Over the Knee Punishments – REALSPANKINGINSTITUTE

24 Mar

1 hour, 3 minutes

15 entertaining spanking segments, done in the usual REALSPANKING style, each about 5 minutes long and therefore quickly to the point; the scenes appear self-contained and not excerpts.

1. Mistress Dee bursts into ‘Lucy’s’ room; nude paddling. “I marked you pretty well,” Dee says with satisfaction.

2. Dee spanks small brunette ‘Misty’ in Masterson’s office, in front of the faux fireplace. Jeans down.

3. ‘Tiffany and Brittany Caught’ Both girls are mildly spanked in the bedroom in just their thongs. A lot of boobs here by RSN standards.

4. ‘Brandi’s Struggle’ The popular model OTK with Dee on Masterson’s sitting room couch. Very hard from Dee, who can be that way from time to time and spanks her girls in different ways.

5. Misty caught sleeping naked and dragged through the building to Masterson, a scenario of domination and humiliation RSN uses which we admire. Masterson is sufficiently angry to do the spanking himself.

6. ‘Misty’s Punishment’ Naked in her room, Masterson enters and inspects her. OTK, then cornered.

7. ‘Brandi Introduces Corey’ Brandi with Corey, then has her strip and gives her a demonstration spanking, RSN style.

8. ‘Sami and Bobbi Punished Together’ Both by Masterson; Bobbi first–starts off topless then loses her pants. Sami is also naked to the waist. She is disturbed when she is brought in and sees Bobbi’s red bottom. Both are paddled. Colorful nudes at the wall.

9. ‘Sami’s Hard OTK’ Dee bares her bottom in the bedroom.

10. Thin waif-like ‘Holly,’ the antithesis of the peasant girls Tiffany and Brittany, is dragged to Masterson by Dee, who wants Holly stripped naked to complete the humiliation, because Holly is so embarrassed about her body. You often wonder how RSN casts its girls. Could it be true as they like to say, some girls contact them? Holly will remember this spanking.

11. ‘Caroline’s Memories’ Chunky corn-fed blonde interviewed by Dee, she describes her childhood spanking experiences. They recreate the fantasies, Dee plays the spanking parent.

12. ‘Holly’s Struggle’ Dee jumps the thin brunette in her bedroom, spanking and paddling.

13. Dee spanks ‘Marissa’ in her bedroom.

14. ‘Marissa’s PJ Punishment’ She is brought to Masterson’s sitting room in her pajamas for what usually happens here.

15. ‘Jennifer’s Hard OTK’ The well-spanked RSN model gets two hard spankings from Dee.

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