Detention Room Spankings – RAVENHILL

23 Mar

Time: 38 minutes

Marginally terrible acting, but we always love RAVENHILL’s goofy ideas, and almost guaranteed unscripted surprises. School setting, schoolgirls, classrooms, lockers, etc.

A new girl ‘Heather’ arrives at the school; ‘Mrs. Jenkins,’ a buzz-cut butch actress found in other RH films plays the Principal. “Corporal punishment” is automatic for late homework.

Quickly, two smarmy blond students sabotage Heather’s work. Co-webmaster ‘Richard Lewis’ plays ‘Mr. Jenkins,’ and he is at his corniest here, a tall order indeed. Her homework disappeared, so it is paddle time. “You’ve earned 20 strokes of my paddle…get up here….stand right there…bend over, drop your panties.” She is paddled under the watchful eyes of the portrait of George Washington, the Gilbert Stuart version. If the walls could talk.

It is a large and thin Spencer paddle, and it buckles on the first stroke. He is shocked, there is some muffled laughter, but they keep going with half the striking surface. She gets 20, counting out the last 7, and is given the broken paddle as a souvenir. This is a school, and there must be a woodworking shop.

The goofy blondes, ‘Casey’ and ‘Lacey.’ who look like twins or sisters, enjoy Heather’s misery.

Back in the classroom, Jenkins is spanking the blondes, we didn’t hear why, and we’re not going back to discover the reason. He uses a ruler, quite hard, good angles, bucking bottoms OTK, plenty of puss. Jenkins has figured out the game with Heather, and a blonde is brought in, all the girls will spank her–and the woodworking class has delivered another Spencer paddle.

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