Victimized – MOOD

23 Mar

2F/4f; time: 56 minutes

A somewhat jumbled storyline, designed to fit in as many MOOD-like whippings as time will permit. For the pleasure of a Fetish club, a film producer hires people and creates scenarios to be seen by the fetishists. And at MOOD, things can get weird.

‘Jessica,’ AKA ‘Kyra,’ interviews a striking blonde, 22-year old ‘Rita Werner.’ She operates a video camera beside her on a tripod. She asks Rita to strip naked, in the style of the interview/audition series MOOD does. Down to pink bra and thong, then bra off, the slightly shy Rita is magnificent. She is hired and asked to put on one of the costume prison smocks on a rack. Kyra next interviews a couple, ‘Dorothy’ and ‘David.’ They are separated and interviewed individually, naked, the guy’s jewels on display, and catching more than a glimpse from Kyra. Dorothy’s nude scene keeps up the MOOD standard.

In her brown smock, Dorothy joins four other girls in a ward setting, girls who have also been hired. Soon it is 8 girls. In their boredom, waiting for whatever is coming, they horse around. Female ‘guards,’ part of the fetish-film theater here, come in and take away two of the girls for punishment, corporal punishments. There is some dispute that such punishment was not in the agreement, but fantasy becomes reality here. The girls are realizing that this job is not what they thought it was.

Cut to a punishment scene; one of the girls, a small, thin brunette with a boy’s haircut, is naked, stretched over a whipping frame. In the gloom, there are spectators. Jessica will strap her, ‘David’ plays the prison doctor, despite his comment that he knows no medicine. After the perfunctory stethoscope, Jessica lays on 25 strap strokes, another female guard 25 more.

The second girl caught on camera is stripped, fastened to the frame, and strapped in the same fashion. She is a more fleshy brunette, and the whipping is more colorful. Someone asks the guard to slow the whipping down, so the girl’s pain can be savored more.

Cut to an infirmary setup, where the girls’ marked bottoms are salved.

“A Few Days Later”: The girls still loll on their beds, Blond Dorothy and another girl are selected, who were seen fighting on the surveillance camera. The brunette, the instigator,is fastened on the frame naked and Dorothy is tied to the opposite side, so she must view the punishment. The brunette takes 50 impressive cane strokes, which Dorothy must count.

The Fetish film horror/comedy continues. Doctor ‘David’ is called from the shadows and told to fuck the whippy girl doggy-style while his girlfriend watches in shock. After just a minor objection, he doesn’t have much trouble getting it up and gives the girl an effective and wet ramming, rocking the whole frame and convincing us.

But we are not finished. Jessica informs glamorous Dorothy that she has experienced the first two parts of the fantasy, and it is now time for the third. “Guess what’s next?” She argues and resists as she is dragged around and put in position for whipping. The staffers take off her smock, bra, and thong, and she gets her 50 strokes of the cane.

In part 2, from the Fetish club, the members will ask for live punishment on clear bottoms.

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