Ridiculous. You’re my disciplinarian?” “Ridiculous, huh? Get your clothes off.”

Amelia objects for just a moment and begins to strip. You wonder what she has done to capitulate that quickly and how often we can encourage her to keep on doing whatever it was. She is very quickly down to just transparent bikini panties. It turns out she is a fashion model, and she showed up high on pills for a shoot, so her photographer ‘Jean Paul’ sent her for this most entertaining form of detox. In nothing but her skimpy knickers: “I’m a fashion model, not a slut.”

Time for the panties to come off–Amelia takes them down with her usual flair–she’s done it a few times and has it mastered. First, OTK, full facials, and the ‘eye level’ view. The spanking scene is repeated from overhead and rear shots.

Naughty and talented Ms. Rutherford then straddles a chair, cowgirl style, her bottom raised and not quite touching. Lots of target to spank. Paddle and strap. After further study, we’d say this is an early example of one of the extreme spanking positions. Amelia became less reticent in later years.

Bend-over, knees locked, bottom very high on her long legs, elbows on a chair, one of her classic poses, for a strap. Ms. Pfeiffer knows marketing.

More strapping, several chair poses, rubbing. She is made to call Jean Paul and apologize. We like the films where the accuser can listen to the spanking on an open line.

Ancient Regime 1 – MOOD

23 Mar

M/f; time: 28 minutes
A black-and-white sepia narration by former interrogators for an ‘ancient regime’ recalling the days when they questioned girls for participation in political conspiracies.

FADE to one of these scenes. A mulatto girl is brought by a man and a woman to an interrogator, the actor/webmaster ‘Maximilian Lomp.’ The scene is a barren storeroom or dilapidated structure, where, presumably, a girl could scream her head off and no one would hear.

The girl is angry about being confronted an denies any charges. But this is what interrogation solves. She is ordered to strip in front of the three people and stops when she is down to just a thong. She is tied over a table, and now the woman of the group removes the thong.

Lomp announces he will cane her 50 times. She will count the strokes, and they will start over if she makes a mistake. “Sing to me, little bird. What are you up to?” Slow MOOD-style caning; the girl squirms through it.

The film ends with interviews taped with the girl before and after the whipping.

Victimized – MOOD

23 Mar

2F/4f; time: 56 minutes

A somewhat jumbled storyline, designed to fit in as many MOOD-like whippings as time will permit. For the pleasure of a Fetish club, a film producer hires people and creates scenarios to be seen by the fetishists. And at MOOD, things can get weird.

‘Jessica,’ AKA ‘Kyra,’ interviews a striking blonde, 22-year old ‘Rita Werner.’ She operates a video camera beside her on a tripod. She asks Rita to strip naked, in the style of the interview/audition series MOOD does. Down to pink bra and thong, then bra off, the slightly shy Rita is magnificent. She is hired and asked to put on one of the costume prison smocks on a rack. Kyra next interviews a couple, ‘Dorothy’ and ‘David.’ They are separated and interviewed individually, naked, the guy’s jewels on display, and catching more than a glimpse from Kyra. Dorothy’s nude scene keeps up the MOOD standard.

In her brown smock, Dorothy joins four other girls in a ward setting, girls who have also been hired. Soon it is 8 girls. In their boredom, waiting for whatever is coming, they horse around. Female ‘guards,’ part of the fetish-film theater here, come in and take away two of the girls for punishment, corporal punishments. There is some dispute that such punishment was not in the agreement, but fantasy becomes reality here. The girls are realizing that this job is not what they thought it was.

Cut to a punishment scene; one of the girls, a small, thin brunette with a boy’s haircut, is naked, stretched over a whipping frame. In the gloom, there are spectators. Jessica will strap her, ‘David’ plays the prison doctor, despite his comment that he knows no medicine. After the perfunctory stethoscope, Jessica lays on 25 strap strokes, another female guard 25 more.

The second girl caught on camera is stripped, fastened to the frame, and strapped in the same fashion. She is a more fleshy brunette, and the whipping is more colorful. Someone asks the guard to slow the whipping down, so the girl’s pain can be savored more.

Cut to an infirmary setup, where the girls’ marked bottoms are salved.

“A Few Days Later”: The girls still loll on their beds, Blond Dorothy and another girl are selected, who were seen fighting on the surveillance camera. The brunette, the instigator,is fastened on the frame naked and Dorothy is tied to the opposite side, so she must view the punishment. The brunette takes 50 impressive cane strokes, which Dorothy must count.

The Fetish film horror/comedy continues. Doctor ‘David’ is called from the shadows and told to fuck the whippy girl doggy-style while his girlfriend watches in shock. After just a minor objection, he doesn’t have much trouble getting it up and gives the girl an effective and wet ramming, rocking the whole frame and convincing us.

But we are not finished. Jessica informs glamorous Dorothy that she has experienced the first two parts of the fantasy, and it is now time for the third. “Guess what’s next?” She argues and resists as she is dragged around and put in position for whipping. The staffers take off her smock, bra, and thong, and she gets her 50 strokes of the cane.

