24 Mar

F/f; year: 2013; time: 19 minutes
A cute film made by CP stars ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer.’ Amelia has been sent to report to Chelsea. She rings the doorbell and is greeted. “Ridiculous. You’re my disciplinarian?” “Ridiculous, huh? Get your clothes off.”

Amelia objects for just a moment and begins to strip. You wonder what she has done to capitulate that quickly and how often we can encourage her to keep on doing whatever it was. She is very quickly down to just transparent bikini panties. It turns out she is a fashion model, and she showed up high on pills for a shoot, so her photographer ‘Jean Paul’ sent her for this most entertaining form of detox. In nothing but her skimpy knickers: “I’m a fashion model, not a slut.”

Time for the panties to come off–Amelia takes them down with her usual flair–she’s done it a few times and has it mastered. First, OTK, full facials, and the ‘eye level’ view. The spanking scene is repeated from overhead and rear shots.

Naughty and talented Ms. Rutherford then straddles a chair, cowgirl style, her bottom raised and not quite touching. Lots of target to spank. Paddle and strap. After further study, we’d say this is an early example of one of the extreme spanking positions. Amelia became less reticent in later years.

Bend-over, knees locked, bottom very high on her long legs, elbows on a chair, one of her classic poses, for a strap. Ms. Pfeiffer knows marketing.

More strapping, several chair poses, rubbing. She is made to call Jean Paul and apologize. We like the films where the accuser can listen to the spanking on an open line.

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