Lady’s Maid – SHADOWLANE

24 Mar

F/f; year: 1995; time: 50 minutes

Early SHADOWLANE, so much so that ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer’ is credited as a camera operator, probably while her bottom loses its color after her most recent performance. ‘Alexis Payne’ plays ‘Vanessa,’ the household madam here, and she makes a habit of training maids. She starts them “from the bottom.”

Maid ‘Bebe’ is summoned; she wears an ungainly and impractical maid’s outfit, more Downton Abbey than Las Vegas. The acting will make you shiver.

Vanessa will spank her OTK, as they chat through it. Hem up, black panties and garter belt, pants down. Hairbrush. Bebe keeps waist-length hair off her face.

A bottom check, then Bebe goes to the wall; Vanessa opens the top of her uniform to check her boobs, confirming that this is not all training.

FADE. Bebe’s training continues; she goes through a spanking exercise with her mistress; she wears satin undies and is punished with a tawse, paddle, and cane. Slow, sexy, a little silly, and not much of interest to report. Conclude with some shoe licking.

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