In part 2, from the Fetish club, the members will ask for live punishment on clear bottoms.

Professional Student – GIRLSPANKSGIRL

23 Mar

F/f; year: GirlSpanksGirl; time: 76 minutes. Clare Fonda’s website.

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ made a film for Clare Fonda’s site; it is a long collection of individual spanking scenes, with Amelia, female disciplinarian ‘Lana,’ and occasionally Ms. Fonda herself. They managed to get what they could out of Ms. Rutherford’s bottom during her visit. This is the only film made by AJR for Ms. Fonda that we have found.

Ms. Fonda plays Amelia’s aunt or guardian; she has hired Lana as a disciplinarian and tutor. Amelia is in her “mid-twenties,” still a student, not all that motivated. Lana offers a service guaranteed to create some focus. Amelia will be “in good hands.”

Amelia greets Lana in one of her trim little outfits, here a short, red-trimmed, flared skirt suggestive of a cheerleader. Lana explains quickly. She has been hired to deliver “a bare bottom spanking.” “What?” exclaims Amelia, expressing the cliché incredulity as well as any actress in the CP world.

Lana rolls Amelia’s skirt up, ever so slowly, then rolls her skimpy bikini panties down again with delicate delay. Amelia is facing us and provides an unsually lengthy frontal before she turns to display the bottom that has launched a thousand ships. “This program is not cheap. Your aunt has paid good money for this.”

A long OTK spanking on the soaring target; the usual squeals. Camera angles and closeups reflect Ms. Fonda’s knowledge of the CP business.

FADE. Amelia hurries home, late. She is wearng a skimpy, short, sleeveless blue taffeta party dress, odd for daylight hours. Lana greets her, brushes aside her breathless excuses, and begins the punishment.

First, a ruler on her palms. Then Lana takes off Amelia’s dress. She doesn’t just take it off but rolls it slowly, peels it, until Amelia stands in just skimpy transparent white flower trimmed bikini panties. We’ve said before–we wonder how big Ms. Rutherford’s panty storage is. Lana rolls these panties to the knees and proceeds with a slow and crisp OTK handspanking.

FADE. Amelia lies bare-bottom across a hassock, the official position of instruction by ‘tutor’ Lana’ for a girl with an attitude like Amelia has.

Lana will read out five rules of the tutoring process; Amelia will write them down and read them back. Her bottom is available should she falter. Be on time; it will be ‘Miss Lana’; no phone or texts; no profanity; and any ‘deviance’ means a bare-bottom spanking.

As Amelia comments and reads back the rules, she gets smacked a few times for salty tq. one and attitude, and she loves the word ‘deviance’ for what it implies.

Her clear white bottom is full-screen off and on the entire segment, a fashion show.

FADE. Amelia is fidgeting around in a bathroom, stark naked, eying some clothing hanging on the shower curtain bar. It is a fetish school uniform, which she is not keen about and in no hurry to put on.

Tutor Lana enters, with a bar of soap. Amelia sees it and knows exactly what it is for. Lana wets the bar, has Amelia open her mouth, then scrubs her tongue with the bar. Amelia coughs and chokes “I don’t like it!” Not the best soaping we have seen, but Ms. Rutherford’s anger and discomfort make up for it.

Lana orders Amelia to put on the school uniform and come out when she is ready. “I’ll be waiting for you.” We know what will happen.

In a voice-over, Amelia narrate that she will never forget the taste of the soap, and that she hopes no one will ever see her or hear she was made to wear this school uniform.

As she dresses, bruises are evident on her bottom. We have come to respect the fact that busy CP actresses are going to carry marks from one shoot to another, especially those where cosmetic enhancement is not much of a factor. We think of vintage warriors like Niki Flynn, Emma Brown, Rosaleen Young, ‘Justine’ from GirlsBoardingSchool and Xerotics, among others.

FADE. Another session with Lana for Amelia. Lana picks at her plaid skirt, clearly with the desire to get it off as quickly as possible. She begins smacking Amelia in a standing position, which she has begun to tolerate by now.

Lana pulls the kilt down, then assists Amelia in pulling her undershirt up, no bra, Lana works the blue knickers down slowly, Amelia positioned so that her bottom takes up most of the shot. She is almost naked now, and there are longer frontals here than normal for her.

FADE to a new scene. ‘Clare Fonda’ arrives and reminds Amelia she has been appointed guardian by her parents and has been disappointed by her lack of focus at her age, thus the spankings from the retained disciplinarian.

Now Clare will take her turn and begins unbuttoning Amelia’s blouse, very slowly, very much not like a guardian. Hands behind her back, Clare drops Amelia’s skirt, then pulls her knickers down. More frontals. Amelia is really giving it up in this film.

Clare takes her OTK, for handspanking and a small hair brush. After this spanking Amelia goes to the wall, where we hear her thoughts: “I never knew Clare had all these frustrations locked up inside her.”