Spanking Down the Highway – RAVENHILL

19 Mar

M/f; F/f; time: 1 hour six minutes
The boys get more playful as they troll for willing bottoms to spank on film–they call this episode “Bluegrass to Buckeye.” Webmaster Tierre Ainese sits in front of his Excalibur RV narrating his journey, parked in a camp ground, the kind whose trash cans are always full and where you trip over tree roots.

He approaches a blonde, sitting rather forelorned in front of her pitched tent. ‘Monica’ looks like she’d rather be at Starbuck’s. When Tierre explains the “spanking fetish” film concept. Monica perks up. Anything is probably better than sitting in the mud. “What’s in it for me?” He explains the 3-part procedure and she agrees to accompany him to “our spanking truck.”

He shows her the puck choices and the hour glass. “All you have to do is take your cutoffs down and your panties down.” “What panties?” He’s found the right girl.

Monica strips down and goes OTK on the RV couch. We know Tierre covets bottoms like fine wine. “Not bad, nary a peep from you.” We’d have to say, that is because he is quite disarming at getting a girl into compromise. Part of the fun. During the preparation and dialogue, rain roars on the RV and overwhelms the dialogue, but they plow ahead. For some reason, Monica has to leave the trailer (got nervous, had to pee? cleaner shorts? what?), and the boys are surprised that she didn’t chicken out and actually returns.

After the bare bottom handspanking warmup, she selects the ‘hairbrush’ puck; Tierre is kind with it, to keep her in the trailer, some bruises. The next puck is the ‘cane’; she gets 25 strokes, with the usual wrap-around problem on the far buttock. There isn’t enough room in the trailer for the measured backswing or to switch sides.

Monica is declared the “Kentucky Spanking Queen,” and givem a gold star for the travel map on the RV door.

The second part of the video represents a format variation–Tierre and Richard will pay a woman to spank her daughter fpr filming. The lsdy does a nice job of portraying ‘Trailer park trash,’ and the daughter, a nubile blonde worthy of RAVENHILL casting, is agreeable to taking the spanking she has earned for the filming, she wants some of the money. The woman was going to “beat her ass” anyway, but now “I can make some money.”

The group returns to the lady’s house, where the spankings will begin. The film lighting is poor, and we’ll give RH credit that it is for amateur effect. The first session is a handspanking on the girl’s nifty little denim short shorts. They come down, no panties. Lots of scolding and jerky camera work.

The second session is a bend-over in the kitchen for a wooden spoon. Everybody has one, and it hurts. On the shorts, then on the bare. The blonde has a lithe little body, not a trailer park casting prototype.

The girl is sent outside to cut a switch, the kind of submissive gesture we have admired at LUPUS. Most of the switching is filmed from the facial angle. We’ll forgive them if they let up on this cute bottom.

The boys wave goodbye as they heads for the RV.

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