Prefect’s Declaration – PARADOX

24 Mar

F/2f; time:39 minutes
An old-fashioned production, done with extensive British schoolgirl ritual, on the same set as ‘Finishing School Discipline’ series, and with the same tongue-in-cheek irony as those productions.

A female teacher, in cap and gown, stands as pompously as she can manage at a lectern in her office. Prefect ‘Alice Jenkins’ knocks and enters. She wears full schoolgirl regalia, including the official red prefect’s blazer. Jenkins is going to get the what-for, and from the look on her face, she knows it.

A second student knocks and enters–‘Parker,’ a goofy blonde in short skirt, tennis shirt, and sneakers. The shirt has a logo ‘Grangethorpe Finishing School.’ The girls are scolded and told to return at 4 PM for discipline.

FADE. The girls return in the same outfits. Prefect Jenkins will be spanked first, while Parker watches. Blazer off, OTK, skirt up, regulation dark blue knickers. When the teacher pulls the panties down, she discovers another pair of unauthorized white lace dainties. The woman spanks hard, and Jenkins’ bottom becomes fully red. And she fondles and caresses when she can.

Jenkins is made to stand and strip naked, the first deviation from the schoolgirl standard and what has happened before for PARADOX in this room. A wild pubic thatch. OTK again for a stiff and painful little tawse. Jenkins is then sent naked to the blackboard.

It is Parker’s turn, OTK to start. Jenkins has turned to face us, showing the bush.  Parker’s start-up spanking complete, she too strips, and displays a nifty beaver cut. More naked spanking.

Jenkins is asked to reach for and hand over a ping pong paddle, which Parker, who is coloring up significantly, doesn’t like much. Jenkins is also asked to take some Polaroid shots of Parker’s naked spanking. More views of her naked jungle as she moves around. Naughty early video.

After some tawse, the two naked girls are required to hug, and the teacher smacks whatever bottom she can reach with the paddle as the girls dodge. All the nudity makes this film uniquely interesting. More nudity as the girls take turns horsing each other for more vintage-style schoolgirl punishment.

A little jogging in place, facing us and rear views, is totally unnecessary to punish a girl unless it is for an hour or so, but the jiggling is for us.

Now it is time for the cane. Parker first, 6 whippy strokes, immediate marks, and the cracks are hard enough to quiet the room. Five for Jenkins, soft gasps, and we’re sure the actress was struggling at this point. 8 more for Parker, no repeats, the girls are doing their best to keep from breaking. And a few more for Parker. Jenkins is asked to get out the cream.

The girls dress and walk off-set, the teacher uses a fountain pen to make punishment book entries.

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