Sussexful Therapy – CALSTAR

19 Mar

MF/2f; year:1994; time: 37 minutes

Some of the American producer ‘B.J. Frazier’ films involved a sex therapist who spanked girls to resolve their emotional problems, permitting a succession of girls coming by the office for attention. Leave it to the British to take this theme and do it better.

‘Miss Winter’ has run an ad in the newspaper offering spanking services and the two girls have made appointments. ‘Claire Gordon’ is the first to arrive; Miss Winter acts as a palm reader here. Claire likes a little pain now and then and she can’t get her boyfriend to play a little rough with her.

Assistant ‘Purvis’ is attending, a smarmy ageplay guy from the BLUSHES and ROUE tradition. Winters: “Both myself and my assistant can help you out…we may have to take your shorts down.” After Purvis (surely pervy) gets tea, he assists Claire in removing her shorts and panties. Her long top covers everything, but just for this moment.

Winters takes her OTK, the top rides up, and the therapist takes this opportunity to caress the smooth bronze bottom. Purvis leers, apparently an apprentice starting a new career. “Do you mind if I sit in on this?” Hard spanking and fondling. Claire struggles, Purvis holds her still.

Purvis and Winters help her off with her dress and bra, her thong disappeared somewhere. Twirled nude, dynamic bottom, made for CP films or runways. Over the chair for a strap, Purvis takes a few cracks.

Winters will now cane Claire. She jumps up and pauses at the first stroke–“That…stings!” Clearly ad lib. 15 strokes; to keep her calm—“Bend down. I’ll rub it for you.” Purvis adds six strokes, then Winters returns, there is actually going to be more caning. Claire seems to want more. Winters needs a better angle for bigger strokes “if you want it harder.” Furniture adjusted, 25 more, looking quite authentic–if there were repeats, they were well disguised.

There is a knock at the door–the second appointment has arrived, a frizzy blonde, ‘Lisa,’ who looks like a rollicking spanking would be just the thing. She too has a boyfriend who won’t measure up.

After the procedures are explained, Purvis helps her off with her top, jeans, and boots, a bit of confusion. Lisa wears a flower-print thong and bustier, with naughty showgirl pride. But she can’t be a working girl, the way she looks at the camera to see if they like her.

OTK; Winters fondles, spanks, licks, and kisses her bottom. Thong/panties down. Winters drops Lisa’s bra and sucks some nipple. Just whose therapy is this, anyway? Lisa removes Winters’ bra and the girls rub boobs. Winters gets naked and Purvis finds his way into the middle of all this.

The girls play with each other and tease with the cane. Lisa: “Do you think this will solve my problem?” Purvis leads Lisa out of the room to make another appointment and we’d like to think, a few other things.

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