Friday Punishments – REALSPANKINGS

12 Mar

MF/3f; year: 2002; time: 1 hr 13 minutes

Long film for REALSPANKINGS and a bit of a story–three Institute students, familiar models ‘Brandi,’ ‘Jessica,’ and ‘Jennifer,’ have each gotten into trouble and been referred to the Friday afternoon punishment sessions with headmaster/webmaster Michael Masterson.

A number of CP film producers have these punishment appointment films–LUPUS in numerous versions; old stuff at NUWEST with prison guards or nuns, and others.

Mistress Dee caught Jessica masturbating for a second time, Brandi was cheating on a test, and Jennifer’s offense we missed, but there have been 12 of them.

Jessica is masturbating furiously, as if she has just a few minutes free in her school day. Dee bursts in and is so angry that, in attention to referring Jessica to Friday afternoon with a spanking endorsement and a certainty, she will add some punishment now. Jessica gets a few palm slaps with as ruler.

There are some flashbacks of these girls being punished in other situations–after all, at the Institute this is what happens, it seems daily. Some of these scenes we assume are from other films–4 naked girls being paddled; Jessica spanked by Dee for cigarettes in her backpack; and Dee spanking Brandi and another girl in her office.

“Friday 4 PM”: Dee brings this afternoon’s list to Masterson, who tries to appear distressed by the task. There is a fade to one of Jennifer’s previous spankings in Masterson’s office, attended by Dee, who takes charge of the panties. Several paddles, quite hard, various colored and shaped bruises illustrating just how firm the punishments are at RSN.

The three girls are brought in, spiffy in the frilly white blouses, medium length plaid skirts, knee socks, and cross-over ties. All three do a nice job of appearing like they have arrived for a colonoscopy. Dee asks them to raise their skirts and display their school white panties.

Dee asks that, to reinforce her authority, she begin each punishment herself with a handspanking. Dee takes a seat on a Queen Anne chair in front of the fireplace; Jessica is first OTK, Dee takes her panties down to assert that control. A hard and fast handspanking, closeups for most of it, and very hard–experienced Jessica is gasping from the first. Dee spanks hard enough that she has to alternate arms.

Masterson takes over–Jessica grabs ankles in front of the fireplace–the camera holds on this freckled bare bottom for the moment. Panties stretched at ankles, Masterson paddles, instant round bruises.

The girls are watching, hands on head, panties on display. Tall brunette Brandi next, same hard spanking from Dee; she gets the strap from Michael. A roughed-up bottom, to be sure. Tears, almost convulsive.

Jennifer last, another rocker from Dee, then one of the longest canings you can find at RSN. Six sets of 10 strokes each, on the bare, counted aloud by the other two red bottoms, with brief rest periods.

Just to complete the humiliation, the girls are required to strip naked. Dee collects their clothes and they are marched in a line, nude, back into the school.

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