Ancient Regime 1 – MOOD

23 Mar

M/f; time: 28 minutes
A black-and-white sepia narration by former interrogators for an ‘ancient regime’ recalling the days when they questioned girls for participation in political conspiracies.

FADE to one of these scenes. A mulatto girl is brought by a man and a woman to an interrogator, the actor/webmaster ‘Maximilian Lomp.’ The scene is a barren storeroom or dilapidated structure, where, presumably, a girl could scream her head off and no one would hear.

The girl is angry about being confronted an denies any charges. But this is what interrogation solves. She is ordered to strip in front of the three people and stops when she is down to just a thong. She is tied over a table, and now the woman of the group removes the thong.

Lomp announces he will cane her 50 times. She will count the strokes, and they will start over if she makes a mistake. “Sing to me, little bird. What are you up to?” Slow MOOD-style caning; the girl squirms through it.

The film ends with interviews taped with the girl before and after the whipping.

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