Inmates 2 – MOOD

23 Mar

Year: 2009; time: 39 minutes
The continuation of a confusing story about 5 girls being punished in a prison by female staffers. Some of the scenes are extensions of whippings found in ‘Inmates 1’ and some are fragmented punishments of different girls in this second part. And for some reason, here, as in the first film, previews of other MOOD films are interspersed. Maybe our copy was doctored by someone.

The story is not important. Female prisoners are punished for fighting, having lesbian sex, throwing urine, all sorts of ladylike things.

Some of the canings are done with the girl naked, fastened kneeling to a wicket-like frame; another pose is especially nasty–the diaper position. With ankles and wrists tied to an overhead bar, legs spread, exposing the pussy, lower buttocks, and thighs.

One girl who is very briefly caned in this diaper position is the model ‘Livia’ from SPANKINGFAMILY. We could not detect her stage name here in the MOOD credits. She gets off lightly here, but presents a dynamic package in her short scene.

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